Niall's cousin Lily visits him during the live shows. She's two years older than Niall but Niall has always been so protective of her. What happens when she falls in love with one of the boys? Something always goes wrong with her relationships so what is it this time? An ex? Family? A best friend? Or even the fan base that the boys have acquired since that one fortunate day they were put together?

What will the two have to endure in order to keep what they have together?

*The rating is only just a guess. There might be a lot of swearing, harming scenes in this story but I haven't fully decided yet.
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2. Not The Hair!

Louis’s POV


I couldn’t help but kiss her on the cheek when we pulled away from the hug. Her scent was intoxicating and I could just listen to her strong Irish accent all day long. It was a long stronger than Niall’s which was surprising but luckily I was still able to understand most things that she said. We all sat there talking for an hour before Simon popped his head in to meet the lovely lady Niall had asked to visit us.

“Lovely to meet you Lily!” He said cheerfully. I guess he was happy about our performance from last night still.

“Wonderful meeting you Mr. Cowell. Thanks for letting me come see me favourite cousin!” She said well at least I think she said that.

“Whoa and I thought Niall had a strong accent.” Simon said taken aback by her voice causing us all to laugh and Lily to just stand there embarrassed.

“Well I’ll let all of you get back to chatting but remember if you want to go out today with Lily you all need to be back by 7:30 for the meeting.” Simon reminded us before swiftly walking out of the door.

All of the boys groaned at the idea of having the meeting.

“So when did you get the Lamborghini?” Harry asked turning to face Lily who was sitting in between Niall and I.

“Last year for my 18th Birthday present.” She replied.

“So that makes you older than Niall?” I asked shocked. I would have thought by the way he treated her she was the youngest.

“Yeah by 2 years.” She chirped happily and messed with Niall’s hair.

“Not the hair!” He said jumping out of his seat.


Lily’s POV


That was the one thing I was never allowed to touch. Ever since I shaved off half of his hair when he was 3 I’ve never been allowed near it.

“How many times have I got to tell you? You are NEVER to touch my hair!” He said pointing his finger at me. I just sat there and gave him the puppy dog eyes he just can’t resist.

“How come she can’t touch your hair but were allowed to?” Liam asked in confusion. Niall and I just looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Once we had stopped our little laughing fit we looked up to see that everyone confused starring at the both of us.

“Oh uh when he was 3 I shaved off half of his hair. He’s never forgiven me or let me touch his hair ever since. He thinks I’ll do it again but trust me I wouldn’t especially now he will have millions of girls gawking over him and the rest of you.” I explained to them causing their confused faces to turn into fits of laughter. Looking down at my watch I realized it was already 10:30 and Niall said something about restaurant reservations for lunchtime in his letter.

“Uh Niall you reckon we should leave now for those reservations?” I asked giving him a nudge.

“Yeah we probably should! Come on boys and LiLi stop telling the boys embarrassing stories of me as a little kid!” He whined.

“If you think that ones embarrassing just wait until you hear about the nail-“ I began but was swiftly cut off by Niall placing his hand over my mouth.


“Shall we?” Louis asked placing his arm out for me to latch onto. We had just arrived at the restaurant and well by restaurant I meant Nandos. Of course Niall would bring us all to Nandos.

“We shall.” I said wrapping my arm around his. Walking into Nandos I giggled as I was pushed out of the way by Niall who ran up to the counter ready to order. Once everyone had ordered Niall was about to whip out his money when I beat him to it by swiping my credit card and tapping in my PIN. Niall just groaned and put his wallet back into his pocket. Sure enough he would find some way to repay me, he always does well at least tries to.

“So what do you do for a living Lily?” Liam asked as we sat down at the table.

“Well I’m a teacher actually but I also write songs for artists and a bit of modelling when I’m free.” I said taking my arm away from Louis to sit down. Looking at Louis I noticed him pouting at the rejection he just faced.

“Niall you never mentioned her writing songs!” Harry said and playfully punched Niall.

“You never mentioned how old she was either.” Liam said punching Niall playfully as well.

“You never mentioned how amazingly fit she is.” Louis mumbled but it was just loud enough for us all to hear. Playfully I pushed Louis but soon realized I was blushing from his comment. It’s not like he was the first person to say it, especially since I did do modelling. But he was the first that made me feel giddy inside and make me blush when he said it.


After about 10 minutes of conversation while taking bites of our meals; I felt a hand being placed on top of my right hand, which was under the table resting on my knee. I looked down at my hand and then to the person the other hand belonged to, soon to realize it was in fact Louis. As I began to blush at the contact I noticed him smirk at my reaction. Rather than pulling away I took his hand in mine and held it there under the table while trying not to drag too much attention to it.

“Louis if you wanted to hold me cousins hand just do it. Don’t be shy about it.” Niall said. So I guess my attempt to not drag any attention to our situation was completely failed. I looked over at Louis whose cheeks began to burn with embarrassment but he didn’t bother detaching our hands which was surely a good sign right?

“So how is it having Simon as your mentor then?” I asked trying to get everyone away from the topic of Louis and I holding hands.

“He’s a bloody genius.” Liam said.

“Yeah he is a pretty great guy. We are still overjoyed at getting as far as we have.” Harry added.

“I haven’t been able to see any of the shows.” I said sadly.

“Maybe we could get you to watch it when you come back to mine tonight. Does that sound good LiLi?” Niall asked before taking a huge bite of his meal.

“That’s sounds great! I really want to see you all perform!” I said with excitement.

“She’s going back to yours?” Louis questioned, he was obviously curious.

“Yeah she gets to stay the week and watch us perform live next Friday. I had to call both the school and her manager to get her off the entire week but it worked!” Niall said happily then quickly ate the rest of his meal. I took a bite of mine trying to avoid having to answer questions but before I knew it I too had finished my meal.

“Well she sure has Niall’s appetite.” Liam commented.

Once the rest of the boys finished eating we decided it would be great to go see a movie. We all got into the Lamborghini and made our way there.

“Well who will be sharing the room since we only have 5 rooms.” Louis asked curiously as the car stopped.

“I thought that you and Harry could share.” Niall said but it felt more like a question to Louis and Harry.

“As long as he doesn’t strip down so much!” Louis said. The boys just laughed and I sat there confused as I took out the keys.

“Just because I’m a partial nudist!” Harry said trying to defend himself.

“He’s a what?” I exclaimed a bit louder than I should have.

“Partial nudist, Hun. You know, strips off completely when with people he’s comfortable with.” Louis said patting me on the shoulder.

“Oh” was all I could manage.

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