Wouldn't Be A Lie

Her head was in the clouds, and his feet were glued to the ground. Playing like lovers in the moonlight, but never stepping out into the sunlight.

(In the process of being edited so I apologize for any craziness!!)


1. In My Home

Sydney Holiday

Yeah we sleep in cars

Oh so far from home

Watch the sun go down

On the open road

I've been searching for this

Part of my life

Then the sun will rise

We'll be driving slow

Watch the kids fly by

On their telephones

I've been racing all my life

And now I'm free


"Holly baby. It's time to go," my mother shouted from downstairs.

I stopped fussing with the bounce-bouncy red curls that framed my freckled face. I smoothed out my pale pink pleated dress and it's Peter Pan collar and buckle-clasped my white sandals. I bounced downstairs to where my mother was tap-tap-tapping her foot impatiently.

"Do I look okay?" I asked, giving her a twirl.

"You look beautiful baby girl. Just like a princess," she said slightly tugging on the end of one of my curls, before tucking it back into place.

I headed towards the glass table and grabbed a brownie from the cooling rack she had set out. I gobbled it up in quick bites trying to pacify my grumbling belly.

"Holly you should eat something more substantial and filling," my mother scolded.

She looked pretty even when she was chastising me for bad breakfast choices. Her red hair fell in loose waves and her freckles contrasted against her pale skin. Her marine-blue eyes shone with worry. I was her baby, she didn't want to send me off to a strange place any more than I wanted to go.

"I'm already full, besides I don't want to be late do I?" I argued walking out the front door and onto the small walkway of our new home in Santa Monica, California.

I loved it here when we spent this recent summer here. The beach was only ten minutes away and I could still smell the salt in the air. Today was nothing like summer. The house was bigger than the one we'd had before. And with two stories! But, I missed my old town, my old friends, my old school. I wasn't too happy with my father's job transfer but I had to make do.

My mother followed me out and gripped the steering wheel to her sleek black BMW so tight her knuckles turned white. I opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat and buckled my seat belt while my mother started the car and drove out of our driveway and head towards Santa Monica High School.

"Mom it's the middle of the year. What if no one likes me?" I said worriedly as the outside world became a blur as we neared the school.

"Everyone will absolutely love you. If they don't then it's their loss darling," my mom said pulling into the drop off/pick up zone for SMHS.

"Mom can't I just stay home?” I asked not wanting to get out of the car.

"Sydney Holiday. You father and I did not raise you to run away from your fears. Now go on and get out," my mother said sternly, but gave me a sunshiny smile afterwards.

I got out of the car and waved goodbye to my mother. I walked down the sidewalk until I found the front office. I was pushed and a little lost by the large amount of students rushing by. I walked into the ceiling to floor glass office and was greeted by a middle aged pretty blonde.

"Can I help you honey?" she asked kindly,her voice sort of drawling out.

"I'm new here and I just wanted to receive my schedule," I said nervously playing with the stacks of bracelets on my wrist.

"Okay then honey. What's your name?" she asked.

"Sydney Anderson," I said.

She stood up and turned around to flip through files as a whirl of curly brown hair walking into the office, no not walked, she flew into the office. It was clear this girl didn't walk.

"I didn't throw anything at her!" the strange and beautiful whirlwind of girl shouted at the security guard who escorted her here, who just seemed to have a bored expression on his face.

She was petite and had dark brown wavy hair that shined and that reached her waist. Her eyes were a beautiful clear brown and they had a mischievous glint in them. It was clear she wasn't like me. She continued ranting in torn up, battered jeans and dark purple ruffled tank top on, that I had an exact replica of at home, and she was wearing black beat up Chucks. But I could tell someone had forced the ruffles on her. Her forehead shined with girl sweat and sunshine freckles. I looked at her curiously as she sat down in a chair near me. She paid no attention to my staring as she was still huffing and crossing and re-crossing her angry arms.

I looked back to the lady who was standing by the photocopier, tap tap tapping her heel away while the copier slowly spat out its copies. The back door opened once more to reveal a tall and reasonably cute boy. He was much taller than I was, had dark brown hair that was spiked up, and had the most beautiful yet warm brown eyes I had ever seen.

"'Scuse me. Miss Sally. I was informed Sammy here was taken up to the office yet again. What did she do this time?" he asked the secretary who was quite busy making phone calls and arranging board meetings.

"Eli, this is the fourth time your sister has been taken up to the office. One more time and she'll earn herself a week of in-school suspension. No matter how much advocacy you give in her favor," she chastised while putting everyone on hold to deal with this sweaty and giggling mess of a girl.

"Yes I understand, but what did she do this time?" Eli asked once more, leaning closer to her and batting his long long eyelashes slower.

"She threw a water bottle full of black paint, and it just happened to explode all over Sabrina Margott. Now we all know they aren't the best of friends. So don't say this is another coincidence," she said giving Eli a hard look, all the while looking a little flustered at his close proximity.

