Simple Life

Emblem3 FanFic!!!! Olivia, Jessica, Amanda & Isabella moved to Huntington Beach to fulfill their dreams of becoming a girl group! But what happens when they run into a group of guys with the same dream?! Will their feelings come in the way of there music?! Read more to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Jessicas POV

I have to admit, tonight has been pretty fun! When i first saw the guys i didnt know what to expect. But once i started talking to them i realized that they are really nice guys. i thought it was really cool how they are also auditioning for the x-factor on the same day as us. Talk about creapy! Anyway, once they left Olivia, Isabella, Amanda and I went to the livivng room and cleaned it up. once we were done throughing away the empty pizza boxes and coke cans, we decided to get in our PJ's on and watch a movie. Just as we sat on the couch the doorbell rang. "i'll get it" Amanda said as she slowly got off the couch. She walked to the door to see Drew, Keaton and Wes standing at the door with their suitcases. "Umm can we help you guys? I asked as I stood from the couch. "Ya" said Drew with a quiet, shy voice. "You see since there was sooooo much rain, and we live at the bottom of a hill, our basement kinda flooded. And since its gonna take about a week for repairs, we were wondering if we could stay with you guys!" Amanda and Olivia both looked at me with a confused face. "well...." Olivia began "Of course you can!" Isabella shouted from behind. "But we only have 1 guess bedroom, with only 1 bed in it." "Thats ok we will figure something out." Keaton said They picked up their suit cases and walked over to Isabella. "Were is it?" Wes asked. "Upstairs, second door to the right." Isabella answered. "Thanks" They all said at once. Once they were up stairs Amanda, Olivia and I all turned to Isabella giving her an evil stare. "Are u crazy?!" Olivia Shouted. "we barley know these guys, we can't have them stay here for a week!" "Why not?" Isabella asked "Why not, because they are strangers, that's why not" Amanda replyed "Guys it's not the end of the world! It's not like they are mean or anything!" Isabella said. "I just don't think it's a good idea." I replyed. "look guys let's just let them stay with us for a bit and if for some reason we realize that we don't like them, then we can kick them out! But let's just give them a chance. Please!"  "Fine" they all agreed. 

Amandas P.O.V

I don't know if I like the idea of having 3 male strangers living with us. I mean they are really nice and all but we barley know them. Not to mention that we just moved in today, and we already have house guest. Like what the hell! Anyway the 4 of us continued watching the movie. About 20 minutes later the guys came down in their PJ's. Well actually they came down in boxers and muscle shirts. "what took you guys so long?" Isabella asked. "well we had a little fight on who would be sleeping the bed, and then we decided to unpack our clothes." Drew answered. "so what are you guys watching?" Keaton asked as he slowly moved closer to Olivia. "We are watching the notebook." I answered before Olivia could. "Well that's pretty lame." Drew said jokingly. Jessica looked at him and rolled her eyes in disgust. Jessica didn't really like Drew, she thought he was attractive and all but she wasn't a fan of his personality, she thought he was a bit of a show off. "Do you guys want to watch a different movie?" I asked. "Maybe a horror or something?" "ok!" Wes replyed.


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