Wouldn't Be A Lie

Her head was in the clouds, and his feet were glued to the ground. Playing like lovers in the moonlight, but never stepping out into the sunlight.

(In the process of being edited so I apologize for any craziness!!)


12. Ungodly Hour


Don't talk, don't say a thing 
Cause your eyes they tell me more than your words 
Don't go, don't leave me now 
Cause they say the best way out is through 

And I am short on words knowing what's occurred 
She begins to leave because of me 

Her bag is now much heavier 
I wish that I could carry her 
But this is our ungodly hour 

I know you're leaving now 
Cause I held on to my way tightly 
Stay still until you know 
Tomorrow finds the best way out is through 

And I am short on words knowing what's occurred 
She begins to leave because of me 

Her bag is now much heavier 
I wish that I could carry her 
But this is our ungodly hour


My hand shook as it was on the doorknob. I twisted it to the left and opened the long sealed door. I closed it behind me. His room was as he left it six months ago. The tears begin to coast down my face. I move to his desk and there he had a few framed pictures. I picked up the one he had of his entire family. One of himself and Sam, and the last one of himself and me at the football game. No one had ever thought to search his room if he had run away so I would. I looked through his desk drawers but there were only empty packs of cigarettes, old homework papers, random pencils, and blank pieces of paper. I moved onto his dresser drawers and found nothing. I under mattress and found nothing, and the only thing under his bed was my old bag of candy. I went into his closet and there were only empty shoe boxes and scattered football gear and a few hangers and clothes thrown everywhere. 

I searched his bathroom and found nothing more than his little baggie of cocaine. I dumped it down the toilet and flushed it. He wouldn't need it, he wasn't even here. I went back into his room and lay on his cold bed. It felt wrong being here with him gone for so long but I needed to be in his room at least one last time. I got up and went into his closet again. I pulled out one of his black pullovers and put it on. I went back into his bed and covered myself with his unused sheets. 

I cried myself to sleep, hiccupping and sobbing as loud as I wanted. I slept and woke up early in the morning to return back to Sam's room. I pulled off his sweater and put it back in his closet. I noticed something on his dresser that held his large flat screen TV. Behind it was another framed picture. A picture of me in my heart shaped sunnies. We were taking a walk in the park a long time ago. I picked up the picture and my heart swelled. He had a picture of just me. Hidden from the rest of the world, but of me. 

My heart contracted inside my chest and started to beat irregularly. I needed to know if he was okay. I needed to know if he was alive. I set the picture back where it was and shut the door behind me. I slipped back into Sam's room, but I didn't go back to sleep. Instead I decided to change and get up. I slipped on a pair of loose jeans, a white tank top, and my navy sweater. I pulled my head into a messy bun and dug out my heart shaped sunnies. The same ones that were in the picture. I put them away, and headed downstairs. I got out a mug and heated up some water in it; I got out a peppermint tea bag and got out my mug. I let it soak and blew on it and took a few sips. 

I turned around and the blinking red light of the answering machine caught my eye. I raised my eyebrows as I saw that there were about 10 missed calls and four voicemails. I took another long sip and pushed play.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Plascencia. This is the Marina Del Rey Hospital, and we have some regards to your email about your son, Eli Plascencia. He has been brought into this hospital only a few hours ago with serious injuries and I hope you can listen to this voicemail as soon as possible and head down. 

He was there. He was somewhere. I knew where he was. The next message played out.

Again this is Marina Del Rey Hospital and we are calling to let you know that your son, Eli Plascencia is in our care, I suggest you come down very soon. 


This is Marina Del Rey Hospital calling, your son has been rushed to an emergency surgery, it would be best if you came down as soon as possible.


Your son, Eli Plascencia, is now in the Level 1 Trauma Center, he has a slim possibility of making it through the day, come down as soon as you can. 

The last voicemail had only been an hour ago. The words Trauma Center ran through my head a couple of times before I sprinted up the stairs tripping over the last two top steps. I ran into Sam's room and shook her awake.

"They found him! He's alive! I know where he is!" I shouted shaking her violently.

"What are you talking about?" she said rubbing her eyes.

"We need to call your parents I know where Eli is!" I said.

"What? Where?" she said now fully awake.

"He's at Marina Del Rey Hospital! Go check the voicemails," I said putting her phone to my ear as it rang calling her father. 

 She sprung out of bed and ran downstairs. I heard the voicemails replaying as David picked up.

"Morning," he said.

"Mr. Plascencia. Eli has been found! We know where he is!" I cried excitedly into the phone.

"What? What do you mean?" he said.

"Eli has been found! He's at Marina Del Rey Hospital!" I said.

"We're on our way home right now; we'll be there in fifteen minutes. Keep an eye on Sam alright?" he said hanging up.

