the orphan

bella is an orphan because her awfull home life...
join her in her battle to freedom


3. scared.

when she got into the house she cried,she cried for felt like 3 hours but when she look at the clock it was only 10 minuits

"i cant live like this" she said as she packed her camping bag and a tent.she write a note telling her dad and step-monster(as she calls her),saying that she was going to tildas house and she would be back in a few days.but where she was going was the orpahage. as she walked down the drive she didnt look back. she didnt dare . she was going to be free. but then her dad came back,she ran as fast as she could but it was no use he caught her and draged her back to the house by her hair.when he was at the house he chuked her in her rooma nd he threw the clump of hair he had in his had in her room and he said...


"when you have tideid up the house you will get such a beating you wont be able to go out for a week!!! do you understand?"

" sir" she said ina whisper and grabed the hoover.

"why do i stay now is the perfect tome to go?" but she was frozen to the spot...........

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