Cant live without you (Zayn fanfiction)

When Veronica reunites wth her childhood friend Harry who slowly falls for her. What happens when she falls for his best friend Zayn. Will Zayn fall for her too. first story no hate.


1. veronicas p.o.v




                            I miss Him. hes my best friend. Most people wont belive me but his name is Harry. we were in kinder when we

                                                        were little we even got bullied together. he knew all my secerts. 

                          We promised we willbe best friends for ever. Cant belive he broke that promise . Now he wont even text me.

He changed hi number last time I texted him.  A guy answerd when i called he had a irish acsent. He sounded hot.




I get bullied every day cause I tell people i know Harry. Im normal hight ,skinny and, brown hair.

 My mom brought me tickets to his concert. Suprised

im going. Even though he left me behind i miss him. I almost loved him, until he left me all alone.

His concert is in 3 weeks. I beged my mom for backstage tickets.she finally said yes.

first im going to see every one famous. then go yell at Harry for making

 me wait for him.



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