Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


16. Chapter 16




The next morning I woke up to a beautiful curly haired boy laying next to me. His arms were wrapped around me protectively and our legs entangled with each other. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body. I looked at him and his eyes were still closed, fast asleep. It's the first time in a while I've seen him sleep so soundly so I decided not to wake him up. I gently kissed his nose and attempted to free myself from his grasp. As I moved away his grip tightened. I pried his arms off of me and quietly slipped out of bed. I rummaged through a suitcase that held my clothes and chose out a pair of black track pants and a loose white top. I then picked up some ugg boots and socks and took the clothes upstairs to get changed.

Just as I slipped my pants up I heard Harry knock on the door.

"Come in." I called out.

The door slowly opened and low and behold he was standing there with a smirk on his face.

"You look nice." He complimented.

I smiled as he made his way over to me. He stood in front of me with our faces centimetres apart as he played with the hem of my top. 

"I can't help but notice that your shirt is slightly see through though." He said cheekily.

I looked down at my outfit and noticed that you could see right through the top. I quickly covered myself with my arms and left the room to get a singlet. I could hear Harry laughing behind me.

I hurried down the stairs and searched through the case once again for a white singlet.

"Don't be embarrassed babe it's just me." I heard Harry call out from upstairs.

"How can I not be embarrassed Harry. You could see everything." I yelled back, looking at myself in the mirror. 

You could see the dark area on my chest from my black bra and you could see all my skin underneath. I slipped my shirt off and put a singlet on. When I turned around Harry was standing behind me with a satisfied grin on his face.

"Did you just watch me get changed?" I asked embarrassed.

"Maybe. Why? Does it bother you?" He asked.

"Well, yes. You just saw me shirtless. And before you saw pretty much all of me." I complained.

"Babe don't worry I didn't see anything." He laughed.

I groaned as Harry pulled me to him in a hug. 

"Your so cute it hurts." He said.

I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around him. Harry played with the strap on my singlet and rubbed my back.

"Can I put my shirt on now?" I asked.

"Yes." He said sighing.

I pulled away from him and he helped me slip on my shirt. He was already dressed in a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Basically the usual outfit. 

"You look nice." I said.

"Really?" He replied raising his eyebrows.


There was silence between us until Harry started going upstairs. Suddenly I felt like I was forgetting something. That was it.

My book...

It was sitting on the bed in the girls room. And I had a weird feeling that he was going to go in there. I sprinted in front of him and dashed up the stairs.

"Bo why are you running?" Harry yelled out.

I ignored him and kept going. I didn't want him to see them, there were lots of him and I didn't want him to think that I was a weird clingy girlfriend for drawing him over and over. There was even one of us in it. 

I got to the room and jumped on the bed and hid it under a pillow. Soon Harry was standing at the door looking at me confused. I just laid on the bed awkwardly trying to shield the pillow from him.

"What the heck are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing." I replied unconvincingly.

"What are you hiding from me?"

"I just said, nothing. I wanted to get a good spot on the bed in case you decided to come in here." I lied.

"Ok then, I was actually going to play guitar. But I can stay in here if you want." He replied.

"Oh no that's fine, can you play for me?" I asked.

"Um, ok. I'm not really good though." He said reaching out for my hand.

I happily accepted his gesture and we walked out of the room to where the guitar was. I sat down on the bed and Harry picked up the instrument and sat it comfortably in his lap.

"What do you want me to play?" He asked.

"Anything." I said smiling.

There was a minute of silence as he thought of what to play and then started playing. I sat there intently listening to the music he was making. His fingers moved along the fret board as he strummed against the strings. He looked like he was at peace playing guitar. His features softened and he looked a little more relaxed. His curls fell over his forehead and shielded his eyes from mine. Once the song had finished he put the guitar down against the bed and looked at me.

"Your really good." I said.

"Thanks." He said smiling.

"Can you sing for me now please?" I asked.

"No, I have a sore throat." He laughed.

I smiled and shook my head. I knew he was lying, but I decided to let this one slide. I shuffled over closer to him and kissed him on the lips.

"One day I'll make you sing for me." I whispered.

He smiled at me as his green orbs looked into mine. I sat crossed legged in front of him and held his hands. 

"Have you drawn anything yet?" His raspy tone asked.


"Can I see them?"

I looked up at his face. The look in his eyes looked almost like he was begging. But I really didn't want him to see them.

*Harry's POV*

I looked into her blue orbs pleadingly. I really wanted to see them. I held her hand tightly and put the puppy dog face on slightly. Bo sighed and shook her head.

