My Bestfriends Girl

What Happens when you get your BEST FRIENDS GIRL, pregnant? Well you will just have to read this story to find out! (1D FanFic)


8. Liam Goes Rage

liams POV

What the fuck! Harold Edward Styles your meant to be my best mate and you slept with my fucking girlfriend are you fucking serious your fucked wait till Louis hears about this i swear to god i will ruin your fucking life like you ruined mine by the way Danni its fucking over have a good fucking life bitch.

danni's POV

fuck i have never seen Liam rage like that and because of him Harry is in tears, he didnt mean to sleep with me we were drunk, i lost the love of my life because of a mistake. Alcohol you are the death of my life.

liam's POV

i can't believe it my life is ruined, i lost my girl and my best mate, how is it fair that i cop so much shit, to the point i break, and everyone else stays on top its not fair, why me, why now, my final thoughts as i bring out the razor 1 cut 2 cut 3 cut 4 my blood starts dripping on my bathroom floor.

-----------------------------------------------------BLACK OUT------------------------------------------------------

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