Olivia has been dating Louis Tomlinson for about 4 months now. Lately they have been getting into more and more fights. Olivia has had enough. The only thing is she is going on tour with them. Will she fall for someone new? Or stick with her past?


2. Party Time...

             Just thought I would say, I have nothing against Louis it's just the way I thought of starting my movella. I love  all of the lads.


             It as been a long while since Louis and I haven't fought. I swear every night we find something to fight about. I that tonight things will change. Tonight we are celebrating the new tour and me being their opening act.

              I changed into a black dress with some silver heals and curled my hair.   I heard a car horn which meant that the lads were here in the limo. I headed out of my flat and walked over to the limo and got in. 

             "Now it's time to celebrate my beautiful girlfriend becoming our opening act!" Louis said putting is arm around me. Maybe tonight will be different. 

After the party:


            "I will be right back." Louis said as he stopped dancing with me and went over to the bar. He was already drunk I knew this couldn't be good. Harry walked over to me... I could tell he was a little drunk to I was about the same as him.

            "May I have this dance?" he asked

            "Sure why not." I said putting my arms around his neck. He was my best friend after all. We continued to dance to Stay by Rihanna. Soon the song was over. 

            "Do you know where Louis is?" I asked.

            "Nope, the last time I saw him he was at the bar." he explained. I looked over to see if he was there but he wasn't.

            "I'm going to look for him." I explained walking away. I made my way to the bar just to double check if he was there, but he wasn't. Then I headed to the V.I.P room. I kept looking and looking then I walked into another back room where there was a couch... I couldn't believe what I saw!!!!


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