"I told you, they're not good. So no." 

I moved my face to hers and kissed her on the lips.

"Please. Pretty please." I begged between kisses.

She breathlessly laughed and smiled.

"Fine, but they aren't good, don't laugh at me." She said.

I smiled and hopped off the bed, pulling Bo up with me. I hurried down the hall pulling her behind me.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"In here." She said walking into the girls room.

I followed her into the room and sat on the bed. She retrieved the book I gave her from underneath the pillow.

"So that's what you were hiding from me." I determined to myself.

"Um, yeah.." She said quietly.

She opened the book and flicked through it. I figured she was looking for some good pictures to show me. She handed me the book once she settled on one of the pages halfway through the book.

"Jesus I only gave this to you the other day and you've filled it up this much." I stated.

She laughed quietly and looked over my shoulder. The first picture was of a girl with a fishtail braid I think. I'm not too sure what kind of hairstyles they are. It was like a tumblr girl photo, except she'd actually drawn it. The detail in it was amazing.

"This is fantastic." I exclaimed.

She thanked me quietly and I flicked through some of the pages. There were drawings of horses and celebrities and dream catchers. They were all fantastic.

"Your really talented." I said.

"Thankyou...." She whispered.

I flicked through some more pages until Bo quickly put her hand on the book to stop me from continuing. 

"Please don't turn the page." She pleaded.

"Why?" I asked looking up at her.

She just looked at me with pleading eyes. What was she hiding from me? What was so bad that I couldn't see?

"Please let me see." I asked.

She quickly took the book from my hands and ran off down the stairs with it. I got up and ran after her, skipping two steps on the staircase. I got into the lounge room and checked everywhere I knew where she could hide. She was nowhere to be seen. 

"Bo?" I called out.

I heard some shuffling in the laundry. I ran through the kitchen to the laundry and saw Bo standing at the end of the hallway.

"Bo, give it to me." I ordered.

Once again she ran off through the house. She ran back upstairs and I quickly followed after her. Once I got up the stairs I checked every single room. She wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Where the hell are you?" I called out.

I turned around stand saw a flash of her dark hair go back downstairs. I sprinted back down the staircase and saw her standing in the lounge room. I stood on the opposite side of the bed to her, ready to follow wherever she went.

"Just give me the book Bo, what are you hiding?" I panted.

She ignored me and started to run again. This time I jumped over the bed and grabbed her before she could leave the room. I took the book from her hand and opened it to the page I was up to. I looked at her suspiciously then looked down at the page.

"It's, it's a drawing of us..." I said.

Bo looked at me with regretful eyes. Why was she trying to hide this from me? It was brilliant. We were standing in a forest holding hands looking at each other. Our faces centimetres apart. The detail in it was astounding. Absolutely amazing. You could see the features in our faces of when we actually look at each other. 

"This is amazing Bo..." I whispered.

I looked up at her and she was staring at the ground, shifting the weight on her feet and fiddling with her fingers. 

"Why didn't you want me to see this?" I asked. 

"I....I didn't think it was very good. I thought you would think it was weird." She said quietly.

I looked at Bo sympathetically and walked over to her and wrapped one of my arms around her waist.

"Aw Bo I'd never think it was weird. It's absolutely fantastic and I love it." I reassured her.

She rested her head on my shoulder as we looked at her art. We went and sat on the bed and continued flicking through the pages. She was still a little reluctant to me seeing some of the pictures but I insisted in seeing them. There were some of me, different kinds of animals, tattoo designs and a few more. 

"Did you draw all these in just the few days you've had this book?" I asked.

She looked up at me and slightly nodded. I closed the book and looked her in the eyes.

"Well you have a serious talent. Haven't you ever thought of being an artist before?" I asked.

"Well, not really. And I don't think I can anymore, not with all this happening." She replied sadly.

I frowned and looked to the window. It was only a matter if time when a walker would realise that we were in here and try to break the door or windows down. We were just like sitting ducks.

"We should probably leave soon, once I've taught you some things." I said.

Bo nodded and laid down on the bed. I laid down beside her and planted soft kisses to her neck and cheeks. I traced circles on her hip as I lifted myself up on my other arm to hover over her. She put one of her hands on the nape of my neck and fisted my curls as I continued my affectionate kisses. A throaty moan escaped my lips while I did so and goosebumps soon erupted on Bo's skin.

"Harry..." She breathlessly spoke.

