Wouldn't Be A Lie

Her head was in the clouds, and his feet were glued to the ground. Playing like lovers in the moonlight, but never stepping out into the sunlight.

(In the process of being edited so I apologize for any craziness!!)


4. She's A Riot


She's well know to the police 

'Cause she looks like a riot

Always takes what she needs 

and leaves the rest behind

Oh this love would kill me

But I don't think I would mind

Blame it on the way

We don't even care

We know we'll be alright


"You own more pink than I can handle," Sam said a few minutes later.

"Sorry," I said laughing.

"Put on some tunes girl. We need music to help us in our quest to find the cutest outfit ever," she said.

I flopped onto my bed and put on my kick ass pre-party playlist, well the one Sam had made for me anyway.

Sam moved to the beat as she flipped through all my shirts and jeans hung up in the closet. She unhooked several jeans and different color shirts. She set them down on my bed and moved onto my drawers. She took out a couple of skirts and then let me search through all she had picked. At first I had picked out dark denim jeans and a red lace tank top. Sam made a face at the jeans and she switched them out for a very tight red bandage dress and the killer black heels my aunt had given me for my birthday last year.

"My mom would never let me leave the house like that," I said laughing.

"You can hide it in your purse and change at my house. Besides why would you own something you could never wear," Sam said.

"I don't want to be slutty like Sabrina," I said.

"You won't be. She's straight up slutty, you have class," Sam said.

"What are you gonna wear?" I asked trying to change the subject, I had no desire to talk about Eli's whore.

"I dunno," she said.

"Wanna borrow something?" I suggested.

"So I can look like a princess like you baby girl," she said mockingly.

"Hey, I think I look nice," I said defensively.

"You do. Pink just isn't my thing," she said shrugging.

I got off my bed and unhooked a strapless black lace dress I had never worn nor intended to wear, and a pair of red wedges. I threw them at her and pointed to my bathroom. She walked into the bathroom and minutes later walked out and gave me a spin.

"Hot damn girl, every guy there is gonna want you," I said whistling.

"Oh stop, no they won't they'll be too busy trying to steal you away from Austin," she said sitting down next to me.

"No they won't be," I said.

"Go on, now it's your turn to try on your party clothes," Sam said pushing me off the bed.

I stepped into my bathroom and quickly changed. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked pretty. Secretly I hoped Eli noticed me not Austin. I mentally slapped myself. What was I thinking? I wanted attention from my closest friend's brother. I was truly sick. I walked out and twirled. Sam whistled and clapped.

"Damn girl, you look sexy. Austin won't be able to keep his eyes or his hands off of you," she said.

We undressed and put back our regular clothes and packed them into Sam's backpack. My mother walked upstairs and called us down for dinner. We ran downstairs and sat down. We began eating and had a small conversation about my mom.

"Mom can I go to Sam's house Friday night?" I asked.

"I don't see why not," she said smiling.

I looked at Sam and smiled, I couldn't wait to go to Austin's kickback. Sam was picked up an hour later and we made plans that I would go home with her Friday afternoon and sleep over. I went upstairs to my room and was working my last piece of homework when my mom walked in and sat down on my bed.

"I like her," she said.

"She's a good friend," I said.

My mother nodded and walked out of my room. A couple of minutes later I took a shower and turned in for the night. I was excited for Friday to come. I couldn't wait to see what would happen. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning heavy-lidded and red-eyed. I got up and took a quick shower and changed into loose jeans and a white tank top, I slipped on my white Toms and headed downstairs for breakfast. I found no one, only a note saying that my mom had decided to accompany my dad to another business trip. They would be back sometime next week. I would be spending all this time at Sam's house, my mom had already arranged it all with Genevieve. I smiled and felt free. I went back upstairs and dug out my rolling hello kitty luggage and several bags. I started to stuff clothes, shoes, and hair products when a knock on the door came. I opened the door to find Eli standing on my porch.

"Oh it's you," I said, my smile falling but the butterflies in my stomach awakening.

"You say that like it's bad thing," he said smiling.

"When it comes to you, it is," I said.

"Well my mom wanted me to tell you you're coming with us for a while," he said.

"Oh I know," I said.

"Oh okay," he said.

We stood there awkwardly for a couple of minutes.

"Can you help me bring down my luggage?" I asked.

"You’re with staying us for like a week, not going on vacation," he said starting up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and followed him up. He stacked the largest suitcase with another smaller one and slung my backpack over one shoulder.

"Is this it?" he asked.

I burst out laughing. He looked so cute carrying all my things.

"It's all the pink I'm holding isn't it?" he said giving me a crooked smile that made my heart skip a beat.

