Niall's cousin Lily visits him during the live shows. She's two years older than Niall but Niall has always been so protective of her. What happens when she falls in love with one of the boys? Something always goes wrong with her relationships so what is it this time? An ex? Family? A best friend? Or even the fan base that the boys have acquired since that one fortunate day they were put together?

What will the two have to endure in order to keep what they have together?

*The rating is only just a guess. There might be a lot of swearing, harming scenes in this story but I haven't fully decided yet.
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3. “I will kill him if he ever tries to hurt you again.”

Louis’ POV


“What movie shall we pick?” Lilly asked. I just loved her Irish accent.

“Paranormal Activity 2!” Harry shouted.

“YES!” Lilly agreed. So I guess she was into freaky movies.

“How about no?” Niall asked.

“Aw come on Ni-Ni! Just because you didn’t have the best experience for Paranormal Activity!” Lilly whined trying to convince him.

“Well I guess. But only if Liam holds me during the scary bits.” He said while pulling his puppy dogface at Liam.

“Alright but whose going to hold Zayn?” Liam questioned.

“I will!” Harry said with a huge grin.

“What about me?” Lilly complained. I put my arm around her and pulled her into me.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of my carrot princess.” I said, instantly pulling away from her to see how she took her new nickname. Her eyes widened in surprise but soon her cheeks turn bright red.

“Looks like Louis has given his girlfriend a nickname already.” Harry teased. Lily pulled away from me and slapped Harry across the arm.

“Hazza she’s not my girlfriend…” I complained before mumbling a yet under my breath.

“Alright I’ll go get tickets, you guys go get the food.” Harry said before walking away to the line.

“What do you guys all want?” I asked as we made our way to the candy bar.

We all decided on medium combo of coke and popcorn for each but a large for Niall and Lily each. Once we got the food we found Harry and made our way into the cinema.

“Alright so it’s Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall, Lily and then me!” I said as we decided on a row to sit in. During the movie I am definitely going pull the ‘Yawn-And-Put-The-Arm-Over-The-Shoulder’ move on Lily.


Lily’s POV


It’s been about 15 minutes since the movie began and I’ve already finished my popcorn and drink. I decided to be cheeky and try and take some of Niall’s popcorn but he caught me and hit my hand.

“Ow.” I said trying to keep my voice down.

“What’s wrong love?” Louis asked me.

“She tried stealing my popcorn.” Niall said sounding very upset. I heard a bunch of ‘oohs’ from the boys so I guess they already know not to steal Niall’s food, but it’s never stopped me from trying.

“Surely you would have realized never to steal my food.” Niall said then turned back to the movie. I just shook it off then looked at my hand, it had a huge red mark from where Niall’s hand hit it. I just gasped which caught the attention of Louis.

“What is it my carrot princess? The movie hasn’t even reached the scary parts.” He said.

“It’s nothing really. My hand is just red from where Niall hit me.” I said lifting my hand to his eyesight. As soon as he saw it his eyes went wide, he then pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it better. I couldn’t help but blush but quickly pulled my hand away hoping Niall hadn’t seen it. Turning to face Niall I saw he was still too busy watching the movie to have noticed anything. I then turned back to Louis and noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes, maybe I hurt his feelings a bit. I quickly looked back to the movie trying to act as nothing had happened.


The thing is Niall’s always been so darn protective of me when it came to guys in my life. I guess it’s just because of the poor taste in guys I have, I don’t exactly pick the guys that treat me the way they should but life isn’t some sort of fairytale. Unlike Niall I thought realistically where as he preferred to think the world is one happy place where nothing goes wrong. It’s not like he’s completely oblivious to what really goes on he just prefers to think like that other wise he starts to overthink everything and drives himself crazy with all his ‘what ifs’.


Louis’ POV


She just pulled her hand straight out of my grasp clearly she wasn’t interested in me. ‘Then why did she blush?’ my inner voice reasoned with me. Then again she did look at Niall straight away so maybe she was just afraid he would have seen. Yeah that has to be it.


About 10 minutes later I finally got the courage to use my move. Just casually taking a sip of my drink then placing it back down before yawning and stretching my arms out. I paid close attention to Lily in the corner of my eye to see her reaction as I placed my arm around her shoulders. I noticed her jolt a bit from my touch but then just looked at me and smiled. So I guess my actions were welcomed. I had to look at her though and not through the corner of my eyes but what’s a good reason? I sat there thinking before I remembered her wanting some more popcorn; I hoped I still had some left as I reached for it with my right arm. Picking it up I noticed it was barely even touched so I turned to Lily with the popcorn still in my hand.

“Would you like some of my popcorn?” I whispered. She turned away from the movie, looked at me and then looked at the popcorn.

“Thanks.” She mumbled then took a hand full of popcorn. I left it on the seat to my left so she could get more when she liked.



Niall’s POV


I’ve been sitting here for the last 20 minutes acting as if I haven’t seen anything. But truthfully I have seen it all, from Louis kissing Lily’s hand, her turning around to look at me with red cheeks and to Louis putting his arm around her. Honestly I’m not all too comfortable with the entire thing as I am quite protective of her. But could you blame me? She’s always had the worst judgment when it came to men. If they weren’t asking for money they were being rough with her and some even hit her. Her last one was no different, always telling her what to do but when I spoke to her about it she just brushed it off. I had to respect her wishes to be with him so I did nothing. That was until a couple of months ago.


I was at home rehearsing for my X Factor audition. It had to be perfect. In the middle of my song I heard a loud thump and then a scream. Quickly I dropped my guitar on the floor and made my way to where I thought I heard the scream come from. As I made my way into the kitchen I found Lily sitting on the kitchen bench and my mother dabbing a cotton wool over a wound on Lily’s face. They both turned to look at me when the door made a sound as it shut and Lily’s face quickly turned to shock. I didn’t have to ask I knew who had done this to her.

“I… I’m sorry.” Lily said getting down from the bench.

“No! Don’t be sorry I should have done something. I should have insisted you realize how horrid he is.” I said pulling her into a hug. She flinched so I guess that her face wasn’t the only thing that hurt. I pulled away and looked at her, she quickly looked at the ground so I pulled her chin up.

“I will kill him if he ever tries to hurt you again.” I stated as I took Lily’s hand and led her back to the bench.

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