I went back down the stairs to find Sam crying on the floor. I sat down with her and held her tight.

"Why are you crying?" I asked.

"He's in Level 1 Trauma Center. He has a low chance of making it alive," she cried.

"Yes, but at least he's alive," I said.

"He won't be for long," she said quietly.

"Don't think like that, of course he'll make it. He has too," I said fiercely. 

David and Genevieve came rushing through the door, and I pointed them towards the answering machine that was still playing the last two messages. As soon as Genevieve heard that her son was alive, she let herself fall on her knees to the floor and started crying.

"We need to go, now," David said picking up his emotionally fragile wife. 

We all piled into the still running car and drove off of the driveway. It took us fifteen minutes to just reach Marina Del Rey, and another five minutes to get to the hospital. David spent his time looking for any parking space while Genevieve wanted to fling herself out the car door and into her barely surviving son's room. We soon found a parking space and sprinted to the main floor of Marina Del Rey Hospital. 

"Hello, I was recently notified that my son was here in Level 1 Trauma Center," David said to the young secretary on the main floor. 

"Your son's name?" she asked.

"Eli Plascencia," he responded.

"Take a left down this hallway and you should come across elevators, go up to the fifth floor and you'll find yourself in the Trauma center," she said.

"Thank you," David said as we all speed-walked towards the elevators.

We all became frustrated when the elevator didn't go as fast as we wanted it to. We finally got to the fifth floor. It was eerily quiet. Too silent. David walked to the nurse's station as we stayed behind. A few minutes later David leads us to room 517. Sam and I let Genevieve and David go first seeing as they were Eli's parents. Sam and I sat down by the door waiting for them to come back out. She took grasp of my hand and I held on tight to it. There were no sounds coming from anywhere. My heartbeat seemed like the loudest thing in that hallway and I tried to mentally prepare myself for what I was going to be seeing. Genevieve and David came back out half an hour later and I decided to let Sam go in by herself. Genevieve and David left to get some air to try and recover from the shock of their son's reappearance and only to find that he was in Level 1 Trauma. Sam came out and she fell into my arms sobbing. I held her tight in my arms as she wailed. After she calmed down she went to go sit in the private waiting room they had. It was now my turn to go inside.

I slowly turned the door handle as if it was the most important thing in the world. I stepped inside to have my heart squeeze in horror. I shut the door behind me and neared myself to the bed. He was almost unrecognizable, if I hadn't been told or known this was Eli, I would have said we had the wrong room. He had scratches running up and down his arms on the exposed skin his hospital gown left. His cheeks were bruised and cut up. One of his eyes terribly swollen and a purple black. His head was wrapped in white gauze and had spots of scarlet colored blood seeping through. I pulled up a chair next to the bed and took a breath of sadness to see him this way. He was attached to more machines that I could count. An IV drip- drip dripping painkillers into his bloodstream. The heart monitors slowly recording his heartbeat. The ventilator's soft whooshing as it breathed for him. The ICP catheter was hooked up next to his IV. He had so many tubes connected and they seemed to be coming out of every aspect of his body. 

He looked so fragile and child-like in the hospital bed. I neared my face to his injured cheek and I could see that he had the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. I ran my fingers down his cheek and my own breathing got caught in my throat. I hid my face on his shoulder and grasped his hand in mind. I let my cool tears fall on his hospital gown. 

"Why did this have to happen to you? If I would've only stopped you, you wouldn't be here. It's my entire fault," I sobbed.

I looked up at his damaged face and stroked it. I ran my thumb lightly over his slightly swollen and cut lips. He was so dry and cracked. He was so vulnerable and small. He looked so much younger than his sixteen years of age. 

"You have to make it," I whispered.

I didn't know how many hours, or minutes I spent in that room. Eventually David came into the room to retrieve me.

"Honey, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said staring blankly at the closed window.

"Do you want anything to eat? Or go home?" he asked.

"No I'm okay," I said.

"Sweetheart, you've been in here for more than four hours," he said putting a hand on my shoulder.

"That long?" I heard myself ask.

"Yes," he whispered.

"Can't I just stay a little longer?" I asked.

"Of course you can. In fact I'll call your parents and inform them you'll be staying the night here with us alright?" he said giving me a sad smile.

"Okay," I said as he walked out of the room.

I never wanted to leave. I wanted to be here every second of the day. Eli needed me, I wasn't about to just leave him alone. I stood up and opened the blinds to the window. It was a dark night, the sky full of twinkling stars. I let my forehead rest on the glass. My heart was so tired; I feared I might need to check myself in. I let a couple tears drain out of my eyes. I didn't know whether they were of happiness or sadness or something else. I went back to sit down on the uncomfortable chair and David came back in. He brought me my favorite blanket and brought in a sandwich.

