Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


22. Chapter 22





*Bo's POV*

I woke up from my nap and it was pitch black. A sudden sense of panic took over me as I attempted to turn over but I couldn't move. I was wrapped tight in the blanket and my fear of claustrophobia kicked on. I tried to toss and turn and frightened sounds escaped my lips but nothing worked. My eyes stung with tears and small sobs came out of my mouth. 

"Harry." I said over and over again.

I looked next to me and I couldn't see anything, everything was just black. Had I gone blind? I cried some more and kicked my legs and tried to move but nothing was working. Soon I felt someone move next to me and I saw the faintest silhouette of curls on the pillow. I then realised it was nighttime, I hadn't gone blind thank goodness.

"Harry help." I yelped.

He was in a deep, deep sleep. Nothing was working. A loud cry left my lips and Harry shot up in bed and looked down at me. Harry quickly tried to untangle me from the bed sheets. When I was free I sat up and wrapped my arms around his torso. Harry enclosed me in his arms while I silently cried while he kept saying "shhh" to me.

I calmed down and we laid back down in the bed still holding each other. I glanced over at the clock, it was 2:30 in the morning. We didn't say anything to each other, I just cried whilst Harry tried to reassure me. When I was alright we dozed back off into sleep for the rest of the night.

*Harry's POV*

The next morning I woke up to someone gagging upstairs. I got up and scratched my head, walking to the bathroom. When I entered there was Bo kneeling by the toilet again throwing her guts up. 

"You sick again?" I asked, walking over to her.

Bo looked up at me sickly. She nodded her head slightly and vomited again into the toilet bowl. I sighed and walked over and sat down with her, tickling her back in comfort. We didn't say anything but sat in a comfortable silence, except for when Bo was gagging and spewing. Which I might add wasn't very pleasant, but I love her nonetheless. I sighed and ran my fingers through the back of her hair while I held it back with my other hand. I got a hair tie and tied it up in a ponytail, a failed ponytail to be exact.

I went downstairs and got her the bucket that was beside the bed. I went back upstairs and placed it next to her so she could sit away from the toilet and not worry about throwing up all over the floor. Bo leaned back and took a deep breath. I leant up against the cabinet again and rested my hand on my knee.

"Good morning." I said.

Bo breathlessly laughed and shook her head.


I grinned at her. I liked making her laugh a lot. Her laugh was beautiful. I cleared my throat and sat up straighter against the cabinet.

"I'm going to go out today." I stated.

Bo's eyes widened slightly and she suddenly looked worried. I knew she hated being by herself and hated me going outside even more, but someone had to put food on the table. 

"Are you sure you have to, can't you go another day?" She stuttered.

"I'm sorry Bo, I have to go today. I'll be alright out there." I said, trying to calm her down. 

"Harry please don't, you don't have to." She begged. 

We fought about it for the next 20 minutes but soon she gave in and let me go. We got ready for the day and I prepared to go into the world of infested zombies. I packed my gun and a walkie talkie. The shops weren't that far away, close enough for me to keep in contact with Bo. I put my pocket knife in my jeans pocket and held my gun in my hand. 

We stood at the doorway ready to say goodbye. We both knew that every time I went outside I risked my life and if I died Bo wouldn't have a good chance of living either. This could be the last time I saw her. 

"Be careful out there." She said.

I nodded my head and fixed my hair.

"I will." 

I held her hand in mine and kissed her forehead. She looked down at the floor before I pulled her in for a hug. We stayed like that for a long time and we both reluctantly pulled away from each other. I didn't want to leave, but I had to for the good of us. I'd be home in about an hour.

"Promise me you'll come back safe?" She asked.

"I promise.

I turned to the door and held the handle. I looked back at Bo and her face was heartbreaking to see. She looked so scared and sad, I hated leaving her alone. I opened the door and checked whether the coast was clear before sneaking down the stairs off the porch. Heading out into the open.

