Cant live without you (Zayn fanfiction)

When Veronica reunites wth her childhood friend Harry who slowly falls for her. What happens when she falls for his best friend Zayn. Will Zayn fall for her too. first story no hate.


2. veronicas p.o.v

Two hours till the concert for the first time since the X-Factor Im going to see Harry.

I almost fell for him.LUCKY I DIDN'T. ! MORE HOUR. Can't wait to see his face when he sees me.

I decided to wear some thing cute. I put on a transparent  black shirt with a black muscle shirt under.

I have black skinny jeans with a plastic wanna be gold chain.

on my way with my only friend  Cielo, I brust in tears saying i miss him. 

After the concert I went to Harry he ran up to me huging me. I push him away  "I miss you veronica'.

I just say' get away from me.' Harry crys. I don't care. I turn to see a dark haired guy. I see a ZAP tatoo.

we bump into each other he hug me and says 'Im Zayn are you ok love'.

I blush and turn bright red then say 'yes'

I saw harry get mad so i just start to flirt for payback.

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