"Your mother dropped these off," he said quietly.

"Thank you," I said.

"I don't know how this could have ever happened to my son," he said more to himself than to me.

"I don't either," I answered anyways. 

He left the room wiping his eyes. I threw the sandwich away in the small trashcan next to his bedside and took my fluffy pink blanket and put it over Eli's fragile body. I took his hand again in mine. He was so cold. He seemed like he was already halfway gone. I pressed my lips against his freezing hand and rested my cheek against it. I decided I would go to the bathroom and a few minutes later I was back. I pressed my lips on his bandaged forehead, and suddenly his heart rate accelerated. His was going too fast and suddenly a red light went off somewhere and three nurses and a doctor ran into the room. 

"Miss we're going to have to ask you to exit the room," a nurse said.

"No! No I won't" I said as the nurse kept calling out the fact that his heart rate was dropping each second that passed by. 

His heart rate suddenly flat lined. I began screaming, and trying to get past the nurse. I pushed her aside and went to Eli's bedside. 

"Doctor the paddles are charged," one of the nurses declared.

The nurse I had pushed aside grabbed my arms from the back and dragged me back, but not far enough to where I couldn't see him.

"Clear!" the doctor said as Eli's back arched up and hit back down on the bed with a thud.

His heart was still not beating.

"Charge once more," the doctor yelled.

The nurse frantically charged it once more and the doctor pressed the paddles once again to Eli's chest. His body jolted upwards and it went back down again harshly. His heart still hadn't started. 

"Calling time of death-" the doctor started.

"NO!" I yelled.

"Do it one more time," I pleaded tears streaming down my face.

"I could get fired miss. I'm sorry," he said.

"Once more. I'm begging you," I said.

"Once more," the doctor granted looking at the nurse.

The nurse charged it the last time. 

"Please, please, please, please," I chanted.

"Clear!" the doctor yelled out again and pressed the charged paddles to Eli's chest. It heaved and landed on the bed. 

His heart never started once. He let me go. He left me. 

I began screaming and screaming. 

"Calling time of death, December 1st at 2:47 a.m.," the doctor said shaking his head.

"Don't leave me Eli," I screamed running to him and shaking him.

"Don't you dare leave me, you promised," I screeched.

"Miss, if you can't control yourself we're going to have to sedate you," the doctor said trying to pry me away.

"Don't touch me," I yelled.

Seconds later the heart monitor started to beep faintly. At first I thought it was a dream. 

"Doctor," one of the nurses said as I gripped Eli's body tightly.

"The patient is back to 10 minutes per minute....15.....20....30...," the nurse kept calling.

"No, it's impossible," the doctor said pulling out a flashlight and shining it through Eli's once lifeless eyes.

"No doctor. The patient's rhythm is back to 60 beats per minute," one of the nurses said. 

"That can't be happening," the doctor said.

I stood up and stared at the heart monitor it was beeping away normally, or as normally as it should. The doctor gripped the machine and stared at it.

"No, it must be a dysfunctional machine," the doctor argued.

"Sir, it's not. He's responsive to the pupillary examination," the nurse said. 

I stood there in awe. Maybe miracles did happen. I felt strangely light-headed and faint; suddenly my entire world was quickly enveloped black. 








I tried to rub my sleep filled eyes and found my hand being restrained by a thin tube attached to my hand.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty," someone said.

I was still a little dazed and confused.

"How are you doing princess?" the same voice asked.

"Who is that?" I tried saying.

"Baby opens your eyes," they said again.

I tried and when I finally did I saw my parents looking at me.

"Hi pumpkin," my dad said stroking my hair. 

"Hi daddy," I mumbled.

"Hey beautiful," my mom said.

"Mom," I said.

"You took quite a fall there," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Well when Eli's heart restarted, it was a big shock for you, so you kind of just passed out, baby. And you hit the floor quite hard," my mom explained.

"Is he okay?" I asked trying to rub my nose.

"He is now," she said smiling.

"How is he?" I asked again.

"He's doing better every day. They've decided to move him from Trauma to the ICU. It's not a big improvement, but it's something," she said.

"How good," I mumbled.

The door opened and Sam came in.

"How is she doing?" my best friend asked.

"She just woke up," my mom said.

"Hi Holly baby. How you doin'? “Sam asked me.

"Fine," I said.

The doctor entered the room.

"Good morning," he said waving at everyone.

"I see Sydney has woken up," he said 

"Yes, she woke up not too long ago," my dad said.

"Okay. I'm just gonna run a quick CT scan to make sure, but other than that she seems fine, and can be discharged tomorrow morning," the doctor said smiling and leaving the room. 

The CT scan came back normal and I would be discharged tomorrow morning. Sam spent the entire day with me.

"Shouldn't you be with your brother?" I asked.