"I'm sorry on Sammy's behalf. This won't happen again. Please tell Sabrina that her clothes will be drying cleaned as an apology from Sammy here. She can just drop them off at our mother's office whenever she'd like," Eli said shooting a sweet smile in her direction before rocking back on his heels and sticking his hands into his well fitting blue jeans. "Alright then. Remember Samantha, one more time and you're suspended," the secretary said in Sammy's direction and waving her finger before returning to her ringing off the hook phones.

Samantha shrugged and got up to leave with her brother, tugging playfully on his red,white, and blue plaid shirt. My name was called and I whipped my head around my cheeks burning a deep pink as I'd been caught being nosy.

"Well here ya go sweetie. Go on now, the bell is about to ring. Have a great day and year," she said smiling warmly before shooing me off through the back door.

"Thank you very much," I said sweetly but the butterflies in my tummy erupting into a crazy mambo number. I shouldn't have had just a brownie. Bad decisions.

My walking pace slowed as I came into a hallway, my nose stuck in my schedule and school map. I really hoped I wouldn't be needing this all day. I bumped into something solid and was about to apologize when I realized it was that Eli screaming obscenities at Sammy.

"What the fuck were you thinking Samantha? Black paint over Sabrina Margott?! And it just had to be Sabrina didn't it?!" he bellowed as her brown eyes became watery, and he ran his long rugged fingers through his already messy hair.

"She deserved it!” Sammy yelled back at him her little fists curling up at her sides, and her jaw clenching angrily, her ear tips turning pink with anger as she retucked her hair behind them.

"You're more childish and immature than I thought! Do you know how mad mom is going to be?! You know Sabrina's mom is one of mom's clients!" Eli shouted, a vein in his neck becoming prominent. I suddenly got the urge to stop him, he had no right to yell at her that way, and may he be her brother or not, it was rude and mean.

"Hey! Don't yell at her like that!" I said surprising not only them but myself, I instantly gasped but regained my posture as the defendant.

"Yeah and what are you going to do about it?" he sneered looking more amused than angry.

"Don't you want to know?" I spat back being utterly embarrassed as a couple of students lingering turned their heads to the altercation near them.

"You're nothing more than a freshman pest, why don't you walk on little girl?" he teased and let out a heart warming laugh.

"That does it," I mumbled totally forgetting that I was absolutely not a fighter.

I threw my backpack, schedule, and school map down and lunged at him, my fists clenched tightly and flying everywhere. He caught my wrists and pinned them to my sides and gave me a smirk.

"Is that how you fight? You won't win darling," he said looking quite smug and amused.

"Let me go!" I demanded, struggling against his overpowering strength, although I'm sure it wasn't very strong. I was just not cut out for fighting.

Samantha burst out laughing and so did Eli. My face flushed a deeper pink than before. Why was she laughing? I was trying to defend her. I certainly made a lasting impression. He let me go and picked up my things for me.

"You're pretty brave for someone your height," he said smiling. I rolled my eyes at him and stuck out my tongue only feeling more foolish by the second.

"We'll talk about this later. When no pro tacklers are around," he added winking at me and jogging to the end of the hallway and rejoining his group of friends outside.

"That was totally fucking rad! Never in my life have I seen anyone stand up to him like that! You're my fucking hero!" Sammy gushed in wonder struck tone.

"Well thank you," I said sheepishly looking down at my purple glittery toes.

"Are you new here?" she asked as we started walking down the now empty hallway.

"I am," I responded folding my papers nervously.

"Where you from?" she asked adjusting and re-adjusting her navy blue backpack straps.

"Oregon," I answered instantly feeling a pang of homesickness and guilt because she was a stranger and my friends probably missed me at home.

"God damn that's far," she said before blowing a bubbles with her berry scented gum.

"I guess so," I said so obviously shocked at her word choices.

"Lemme see your schedule," she said ripping the piece of paper from my hand, not in a rude way but in an impatient way.

Never had I encountered someone to walk let alone act with so much self-confidence like she was.

"We have the same schedule! Except you're in nerd math, not stupid math like me," she said excitedly and letting out a laugh that brightened up her kick ass attitude face.

I did nothing more than smile and join her laughter. It was so contagious I couldn't help myself. It was like a trill of bells and I just hoped she'd be my best friend or at the very least a good friend. She was infectiously giggly and just born to be my friend. The idea seemed a little foolish. Someone being born to be my best friend.

"Stick with me kid, and you'll be fine," she said slinging her arm around my shoulders and I giggled and slung my own arm around her shoulders thinking we looked absolutely ridiculous.

We walked outside into the commons to be greeted by four tall brainless and absurd boys messing around, and three breath takingly beautiful yet over made up and Barbie doll look alike girls, who seemed to try too hard to be pretty. One of which was covered in smeared black paint and talking rapidly into her phone who I took to be Sabrina Margott.

"Sam, what'd they give you?" said a towering boy with messily dirty blonde hair and blue blue eyes that seemed like the bottom of the ocean. He was a little too ruggedly dressed for a typical a school day. He was sporting holey jeans and a faded dark grey t-shirt.

