Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


24. Chapter 24



*Bo's POV*

We went to sleep that night continuously reassuring each other that we would be alright, but we knew we had to expect the worse. I curled up into Harry's side as he wrapped his arms around me, entangling our legs together. Dramatic scenarios of what could happen in the next 9 months ran through my head. Harry's warmth soon calmed my thoughts as we huddled together and dozed off to sleep. 

*Harry's POV*

I opened my eyes and sat up on my elbows. I looked down and saw a sleeping beauty below me. I kissed Bo on the cheek and watched her stir in the sheets under me and slowly open her eyes.

"Morning beautiful." I whispered, planting kisses down her neck.

Bo moaned slightly below me in appreciation and mumbled something back to me. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. Bo rolled over and wrapped herself up in the large duvet covering the two of us, taking it away from me and leaving me in the cold air. Goosebumps formed on my legs and arms instantly as I attempted to unwrap her and warm myself up again. I tugged at the blanket as Bo giggled and she attempted to pry my fingers off of it. I quickly planted a kiss on her lips as a distraction and unwrapped her. In one swift movement she was laying on top of me and the blanket was covering both of us. I cheekily tickled her sides as she giggled and squirmed with my touch.

"Harry stop." Bo laughed.

I laughed and kissed her nose. I looked into her beautiful blue orbs as they stared down at me. Bo smiled and kissed me softly on the lips, letting them linger there for a second before pulling away. I grinned below her as our legs tangled together again.

We talked for about an hour before Bo slid off of me and out of bed. She walked over to the drawer and opened it up to where her clothes were. I propped myself up on one elbow and watched her. She took out some clothes and walked into the kitchen. Bo turned around and looked at me.

"Don't come in here or I will skin you." She warned humorously.

I laughed and nodded my head understandingly. Bo closed the door and did her daily routine of changing outfits, while I laid in the bed staring at the ceiling. I decided while she was gone I should get changed too. I got out of bed and pulled open the drawer lazily and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a loose, grey sweater. I finished off my outfit with my usual pair of dirty, white converse. 

I stood awkwardly on one leg at a time as I tried to slip on my shoes. I hopped up and down keeping my balance and slipped them on. Just as I put the last shoe on Bo returned with her pyjamas neatly folded up in her hands. She was wearing a pair of light blue denim skinny jeans with her navy blue vans and a dark blue zip up hoodie. I stood up straight from my awkward position and opened her drawer for her. Bo put the clothes in their rightful place and I closed the drawer again as she looked up at me. I smiled as I stared into her eyes once more and got lost in my thoughts.

"What are we doing today?" She asked.

I frowned at her question, knowing she wouldn't like the answer.

"I don't think you'll like it." I simply replied.

"What won't I like?" She replied instantly.

"What I want to do today."

"Oh, well. What is it?" She continued.

"I want to go out and look for a car, a working car. That I can drive." I answered.

Bo sucked in her bottom lip and looked at me doubtfully. I knew she didn't want me to go out, she never wants me to.

"D-do you have to?" She asked quietly.

I looked at her sadly and wrapped my arms around her waist. I nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck and planted wet kisses to the skin.

"Yes baby." I mumbled.

Bo's breathing began to increase and small sniffles escaped her lips. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and squeezed me tight, almost like if she let go of me I'd slip away from her. I continued to leave kisses to Bo's neck as she tried not to cry. I blew over the skin and rested my forehead on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.


We sat on the girls bed in silence. Bo's arms wrapped tightly around a pillow while I leant up on the headboard playing with a lighter. I flicked it on and off over and over again. 

"I'm coming with you." Bo announced.

I jerked my head up away from the lighter and looked at her concerned. There was a stern look on her face, with a hint of stubbornness in her eyes.

"No way." I spoke back.

Bo frowned, I knew there was anger boiling inside her. But I wasn't letting her go out there, not with the baby.

"You have no say in it, I can go out there if I want. You need me there." She replied harshly.

"Excuse but if you haven't noticed you're carrying my child and if something happens to you something happens to the baby too!" I shouted. 

Bo looked out the window, checking for walkers. Since the coast was clear she yelled back at me, only louder.

"Who says something's going to happen? I can take care of myself, I know how to defend myself since you've taught me!" 

I huffed in annoyance and got off the bed and left the room. Walking away from the situation. I heard stomping feet come up behind me and Bo yanked on my shoulder. I turned around and looked down at her, anger shown all over her facial features.

"Why can't you get it through your bloody head that I'm not a 12 year old who can't do anything? I can take care of myself!" She yelled.

"I know your not 12, I just don't want anything happening to you! I don't want to lose you or the baby! It's not safe out there for you, you're better off inside!" I shouted back, throwing my arms up in the air. 

"Well who cares if something happens to me. You're better off without me anyway, if it weren't for me we wouldn't be worrying about having a child, and you probably would've been out of here weeks ago! And Taylor wouldn't be dead!" She screamed. 

"Don't you dare bring up Taylor in this, don't you even dare!" I boomed, pointing my finger at her.

Bo rolled her eyes and made a sound of disgust. My fists clenched and my heart started beating impossibly faster. I could see Bo didn't care about bringing up my ex-girlfriend after her horrifying death. That's when I cracked.

"How would you feel if you saw the love of your life slowly die and transform before your eyes? And then you have to kill them. You have to end their life before they end yours!" I yelled.

"Oh so I'm not the love of your life? I'm just a rebound after her that you 'accidentally' knocked up? That's really immature Harry. You know what? I should never have trusted you, your a complete asshole!" She screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Bo bolted past me, knocking me on the shoulder as she went. She sprinted downstairs crying her eyes out. My heart dropped and I sighed with regret. Why the hell did I say that? I turned around and ran down the stairs after her.

"Bo I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." I yelled.

I followed the sounds of her sobs into the dining room where there was a single armchair. A crying girl curled up on the furniture caught my eye. I sighed and walked over to her, my heart full of regret and guilt. I picked her up and sat down on the chair with Bo in my lap. Bo continued to cry into her sweater sleeves hanging over her hands. I pulled her closer to me and moved some hair out of her face so I could see her. I pulled one of her hands down and she quickly looked away from me. My nose pushed up against her wet cheek as she refused to give in to me. 

"Bo I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it." I said quietly.

There was no reaction out of her but crying.

"Taylor isn't the love of my life, it's you. It will always be you." I reassured.

Bo continued to cry but leant into me further, slowly coming back to me. I wiped her revealed cheek and kissed it softly.

"I love you." I whispered.

That's when I'd won her over, she was someone who would forgive you easily. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close to me.

"I love you too, Harry." She whispered back.


Authors note: 

Hey guys long time no update! Sorry I haven't updated sooner I've had major writers block and I haven't had much motivation to write. I don't know how long it'll be till I post next chapter because I'm going on holiday and I have school so yeah. But I'll try my best!

Also, I've changed the cover! Do you like it? Please tell me in the comments if you like it or not because I still have the original cover if you want me to change it back. Also we're at 800+ reads woohoo! Thankyou so much to everyone who has read and please like and favourite this fanfic because it really helps me out! I love you all, particularly the ones who comment and favourite. And I'll see you next chapter!


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