the orphan

bella is an orphan because her awfull home life...
join her in her battle to freedom


2. questions.

as she walked out the door her dad said "dont you dare tell anyone,or it will happen again" then he pushed her out of the door,

then whe she was stood at the bus stopher best friend tilda came up to her and offerd her a peice of chewing gum,as bella put it in her mouth she saw her dads car leave her drive and she saw him say "dont tell her or else!!"

but tilda wasnt stupid, "what was that about" she said,sounding confused

"nothing it is just,uhmm about my cousins party" she said upset that she had to lie to her best friend.

"ahhhh could i help plan,i know this great cake place."

"NO you cant i have to go,bye"

as she ran away from her frien she fell over,and tilda saw the back of her legs from under her skirt,

"whats happened to you legs?" tilda asked her face turning into a frown. bella began to cry.

"no one else nows this but i uhhmm,well,myy,MY DAD HITS ME,alright there i said it,its not a big deal"she said her filling up with tears.and she ran home.

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