Olivia has been dating Louis Tomlinson for about 4 months now. Lately they have been getting into more and more fights. Olivia has had enough. The only thing is she is going on tour with them. Will she fall for someone new? Or stick with her past?


7. The Start of Something New..

When I reached the balcony I just sat there and thoughts ran through my mind. I heard foots. assuming it was Harry I spoke up. 

          "Harry, I don't feel like talking right now." I stated still looking the other way as tears trickled down my cheeks 

          "Well, I guess that's good because I'm not Harry." I heard Louis say as I felt a presence next to me. I turned to see Louis sitting there. 

          "I really don't feel like talking to you either." I said standing up and starting to walk away before he grabbed my wrist and turned me around. 

          "We're never going to get over this if we don't talk. And I'm sorry for what I said and did. And I feel terrible about that happening on our anniversary. But, the lads kinda talked some sense into me, I guess I will try to let go. But a part of me will always still love you. It's just so hard to say goodbye." Louis said still hold my hands. 

          "Thank you Louis. I part of will always still love you too. But as a best friend. Maybe one day my feelings will change again, but for now that is how it is. It's hard for me to say goodbye too, but it's for the best." I said giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. 

         "Okay, so how about we head down for rehearsal." Louis slightly smiled motioning down to the stage. I walked with him to the rest of the lads. 


We rehearsed until 2:00pm and then we went out for lunch. Niall picked the place so we ended up going to Nandos.  Went we entered the restaurant I sat between Harry and Niall on one side of the booth and on the other side was Louis, Liam, and Zayn. I picked up my menu and started to look at it when I felt two hands grab my legs and give them a slight squeeze. I flinched and then realized it was Niall and Harry doing it. I slapped their hands away and continued look at my menu. I knew Harry liked me but did Niall? I hope this doesn't start anything between them now...

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