My Bestfriends Girl

What Happens when you get your BEST FRIENDS GIRL, pregnant? Well you will just have to read this story to find out! (1D FanFic)


7. busted

Liams POV

i still havent heard from danni and its been 12 hours im currently getting ready to head over to harry's

as i get in my car i get a call from a private number ......

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~phone call~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

L: hello

?: is this liam

L: yes who is this

?: thats not important i called to say i know where danni is

L: where

?. beep beep beep


the person hung up the voice was robotic so ihave no idea who it could be ....

skip car ride

i arrive at harry's and pull out my spare key i unlock the door and what do i see danni in her undies and harry's shirt with messy hair ..........................



oooooh cliff hanger lol grade 11 is so hard anyways finally updated xoxo niallsbabe <3 love you for eternity peace out.

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