Olivia has been dating Louis Tomlinson for about 4 months now. Lately they have been getting into more and more fights. Olivia has had enough. The only thing is she is going on tour with them. Will she fall for someone new? Or stick with her past?


1. Intro.

Hi my name is Olivia, but everyone calls me Liv. I'm a singer and actress. I have been dating a certain boy band member for about 4 months now. Yes that's right, I'm Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. But lately we've drifted farther apart. We have been getting into more fights. I don't know if I can deal with him on tour next year. Yeah that's right, I'm going on tour with One Direction. Every single one of them is like a brother to me. Harry is like my best friend and brother combined. If I'm not with Louis I'm with Harry. But lately I have with Harry more then Louis because of all our fights... I think it might be time to end it.

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