bad girl meets bad boy

this about a girl named jasmin tomilson and a boy named harry styles now read to find out what it is accutally about
p.s this is rated 15+ so be warned :D


1. about jasmin

hey im jasmin tomlison recognize the surname yup louis tomlisons little sister but shhh no fans no because manegment thought i was to lets just say, naughty im the bad girl type im the most popular girl in school, partying all the time and whats a bad girls rep without one stands right?

no one at school no's lou's my brother i mean theve questioned but anyone can have the same last name right, anyway i'll tell you what i look like i have strawerry blonde hair it use to be like lou's but i changed it.I have beautifull blue eyes and a skinny figure not to skinny though and i have tan skin anyway i have to go lotties bassicly knocking the door down so i have to go byeee!!



hey guys i hope you like my new movella ill update as much as i can im sorry this was short but it was just telling you about the charcter





love you guys to the moon and back xx ~jasmin

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