*Bo's POV*

After Harry shut the door the first thing I did was sink to the floor and hold my face in my hands. I tried not to cry though because I felt like I'd cried too much lately. I sat there with my face in my hands for a good 15 minutes before locking the door and crawling into bed. I started reading a book but soon got bored so I decided to have a little power nap. 

I woke up to a knocking at the door. I rubbed my eyes and walked over and held my head to the door.

"What the password?" I asked tiredly.

"Safehouse, hurry up and let me in." I heard a raspy voice say on the other side.

I smiled and unlocked the door to greet Harry. I guess we'd both lived to see another day now. Harry entered the door with two bags of supplies. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he hurried into the kitchen. I closed and locked it and followed him to the kitchen.

Harry placed the bags onto the counter and started pulling things out while I dug into the bag next to him. I pulled out a bag of chips. Some canned food, cordial, some vegetables, soap, an empty jug so we could put water in it, and there was a box at the bottom of the bag that caught my attention. I picked it up and read the text written on the cardboard. It was a pregnancy test.

"Harry." I said trying to get his attention.

"Harry looked over to me and stopped what he was doing. I think he was worried about how I would feel about the new item. 

"Harry, what's this for?" I asked, holding the box out to him.

Harry looked at me awkwardly and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Um, just as a precaution. I think you should take one." He said.

"Harry I'm not going to take a pregnancy test, I know I'm not pregnant. That can't happen to me, it won't happen." I argued.

Harry shifted the weight on his feet and put his hands on the counter. I stood staring at him waiting for an answer. Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair again.

"I just wanted to make sure." He said quietly.

"Harry I know I'm not pregnant. We used protection and it was my first time and that couldn't happen if it was your first time, could it?" I bit back.

"It's a possibility. But I don't know, it's not me it's happening to." He replied.

I frowned and put my hand on my forehead. I just felt so ill and sore, I wanted it all to end.

"I just don't want to think that's what's wrong..." I trailed off.

Harry looked at me sympathetically and hugged me, I hated fighting with him. But I'm lucky this one didn't make him rage like he did sometimes. That side of him scared me.

"Neither do I, but you have to find out; just so we're on the safe side." He said into my shoulder.

Harry planted soft kisses to my neck and shoulder in attempt to calm me down. I was in the worst of moods and being sick wasn't helping me. We stood there for 2 minutes before I broke the silence.

"I'm still not going to take the test, you know that right?" I said.

"Alright." He replied with a sense of defeat in his voice.

I pulled away from Harry and went to remake the bed. Harry went into the dining room to do some stuff that I didn't know of, while I went upstairs to do some drawing. As I sat down at the little girls desk and started my artwork all I could think about was those pregnancy tests.

After a few hours of drawing, reading and just sitting around doing nothing I decided it was time for me to go to bed. When I got downstairs Harry was already laying down staring at the roof. I got into a pair of black trackpants and a black t shirt. I hopped into bed with Harry and cuddled up to him. We both said goodnight and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and tangled his legs with mine. After about half an hour he was fast asleep but my mind was still racing from the days events. 

"Maybe I should take a test...." I thought to myself.

I contemplated what to do for a few moments before slipping out of bed into the kitchen. Harry had put the rest of the supplies away and the kitchen looked spotless. I guess he'd tried to clean up whilst having nothing to do.

I searched the kitchen for the small box as quietly as I could in the darkness. I ran my hands along the counter top to find it but was unsuccessful. I checked the cupboards and draws and found them in the medicine cabinet. I took them out and creeped upstairs. I sat on the toilet in the bathroom with the door closed and the light on. 

"Time for the big reveal." I said to myself.

I took a test and checked the outcome, my mouth dropped. I took 2 more to make sure it was right. All the same results. A small squeak came from my mouth as I covered it with my hand.

"No, no I can't be. This isn't happening, this can't be real. I-I"m pregnant." I said to myself.

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