bad girl meets bad boy

this about a girl named jasmin tomilson and a boy named harry styles now read to find out what it is accutally about
p.s this is rated 15+ so be warned :D


2. school

beep beep beep beep beep "ughhh" i groaned i hit the snooze button to my alarm clock i got up and a had a nice warm shower it was sevon oclock school starts in a hour i put on my black lacy thongs (its a good thing i do my own washing) and my black bra i put on a white crop top that says 'bitch please!!' with a blue mullet skirt i put my hair up in a pony tail knowing i would eventilly take it out and change it


 "girls breakfast" mum called i grabed my bag and walked out the door all of us walked out the door at the same time we all started cracking up laughing i might seem like someone who hate's there family but no i love my sisters we have the closest bond we walked down stairs and quickly ate breakfast i said bye to everyone and got into my red farrari that louis bought me for my 16th birthday and went zooming of  i got to school at 7.40 "MARSH MALLOW!!!" my bff since year five a.k.a maddison kelly (or fifth grade i live in new zealand so its really diffrent im sorry) screamed i turned around "PANCAKE" i screamed back

see when we were in year 5 we went to this school camp and we were toasting marshmallows and i had a big pink jacket on so my friend keely called me marsh mallow then the next morning we had pan cakes and maddi loves pancakes so i called her pancake  ahhh i miss those times i wasnt popular but felt like it when i was with my friends i was a goody two shoes and never had a boyfriend that was untill intermediete came (middle school) i love maddi (in a sisterly way) so i can be normal and i guess you could say, nice to her but i love my life right now so yeah.


"omg i've missed you so much" maddi said hugging me pretending to cry on my shoulder we pulled away and i gave her the are-you-fucking-kidding-me-right-now look "seriously maddi we saw each other on saturday and it's monday" "i know it's been so long hasnt it" "of course it has maddison ir-" she cut me off "dont say it" she covered my mouth i was about to say her middle name when we were younger she told me it and i promised not to tell anyone "okay okay" it was 7.50 so maddi left to got to her boyfriend billy bury he was in my class in year 6 with maddi thats when he asked her to go out and it's been 7 years wow realashinships like that make me sick i went to the girls bathroom  and got out my makeup i added some water proof eyeliner some mascara and lip gloss i deceded i would change my hair so i changed it in to a messy but styly fish tail plait(braid) the bell rung and since i didnt give a shit about it i walked really slowly as i was walking everyone made a path so i could walk everyone admiring me, i smirked


I walked into class everyone staring at me "late again jasmin" mr mano said "oh sorry i was trying to get through the croud?" i said as more of a question then statement he rolled his eye's and contiued talking about whatever the fuck he was talking about i looked around the class nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd ugly bff friend ugly friend player jock thats basiccly my class (in new zealand you only have one whole class with diffrent lessons i no it's set in england but im doing it nz style i hope thats okay :D) i zoned out and then the lunch bell rung thank you i rushed out of class waiting at the door for maddi she walked out holding billy's hand i think im gonna hurl "hey jassy" billy put his free arm around me "fuck off and how many times have i told you not to call me jassy huh" "someone's in a bad mood today arnt they" maddi and billy no about louis and so does  my friend angel so they started talking about one direction to piss me off oh yea i hate one direction just so you no.We walked to the cafeteria i odered some hot chips and a cola i couldnt care less what anyone elese got angel and chloe came and goined us "hey guys" chloe said as hyper as ever "hi" i said we talked for a bit then the bell went wow that hour went fast we all walked in one direction (sorry i had to :D) since were all in the same class i went to my desk and started scribling thing's in my notebook soon enough school was over "okay class remeber your progect's and have a good night"


I drove home and saw some people i was dreading to meet...........



ohhh cliffhanger im so sorry about the hole nz thing its just idk much about other places and schools i tried the best i can i will update tommorow please keep reading

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love you guys to the moon and back ~jasmin

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