Safehouse- A Harry Styles fanfiction

Bo Grace Ellis was your average teenager. Hanging out with friends, complaining about homework and school. But that all changed when she woke up on a deserted street surrounded with flesh eating creatures. She was lost and confused, until a tall, dark curly haired boy named Harry Styles saved her.

Deep down Bo knew she had feelings for this boy. But did he feel the same? Of course not. A tall blonde girl named Taylor swift might have something to do with that.

Will Bo find her family? Will her and Harry get a chance at love? But most of all, would they make it out of this apocalypse alive?

(Some of these characters are from the fanfic Dark by the beautiful Hannah


1. Chapter 1


I slowly opened my eyes. There was a hard surface beneath me. I was cold, very cold. I lifted myself up and adjusted my eyes to the light. I saw a blurry figure slowly staggering towards me. I stood up and called out to them. "Hello? Who are you?" As my eyes adjusted they looked slightly deformed. I'd never seen anyone like them. "What are you?" I stammered. They didn't reply. All I heard were growls and mumbles, did they speak English? I observed them some more, they had dark rings around their eyes and their stomach was slightly exposed. I could see their rib cage and lungs, it was disgusting.
 I called out to them. There were patches of hair missing from their head revealing their scalp and a dark liquid was oozing out down the side of his head. "I think you need to go to hospital." I whispered. As I observed them more and they slowly got closer I heard someone running up behind me. I quickly turned around but before I could do anything the mystery person covered my mouth and wrapped their free arm around me and hurried me over behind an abandoned car, it was completely incapable of driving.

 "Are you crazy?! What do you think your doing standing in the middle of the street in the day? Are you trying to get killed!" I looked at the stranger who just grabbed me. His height  loomed over me even though we were crouching down. He intimidated me. He had a British accent and dark curly hair with gleaming green eyes, he was beautiful. He was wearing a dirty white t-shirt and black skinny jeans, completely trashed. He finished his outfit with some converse. Mud and dirt replacing the white they used to have. "Well?" He stared impatiently, I forgot he was waiting for an answer. "Oh, I just woke up. I was laying in the street, I don't know how I got here." I replied hesitantly. "We'll your pretty damn lucky you even woke up alive, you wouldn't of lasted another 5 minutes if I hadn't of turned up."

I stared at him confused. I looked around and we were crouching in the middle of an abandoned street covered in cars that were burnt to a cinder. Teddy bears left in puddles of oil, blood in the gutters on the side of the street. It was like a scene in a movie. I looked across the road, the hospital was right there, but it looked completely trashed and abandoned. 

"What happened here? Who are you?" I asked quietly. The boy shifted the weight on his feet and cleared his throat. "I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He didn't answer my other question, it was almost like he didn't want to. "Come on we need to get out of here now." Harry exclaimed. "But what about that man, he needs help." I begged. Harry looked up and retrieved a small hand gun from the belt of his jeans, aimed at the decomposing figure and fired right into it's head. The man fell to his knees and flat on his face, dead in seconds. I stared at him with my mouth agape. "Don't go anywhere near people like that, they aren't safe and they will kill you." He explained while pointing to the dead man with his gun. "What has the zombie apocalypse begun or something." I asked jokingly. Harry stared at me coldly. I didn't need him telling me, I could tell by his face. "You aren't serious are you?" I asked panicked. "Don't panic, they'll hear you and even more will come." Harry snapped. We stood up and his height loomed over me, he looked intimidating, but still beautiful. "Lets get out of here, I'll take us somewhere safe." Harry said. "Lay low and follow me." He crept forward further to the rear of the car and stuck his head out to examine the street. The coast was clear. He took my hand and ran across the road, dragging me behind him and took refuge behind a dumpster.


"What's your name anyway?" He asked. "B-Bo.." I replied hesitantly. He smirked. "Nice name, have you got a mobile or anything?" I felt my pockets but all I found was a piece of gum. "Nope." I replied. "Dammit, oh well we didn't need one. Just curious." He replied fixing his curls. He took my hand again and examined the area before taking us behind the hospital to an old street of houses. Harry guided me behind a bush and crouched down. We stayed there a moment and rested until he peeked over the bush, he grabbed my shoulder and lead us to a house 2 blocks down. 

