Falling for someone you can't have is the worst feeling. Unless things change and you begin to talk. But be careful what you wish for, cause things can change in a split second.


1. First Glance

Heyo! My name is Sage I am a 17 years old senior going to school in Aurora, Minnesota. Today is my first day of senior year. I am such music fiend, I play flute in the marching and concert band, and I am also in theater. If I am listening to music you just can't simply try to get my attention, because when my headphones are in I shut out all signs of the world. Music takes me to a completely different world. My first class is band! While walking to band I see my friend Vanessa walking the same way as me, come to find out we both got put into marching/concert band class in the same hour! Vanessa plays clarinet. As me and Vanessa get ourselves situated we see this extremely cute new guy walk in, being the stupid teenage girls we are we just sat there staring at him. We didn't realize this until he walked up to used and asked if the see next to us was taken, replying quickly we both snapped out of that state of daze and said "No." When he sat next to Vanessa, me and Vanessa couldn't help but have a whisper argument and end up laughing hysterically.

Once band class was over for the rest of the day an image of that guys face was stuck in my head. I heard his name when the director was calling roll but I forgot his name. I believe it started with a D...Da...DAYTON! His name is Dayton. He's really cute with his short brown hair, brown eyes, about 3 inches taller then me, just my description of a perfect guy. Last hour dragged on f o r e v e r, but finally it was over and I get to go home and hibernate in my room blasting my music as loud as I can without disturbing the rest of my family. I walk through the door and my mom says "Hey honey how was the first day of sophomore year?" As normal I just keep walking up the stairs to my room with headphones in, not answering my moms question, now entering my room closing the door behind me. I flop down on my bed a just lay there motionless for a good 5 minutes just recapping my day and my thoughts. When I finally get up I can't help but hear my two older sister fighting, so I put my headphones back in and lay back down, thinking about Dayton. I just can't manage to get him out of my head. Rising to fast from my bed as I realize that we are in the same band class which is marching/concert band, which means he is going to be doing marching band this season. Jumping around in excitement I unplug my headphones and connect my iPod to the stereo turning some upbeat dance music on I start dancing around my room like a crazy buffoon.

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