the orphan

bella is an orphan because her awfull home life...
join her in her battle to freedom


1. the first time.

"hi,im bella and i am 10 years old.I like dolls art and singing,but i donnt much of any of it because of my dad!"as she curled up under her duvet she imagined herself living with her mum and little sister ruby.A tear trickled down her cheek.she said to herself "why cant i be with you mum i love you so much"

THEN her dad came in and he said "i heard you mumbleing,you what i say about children being seen not heard"

"sorry dad i was just talking to ted head" as she said that her,her dad snatched ted head and abruptly ripped of his hed and shoved in her face.

"if i hear you again this will happen to more than just this peice of rubbish,DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"yes dad i wont speak to myself again,sorry" without looking at her again he walked out of the room and slammed the door.

then when she was sat in the dark she started to cry because ted head was her best friend and she cried herself to sleep.

the next morning at 5 AM hger dad came up into her room,and shook her till she woke up

"GET UP YOU SILLY CHILD"he saud angrily

"sorry should i egt up and clean your boots?"

"YES,hurry up then,i need to get to work!!" as bella started to get dressed her dad picked up her belt belt and whaked her on the back of the legs,she screamd!!!

"thats for being to slow getting dressed,NOW HURRY UP!!!!"

holding back tears she said "sorry i am going as fast as i can" she whisperd as she saw the blood trickeling down her legs.

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