Niall's cousin Lily visits him during the live shows. She's two years older than Niall but Niall has always been so protective of her. What happens when she falls in love with one of the boys? Something always goes wrong with her relationships so what is it this time? An ex? Family? A best friend? Or even the fan base that the boys have acquired since that one fortunate day they were put together?

What will the two have to endure in order to keep what they have together?

*The rating is only just a guess. There might be a lot of swearing, harming scenes in this story but I haven't fully decided yet.
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1. X-Factor

Lily’s POV


Here I am sitting in the backstage lounge room waiting for my cousin. It’s a Saturday, the day after his 6th live performance and I was allowed to take Niall out all day until 7:30pm so he could have a meeting with Simon. But once the meeting was over I was able to go back to the temporary apartment he had for the X-Factor. I haven’t seen him since he started X-Factor; I haven’t even gotten to see him perform! I have been on a strict no TV and no Internet grounding put upon by myself ever since an… incident involving my ex-boyfriend. For some reason my cousin asked me in the letter he sent, along with the VIP pass to bring a bag of carrots, his Rolex he left at home and to make my Lamborghini keys visible. His request confused the hell out of me but I did as asked. I’ve been in here for 10 minutes and he should be here any moment. I can’t wait to ask him how X-Factor is going for him all I’ve been told is that he made it to the live shows and this is the 6th live show so I guess he must be loved by everyone.


Just as I looked at my watch to check the time a brunette haired boy with blue eyes burst through the door but quickly stopped and looked at me. At first he was shocked and was about to open his mouth when he noticed the bag of carrots in my hand. He instantly rushed over grabbed the bag and began to eat the carrots. I stood there in horror, as all I could hear was the loud crunches emanating from his mouth.

As I was about to say something I saw 4 more boys come through the door but only one caught my attention.

“NI-NI!” I said with my thick Irish accent.

“LI-LI!” He shouted then ran towards me, I dropped the Rolex box and car keys on the sofa behind me and wrapped my arms around Niall.

I looked over his shoulder at the 3 boys that walked in with him. A boy with brunette hair and brown eyes looked confused and opened his mouth, “Why did you just call for me, Niall?” he spoke with his very strong British accent. I easily could tell he was from Wolverhampton.

Niall pulled away from the hug and grinned at me.

“Wasn’t talking to you Liam. I was talking to this lass here.” Niall said before pulling me back into a hug. We were hugging for a few minutes before one of the boys cleared their throat, which caused Niall to grunt and pull away.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us mate?” A boy with tanned skin and black hair asked.

“Sorry lads. This is Lilli-“ He began before I hit him in the stomach. He knows I hate my name. “Sorry this is Lily.” He finished while rubbing his stomach.

“Niall who are they?” I asked.

“Have you not been watching X-Factor?” He asked looking horrified at me.

“You know I’ve put myself onto a strict no Internet and no TV since the uh… incident.” I reminded him.

“Oh right. Well I did make it through but I was put into a group with these four lads here.” He said motioning to the three lads that were just starring at us and the one that was still munching away at the carrots.

“Why does he have the carrots?” I asked still freaked out at how quick he was to just take them and begin eating.

“Oh that’s just Louis. He has a massive thing for carrots that’s why I asked you to bring them.” He explained. But this didn’t explain the Rolex or car keys.


“What about them?” I asked pointing to the box and keys on the sofa.

“Whoa!” Louis said with a bit of carrot flying out of his mouth. He pulled the box and car keys onto his lap and just gawked at them.

“Louis they’re not for you.” Niall said breaking Louis out of his gaze.

“Wait what?” Louis spoke still confused. The three boys that were still in the door way begun laughing which made me confused.

“Sorry Lou. I just asked her to bring them to tease you. But the carrots are yours.” Niall said but this didn’t make me any less confused.

“Thanks for bringing my Rolex I began to miss it. Also here are your keys. Louis here once said in a video that he liked girls who liked carrots so loads of girls got him carrots. In another video he then declared he liked girls who liked Lamborghinis and Rolex watches.” Niall finally explained.

“Ah alright well this did give me an excuse to drive my Lamborghini, I guess.” I said then looking at the three boys who had their mouths opened in shock.

“Uh Niall care to actually tell me their names.” I said trying to break the awkwardness.

“Oh right. This is Harry.” He said pointing to the curly haired boy with green eyes. “This is Zayn.” He motioned to the one with black hair. “And this is Liam.” He finished pointing to the one with brunette hair and brown eyes.

“Nice to meet you all.” I said and stuck out my hand to Liam. He looked down at it, shook his head, looked back at me and then pulled me into a hug.

“We hug around here.” He explained and pulled away. I moved over to Zayn and he pulled me into a hug as well and then to Harry. As I pulled away from Harry and turned to look at Louis I felt a slap on my bum. I quickly turned back around to see Harry whistling and looking up at the roof innocently. I guess he was the flirt.


I took a step backwards and then turned around again to make my way to Louis. I have to say out of the 5 of them he caught my eye, he seemed to be older than the others but at the same time he was able to act like the youngest one there. As I reached him he stood up and pulled me into a hug. Just before we pulled away he gave me a kiss on the cheek causing my cheeks to go red. Luckily none of the boys noticed the kiss, well at least if they did they didn’t mention it.

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