"Yeah. But my parents are with him, and he's getting better every day," she said with a small smile on her face.

"What happened to him though?" I asked.

"No one knows. He just was brought in by a couple who found him lying unconscious on the beach. They didn't even know his name. He came in with a six inch gash in the back of his head, a broken leg, and a dislocated arm. He had more cuts and bruises than they could count. It was a sort of miracle he made it," she said quietly.

"Has he woken up yet?" I ask biting my lip.

"Not yet," she said.

"I would’ve thought he had by now," I said throwing my legs over the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I'm gonna go and see him," I said gripping the side of the bed meanwhile my head spun wildly around me.

"You can't," she said taking my arm.

"Well I'm going to, now are you going to help me or not?" I asked.

She groaned but wrapped her arm around my waist.

"Let's go," she said.

She held the back of my drabby hospital gown and I slipped on some pink jellies my mom had brought me. We went from the general floor on the first floor to the third floor which was ICU. She led me down the hallway to Room 317. She opened the door and he had a hole cut open to reveal the tube going down into his trachea. He was no longer connected to so many tubes but it was still a heartbreaking scene. I covered my mouth and I went to sit down to the empty chair next to the bed. 

"I'm gonna keep an eye out okay?" she said slipping out of the room.

"Do you see what you do to me? I black out and end up in the hospital too because you're playing pranks even when you're on the border of death. It doesn't matter to you how much I love you, you're still going to mess around," I said crying.

"I would give anything for you to open your eyes," I whispered pressing my forehead to his cheek. 

I gripped his hand and squeezed it slightly, only to realize a few seconds later that his hand wasn't supposed to squeeze mine back. When I lifted my head his eyes were wide and he couldn't reach his hands to rip out the tube down his windpipe. I gaped at his now open brown eyes. Those brown I had so longed to see. The warm chocolate I would've killed to see. 

I ran out of the room and pushed Sam.

"He woke up," I said excitedly. 

"He- waits what?" she said.

"Eli, he's awake. I don't think he can breathe on his own though," I said.

He probably can't breathe on his own. I ran back inside and pushed the nurse's button more times than I could count. 

Two nurses came busting through the door, to see a panic stricken Eli and me, who didn't know what to do. One of them told me to stay back and they removed the tube and covered the hole in his neck and asked him if he could attempt to breath in and out on his own. He tried but had a difficult time. They connected him to an oxygen tank.

"Okay girls. He should be fine for now. We'll have a doctor come and check him over. And you Miss Anderson shouldn't be out of your bed until tomorrow morning," the nurse said sternly. 

"Can't I just rest here in the chair?" I pleaded.

"Okay, but you mustn't get off this chair. Do you understand?" she said.

"Thank you," I said.

She left and his eyelids drooped. 

"Are you sleepy?" I asked stroking his face.

Sam had left to go and inform her parents Eli had woken up and left me with him. 

"Sort of, but I want to stay awake and look at you," he croaked.

"Shhhh. Don't strain yourself. There's plenty of time to talk okay?" I said.

He nodded and was asleep seconds later. His parents came in fifteen minutes later and he woke up again. I scooted my chair to the corner of the room to give them some sort of privacy. They whispered and they left a couple minutes later. I scooted my chair back.

"They've been pretty worried about you," I said holding his hand in mine.

"I've been worried about you," he said.

"Where were you? Do you know that we looked for you? Day after day after day? Every hour that went by was an hour less without you. Every time each lead was fake I would die a little more inside. I couldn't eat, I couldn't function without you. I didn't want to function without you," I cried.

"Come here," he said.

I curled up on the hospital bed next to him and cried into his bruised side, as he gently stroked my hair. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing or where I was going," he continued. 

"I missed you so much," I whispered.

"I missed you more," he said kissing my forehead.

"Promise me you'll stay with me....forever," I pleaded.

"I'll always stay with you. Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Forever baby," he said. 

My boy was back. Terribly hurt and in pain, but he was alive. My love, my life, my everything was back in my arms. And this time I wouldn't let him leave me. Not now not ever. The rest of the night was spent taking and giving stolen kisses behind the darkness of the room, and love whispering in my ear. I never pressed him for answers to where he was, or what he was doing, or who he was with. There was plenty of time for that. For now I wanted to enjoy my love's warmth and his presence. 

Love was forever.

Love would always wait.

Love is Eli. 

(All rights reserved for The Fray’s Ungodly Hour. It's such an amazing song, and it's one of my favorites. I apologize for any tears or emotional problems I might have cause lol. Hope you love it and thanks so much for all the amazing positive comments. And I uploaded the "secret" picture Eli has of Holly in his room where she has her heart-shaped sunnies. I hope you can see it! Love you duckies! Xxxxxxx)


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