My Bestfriends Girl

What Happens when you get your BEST FRIENDS GIRL, pregnant? Well you will just have to read this story to find out! (1D FanFic)


6. oh snap

liams POV

Dannielle went out with her mates last night for a girls night out but she never came home i called up Taylor she was staying at selena's annd dannielle went out with them last night maybe she slept there

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~phone call~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

L: hey tay is danni there

T: no didnt she come home

L: nope havent seen her since she left

T: maybe she slept in a park she will be back later

L: yer maybe if you hear from her text me im really worried

T: ok liam ciao

L: bye


Taylors POV

Liam called up asking for dannielle i know she went home with harry last night i just hope they didnt do anything or if they did i hope they used protection

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