I continued kissing her and sucking at the raw skin until I saw a light purple mark on her neck. I smiled at the outcome of my actions. Bo placed her fingertips on the mark and closed her eyes.

"What was that for?" She asked quietly.

"Just a reminder that your mine..."


*Bo's POV*

I looked up at Harry and he had a satisfied grin on his face. I got up and sat beside him as he lay sideways on the bed.

"Didn't you like that?" He asked amused.

"Well, yes I did. I guess." I replied awkwardly.

Harry laughed and laid on his back, his arms stretched out on the mattress. I got up and started to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I just have to do something, I'll be back in a few minutes." I replied, walking to the stairs.

I trudged upstairs and retrieved my diary/journal from the box on the cupboard. I opened it up to a clear page and started to write.

"Date: September 23rd 2013"
"Day: Thursday"
"Entry: So today I was getting changed and then Harry came in. I thought my outfit was fine but then he told me it was see through. It was so embarrassing. I quickly went to get changed into something more decent but then once again I managed to put on a little show for Harry and I accidentally got changed in from of him. In my defence he snuck up on me so I had no idea he was there. But yeah he said he didn't see anything but I'm worried he did, no guy has ever seen me like that before. And I don't intend on a guy seeing me like that again any time soon. 

I did something for Harry last night. I was only kissing him but he seemed pleased with it. Then he decides to outperform me and return the favour. But he does have more experience. He was going to take my shirt off but I said I wasn't ready. I'm not sure what I wasn't ready for because my mind was all blurry but I was pulled to my senses when I felt his fingers run up my stomach. Maybe I should've let him take it off. He seemed fine with it but I'm worried I've disappointed him. I keep wondering what would've happened if I let him take it off though. I'll have to think things through more.

Harry wants to leave soon. Go find more people so we're safer. I know this might sound selfish but... I really don't want to go and find more people. I just want some time with us two together. Alone. Because I feel so much happier with him, everyone else seems to ruin it. But I can't complain because if you do there's no hope in surviving in the world we live in now. Everything's so much harder...

Should I be doing more things for Harry? Oh god I talk to much about him, thank goodness I'm not actually talking to someone. I'd probably drive them insane. The majority of this entry so far has been about him. But he seems to be my whole world at the moment. I'm really starting to like him. 

He actually got sleep last night, which is good. He's usually tossing and turning but I know he tries not to move too much because then it'll keep me awake. Although I haven't had much sleep myself either. I'm getting more and more anxious of the infected. They're getting louder at night. You can hear the screaming a few blocks down and you can hear the shuffling of their feet. Every time they scream Harry will turn over to me and hold me tight. Or if he's already cuddling me he'll tighten his grip. I don't think he notices though, it's just a natural instinct.

He marked my skin just a few minutes before. It hurts slightly, but I have some kind of fondness for it. It reminds me that someone actually cares about me and I mean something to them. Harry has been changing me, for the better of course. I've had slightly more confidence and I feel like I'm not alone for once. Every day he becomes more and more important to me. Right now I'd take a bullet for him...

Ok so I've written in this enough for tonight. I have to get back to Harry before he gets suspicious.

Sincerely, Bo."

I closed the book and returned it to its usual hiding place. I put the pencil on the desktop and went back downstairs. Harry was fast asleep in his clothes, his body sprawled out on the bed.

I got down next to him and shook him slightly.

"Harry wake up, leave me some room." I said quietly.

His beautiful green eyes fluttered open and he looked at me. He smiled and got up and rubbed his eyes. I got off the bed and looked through our suitcases. I took some clothes from Harry's and threw him a plain white shirt and some grey joggers. I grabbed a pair of light blue trackies and a pink v-neck tee and went into the bathroom downstairs to put them on. Once I'd returned Harry had managed to take his original shirt off and throw it to the floor, and flop back down on the bed.

"Come on Harry, get changed." I laughed.

He moaned at me in reply and refused to put his clothes on. I ended up putting his shirt on him myself but I refused to put his pants on for him. He sighed and got up and walked into the bathroom. Soon he returned in his new outfit and threw his clothes in his messy pile of washing.

"Happy?" He asked, gesturing to his clothes.

"Very happy." I replied satisfied.

I slipped under the duvet and was soon joined by Harry. I shuffled towards him and draped my arm over his waist. Harry put his arm around my shoulders and lightly ticked my arm which resulted in me having goosebumps. I gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and he retuned the favour by kissing the top of my head.

"Goodnight Harry." I whispered.

"Goodnight sweetheart." He replied.

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