I nodded and he headed down the stairs. I looked around once more and ran down the stairs. I grabbed the house keys that were in the top cupboard. I shut the door behind me and locked the door and climbed into Sam's car. Genevieve drove us to school and we all walked through the gate. Sabrina shot us death glares , Sam and I just rolled our eyes as Eli headed to her and picked her up and spun her around. We walked over the John and the rest of the boys.

"Little sisters. I hear y'all are going to Austin's Friday night," John says.

"That's right," Sam said.

"He better not try anything on either or you. Little sisters are off limits," John said as he wrapped us both in a hug.

Just then Dianna came over and John let us go and traded us for her. Sam gave an disapproving look as she kissed him. I saw Sam roll her eyes and look away. The bell rang and we headed into first period. The day passed by quickly.

Second period.

Then third.


Lunch (filled with stupid whores may I add).


And finally sixth.

Sam and I sat in our usual seats in the back in Spanish. She scribbled something on a piece of paper and shoved it at me.

- I hate those Whores so much.-

~I know, I know~

-Especially Sabrina. She thinks she can just come whenever and take my brother-

~Someone's jealous.~

-No just frustrated-


-Cause, when I left your house, she was there. In my house. In his room, and mom didn't even care-



~Did anything happen?~

-Who knows-

~Ew. She's so gross~

-She's a whore-

I looked at her and nodded. The final bell rang and we headed downstairs to wait for Genevieve to come and pick us up. A few minutes later Eli came with a slutty Sabrina glued to his side.

"The fuck is she doing here?" Sam said angrily.

"She's coming over," Eli said.

"So you can fuck her?" Sam retorted.

Eli stayed quiet, but Sabrina's giggle gave the answer away. Sam's face turned red and without notice she lunged at Sabrina. Sam knocked her down and hit her several times. Sabrina screamed and Eli and I tried to pry Sam off of Sabrina put we couldn't. Sabrina pulled and scratched at Sam , but we all knew Sabrina couldn't inflict damage. It wasn't Sam we were worried about getting hurt , it was Sabrina. I managed to pull Sam off of Sabrina and put my arms around her and held her back.

"YOU FUCKING SLUT," Sam screeched.

"Sam be quiet, before you get in trouble," I whispered frantically.

"No, I'm gonna kill that fucking bitch. She fucked my brother," Sam yelled.

"Calm down. Calm down," I said stroking her hair.

Eli was sitting on the ground with Sabrina crying in his lap. He held her protectively, and jealousy shot up within me. I started to debate whether or not I should let Sam have another go at her. Genevieve pulled up in her car. We all piled in and Sabrina tried to dry her tears. Genevieve didn't ask any question, she didn't have to. It was obvious by the welts rising up on her daughters arms and Sabrina's swollen lip that something had happened. She drove us to their home and Sam ran out of the car and into her room, I followed her. She was flopped down on her bed, I laid down with her and she curled up against me.

"We did he have to fall for a whore?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said.

We watched as Eli led a now giggling Sabrina into his room, and watched as he shut the door behind them. 

"I don't even want to think of the things that go on behind that door," she said burying her head in my side.

"I don't either," I said,

We started on our homework and kept a small conversation going on the future. Where we would be in a few years. Genevieve called us all down for dinner and she served all four of us, spaghetti, we said Grace and dug in. For desert Sam and I made banana splits while Eli and Sabrina headed back upstairs. I scooped the ice cream with more force and we sat down later to eat our deserts outside in the backyard, watching the sun set.

"This is nice," I said scooping strawberry ice cream into my mouth.

"Yup," Sam said her face full of ice cream.

I laughed and she put whipped cream on my nose. Someone slid the glass door open and we whirled around to see who it was. It was Eli.

"Did the slut leave?" Sam said.

"Will you stop calling her that ? But yeah she did," he said pulling up a chair next to me.

"Not until she stops being one," Sam said continuing to eat her ice cream. 

Eli stole my spoon and began eating my ice cream.

"That's mine," I protested.

"I don't care," he said.

"I do, especially after you just fucked Sabrina," I said, the last part slipping out of my mouth.

"You and my sister are already sisters so that makes you my little sister and I can steal your ice cream if I want," he said, ignoring my remark about Sabrina.

I winced at the 'that makes you my little sister' part. All I was to him was a little sister, and like John said ; little sisters were off limits. He stole my bowl and ran. I got up and ran after him. He ran all around the backyard and left the bowl on the small table where Sam was watching us. 

"Tag," he said tagging my shoulder.

I ran after him and tackled him down to the ground. He flipped us over and was now on top of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and got us up. He carried me to the edge of the pool, and began to swing me.

"You wouldn't dare," I said.

"I would," he said as he jumped into the pool with me in his arms. 

(All rights reserved to The Jungle Giants's She's a Riot)

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