My Bestfriends Girl

What Happens when you get your BEST FRIENDS GIRL, pregnant? Well you will just have to read this story to find out! (1D FanFic)


3. back at the flat

Harry POV


we got into my flat and headed straight to the bedroom i picked her up and threw her on the bed i unzipped her black cocktail dress and l left a trail of kisses going from her lips to her neck i lightly sucked her neck leaviing a light hickey and i pulled her pantiees and bra off and i took my clothes off, by this time we were completely naked and i was sticking my fingers in her moist pussy making her moan and as she was about to cum i started licking her out afterwards she took my  dick and started caressing it with her hand then she stuck it in her mouth moving up and down i started having an orgasm and cummed she swallowed then i got my dick and started pulling it in and out of her slowly and we started going really fast and hard i cummed inside of her and then we fell asleep.


i woke up to find the girl i had fucked last night was dannielle my best mates girlfriend


Authors note\

oooooh a cliff hanger next update will be from mrs Horan we are taking turns anyway hope u like this story xx <3 u all forever xxxx

nialls babe

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