He knocked on the door and we heard a female voice call out worriedly. "Who is it?" Harry wiped the dirt off his hands onto his jeans and called out. "It's Harry, let us in." "What's the password?" We heard in reply. Harry sighed and flicked his head tossing his curls. "It's safehouse, now let us in Taylor." He replied impatiently. There were sounds of chains clinking on the other side of the door before it opened and I saw a tall, blonde girl standing in front of us. She was wearing a dirty white shirt with a black dot in the middle of it, taking up a large portion of the front of her shirt. It was stained with different shades of brown, I guessed it was from the dirt. She was wearing purple skinny jeans with dirty handprints swiped across the sides and marks on her knees. She was wearing black doc martins that were covered in mud, probably from sneaking around town in the dirt and rubble.

Harry lead me into the house after placing a kiss on the girls cheek and saying hello. It was surprisingly clean and organised. There was a large cupboard with a coatrack on the side of it with ammunition hanging from it. I walked into what I presumed to be the lounge room. Except it had a white double mattress on the floor with bed sheets and pillows sprawled all over it with a crate next to it. It held a clock, a book and a radio on it. To the side of the room was a leather couch with a couple of suitcases on it filled with clothes and photo albums and anything else that would fit in them. I suspected that that's what they packed when the infected broke out of where they came from. I thanked God that I wasn't awake to experience such an event as that, it would probably mentally scar me. 

I walked to the kitchen and there were pots and pans in the sink. There were dirty plates stacked up on the side which started to bring flies. There was a wretched stench starting to form in there. I heard footsteps on the wooden floorboards behind me until I could feel the presence of someone standing behind me. "It's messy we know, we would've washed them but there's no water." I turned around and saw the tall blonde girl. "It's-it's fine, I gather your names Taylor?" I replied shyly. "Yeah, Taylor swift." She replied, she had an American accent. Not one I'd heard very often before. "What are you doing in Britain if your American?" I asked curious. "Well, Harry and I have a I was here to visit and then this happened." She gestured around us. I understood what she meant, the virus going around. There was an awkward silence between both of us until Harry walked in. "So you's have gotten to know each other I see." Harry nodded his head to both of us while leaning on the doorframe. "Yeah, what's your name dear?" Taylor asked tilting her head. It was almost like she was talking to me like I was a child, I was 18 for goodness sake. "Bo." I replied sharply, I didn't like being treated like a child. "That's...lovely, please excuse me but I need to check the radio." Taylor replied and swiftly left the room and sat on the bed. She twisted the nozzle on the device until she settled for a news station.  

"The majority of Britain is now under lockdown except for one town which must do so immediately. If your listening from Cheshire, go into lockdown right now. Drop everything, and go somewhere safer. Make sure you stay calm and are always armed. More American marines are being flown in to help keep us safe and possibly put this virus to an end. The queen has been flown out of Britain to somewhere secure. That's the latest news flash." 

She turned the radio off. "Jeez these news stations are a bit slow, we are in lockdown. But we should of been in lockdown 3 weeks ago!" She yelled. There was silence through the whole house. I heard a blood curdling scream a couple of blocks away that sent shivers down my spine and my face turned a different shade of green. I think Harry noticed because he asked me to go upstairs with him and check what was happening outside. He'd boarded up the windows downstairs so it was impossible to check through there. We climbed the staircase while Taylor sat on the bed and read her book. I looked out the window and saw a group of the infected feeding on a woman. It was horrible. Harry stood beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder and squeezed me. "You okay?" He asked. I grunted and nodded my head in response, clearly he wasn't convinced. "Where's your family?" He asked hesitantly.

My breath hitched in my throat. I hadn't even thought of them until now. My mum and grandparents, would they be okay? Are they still alive? Will I ever see them again? Tears brimmed in my eyes and I felt a knot form in my stomach. My breathing pace increased as I tried to stop the tears from falling down my cheeks. Harry turned me to look at him and he stared at me worriedly. "Oh god I'm so sorry I'm such a jerk, I shouldn't of mentioned them. You probably weren't even concerned about them till now. Ugh I'm so stupid, I'm so sorry." He wrapped his strong arms around me but I stayed still, I didn't know what to do. Cry or try and stay strong. Should I toughen up or fall to pieces in his arms. I didn't know, all I could do was stand there motionless and let the tears roll down my face. "Everything's gonna be alright Bo, I promise." Harry reassured. All I could do was hope that he was right. And that we would make it out of this nightmare alive.


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