Simple Life

Emblem3 FanFic!!!! Olivia, Jessica, Amanda & Isabella moved to Huntington Beach to fulfill their dreams of becoming a girl group! But what happens when they run into a group of guys with the same dream?! Will their feelings come in the way of there music?! Read more to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Olivia's P.O.V

As I unlocked the door i could feel Keaton's eyes on me. The whole walk home I could feel him staring at me. As much as it was weird, it was kinda cute, he was so sweet and his cheeks turned red every time he looked at me. The reason I had invited them in was because, I felt bad about making them walk me home. Like I was totally capable of walking home alone,but it was really sweet of them! "here we are, home sweet home!" I said while swinging the door open. I looked over my shoulder to see my 3 cousins staring at me with a mean, cold look in their eyes. "Were have you been!?!?!" Isabella said with a loud nasty voice! "OMG" Jessica screamed before I could answer. "What on earth happened to your knee? There is blood streaming all the way down your leg!!" "I accidentally triped her!" Keaton said with a quiet voice. I guess Jessica, Amanda & Isabella hadn't noticed the 3 boys standing in the doorway, because they looked shocked, when Keaton began to talk. "Liv," Amanda said. "who are they" "well I'm Wesley Trent Stromberg, this is my brother Keaton and my friend Drew." Wes said while quickly sliding over to Amanda. "Olivia invited us in for tea cause she felt bad about us having to walk her home." "oh." Amanda said with a creeped out voice. "well in that case, wont you guys come in!" 


Wesleys P.O.V 

ok wow! Amanda was so freaking HOT!! Like I don't even know what to say. Like wow just wow! I hope I didn't sound creepy To her. The four of them escorted us to the living room. We sat on the couch and Olivia went to go make us some warm tea. While she was making the tea, Keaton, Drew and I started talking with Jessica, Isabella and Amanda. They were all so nice. And pretty. Jessica was about 5'3, she had long (straight) chocolate brown hair. She had massive brown eyes with long, thick eyelashes. She had high cheeks bones, with soft freckles. Her voice was soft and a little high. I could tell Drew found her attractive cause he kept looking her up and down. Isabella was about 5'5, she had medium length jet black hair with long side bangs., with light green eyes. Her eye lashes were the same as Jessica's, long & thick. She had big, full lips that had a light pink tint to them. She was very nice, but kinda talked a lot. Amanda (who in my eyes was the prettiest) was about 5'6, she had long beach waved, caramel colored hair. She had rosey cheeks, pink full lips and crystal blue eyes with long thin lashes. Her skin was lightly tanned, and looked as soft as a cloud! She was just soo pretty. Since the tea was taking a while, Amanda & Jessica decided to take Keaton, Drew and I on a tour of their house, while Isabella went to go help Olivia in the kitchen. Their house was very nice! It had 5 bedrooms, 4 washrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms, and 1 dinning room. There house was 3 stories high (not including the attic) and it backed on to a beach. My favorite part of the house was the basement, because they had turned their basement into a music studio! ( basically ) they had a guitar, a bass guitar, a huge set of drums, 3 microphones, a piano, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's so dope! After they showed us around their house we went back up stairs, by that timek Olivia & Isabella had made us tea and ordered a couple pizzas. We sat in the living room and starting talking. They talked about how they grew up in NYC but moved to Cali in hope of getting a career in music, they also told us how they are in a girl group called Swagalicious, and how they are gonna audition for the x-factor. (which btw is in 3 weeks) "Really!?" Keaton said. "that's so weird, we are also auditioning for the x-factor!" "OMG really?!" Isabella said. "What's your band name?""Are name is Emblem3" Keaton responded. "that's a cool name!" Olivia said "thanks" Keaton replyed as his checks turned from light pink to dark red. He so liked her!! We continued talking with Isabella, Jessica, Amanda and Olivia. We talked about music and Cali and lots of other things. Time went by really fast cause before I new it, it was already 10:30pm. We had been there for 4 hours. I nudged Drew and showed him my watch, he quickly sat up and looked directly at Jessica "well thank you so much for everything" he begin "but we have to get going." "oh" Olivia said with a disappointed voice "ok well thanks for everything" "np" I said "feel free to stop by any time you want" Amanda said. "will do" I replyed.

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