Simple Life

Emblem3 FanFic!!!! Olivia, Jessica, Amanda & Isabella moved to Huntington Beach to fulfill their dreams of becoming a girl group! But what happens when they run into a group of guys with the same dream?! Will their feelings come in the way of there music?! Read more to find out!


2. Chapter 2

Keatons P.O.V

 Wow even her name was beautiful! She was just sooooo pretty with her long straight dark brown hair, and her big emerald green eyes! I didn't know what to do or what to say! She began walking away! I started to panic, theres no way i could leave without getting her number! "Are you sure you dont need help getting home?" I asked her. "Ummm, no thats ok i'll be fine, thanks though." "Are you sure?" Drew added in "We dont mind walking you home. I mean its pouring rain, and we wouldn't want you to walk home all alone with a scraped knee!" "Well i guess, Its just i feel bad, like im wasting ur time by making you walk me home." she replyed "But your not making us, we offered." i said. "well, ok!"

The four of us started walking to olivias house. You could see her house down the street, but it was still about a 10 mintue walk. Drew walked with Olivia in front of me and Wes. I was so jealous! I wanted to walk next to her! So since i couldn't walk next to her, i walked right behind her. I couldn't stop staring at her long brown hair! Wes must have noticed me staring cause he lightly elbowed my arm, and when i turned my head in his direction he shot me an evil smile. I rolled my eyes and countinued walking. "So Olivia" Drew said. "How old are you?" "Im 16" Olivia replyed "OMG so is Keaton!" Wes said as he smiled at Keaton "cool Olivia said as she stared at directly at Keaton. "You know what?" Wes said with a high, squeaky voice. "Olivia and Keaton should go out on a date!!" "OK" I replyed. Wes why don't you just shut up, and stop making everyone uncomfortable!" Olivia looked at me at let out a cute little giggle. 

Finally we arrived at Olivia's house! I thought we would never get here! It had only been a 10 minute walk, but it seemed longer. I was so cold and so tired, I thought I was gonna collapse on the side of the road, "Well thank you guys so much for walking me home, it really means alot!" Olivia said "no problem" I replyed "sorry again about your knee!" "It's totally fine" she said with a smile. She started to walk towards the door when she quickly turned around, " hey do you guys wanna come for a little, like you guys are socking wet, and it doesn't look the rain is gonna clear up any time soon, so I was just wondering if you guys wanna come in, and have some tea?" "I guess we could come in for a little." I said "great,"

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated for a while, ive been super busy, I promise I'll update more!

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