"Nothing, now stop being so bossy Johnny boy. Barbies and gentlemen may I introduce, uh, what'd you say your name was again?" she asked giggling and John ruffled her hair.

"Sydney," I said.

"Sydney!" Samantha repeated.

I was passed around the circle receiving handshakes and hugs, until I was passed back to Samantha.

"Okay this is John as you already know he's obnoxious, but somewhat tolerable," she said kiddingly punching the boy who she had talked to before, who feigned beings hurt.

"This here is Tony," she said, gesturing towards another towering teenage boy, who seemed like he was born to be near the ocean. His deeply tanned skin and messy blonde curls brushed his shoulders. He threw me a wink and I giggled into my hands.

"This is Eric," she said comfortably hugging the third boy who was intimidating to me at least. His hair was a deep ebony color that looked blue purplish in the sun, and his eyes a striking contrasting ice cold blue that put the sky to shame.

"And obviously you already met Eli," she finished sticking out her middle finger at him, to which he returned.

Eli looked at me, crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. I rolled my eyes back at him and looked away. If he was going to be rude then so was I. Two could play at this game. Even if I faked nonchalance, I wondered if I was the annoying little pest he had already made me out to be.

"Then the rest are the Barbies," she whispered in my ear.

I could comprehend her description of the trio. I waved to them and the girl in the front gave me a disgusted look, and practically threw herself at Eli, black paint and all. It took me by surprise, but then again what did I know? It seemed that I wasn't only Eli's pest but hers as well. As if I had the intentions of pursuing some boy who probably didn't even know how to count to twenty.

"Whore, get off my brother," Samantha said to the girl.

"Sam, shut up," Eli said in a defensive tone.

"Why don't you introduce them too?" Eli continued trying to play off his defense.

"No, I don't associate myself with sluts," Samantha sneered.

I bit my index nail and didn't really understand why the word "slut" rolled off so easily off her tongue. Was that really an insult? Any of her business? It was her brother after all, I still didn't think it was an excuse to slut shame.

"Sydney, this is Sabrina," he said about the petite, straight brunette locked beauty as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Nice to meet you," she said as her laid her hand on his chest. Her voice was off. It was too sweet, like the cheap syrup sold at stores, it was too fake, leaving a sour aftertaste in the air.

I smiled without conviction and gave her a small weak wave.

"This is Dianna," he said pointing at a tall, black-haired and brown eyed girl who curled her lip at me, in a sneering manner.

To which I only looked away from. Not even five minutes had she known me and she already disliked me.

"And finally this is Rachel," he said nodding towards the statuesque blonde and hazel eyed beauty who took my breath away.

She seemed out of place as the other girls could pass for Barbies but she couldn't. She belonged on the cover of a magazine not here. Their beauty was forced, hers was natural. She wasn't the plastic doll, she was the real deal. Just then the bell rang and Samantha linked our arms again and we descended back into the building and up the stairs walking into Geometry. I took a seat in the back next to Sam and got out my pink binder.

"You're killing me with all the pink," Sam said as she pulled her black binder out of her purple backpack.

I shrugged and continued on pulling out my pink and lilac school items.








The first four periods passed by quickly as Samantha and I learned more about each other. She lived two streets away from me, her birthday was April 9th, and she had invited me over that afternoon. To which I said I would ask. The lunch bell rang and we headed out to the lunch tables on the open quad. We sat with all those whom I had met that morning, and I could honestly think I wasn't too pleased about sitting in the same quarters as the Barbies. I was sat between Sam and Eli. Eli kept elbowing me on purpose and eventually made me spill my water bottle all over myself. I shrieked angrily as the cold water splashed all over my dress and bare legs, slowly trickling onto my open toed sandals. Everyone at the table burst out laughing except Eli and Sam.

"Shut up," Eli shouted as Sam led me away from the table.

Eli followed us and we entered the bathroom.

"I'm sorry," he said from outside as we frantically tried drying me with paper towels.

"Well sorry isn't gonna dry Sydney here," Sam retorted.

"Well I mean it," he said.

"It's fine. I'll dry in a few hours hopefully," I said walking out of the bathroom when I was semi-dry.

"Here," he said removing his light gray sweater and pulling it over me.

"See it's long enough to cover your princessy prissy outfit," he continued.

"It's a dress," I corrected zipping the zipper all the way to the tippy tippy top.

"Whatever," he said rolling his eyes and playfully pulling the hood on messing with my curls.

"Thank you," I said sincerely.

"Okay let's go get our stuff before the Barbies contaminate any of it with their plasticity," Sam said running away to get our belongings.

"I really meant my apology," he said when Sam left.

"I know," I said smiling at him and letting the sleeves hang over my small hands.

"Are you coming over this afternoon?" he asked.

"I'm pretty sure I am," I said.

"Cool. That way you can come to my football game," he said.

"You play?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said sheepishly.

"What position?" I asked.

"Wide receiver," he said.

"Cool, I mean I guess I have to now," I teased.

"Thank God, you're coming!" shouted Sam happily.

She hugged me and the bell rang once more. The rest of the day passed in a blink of an eye and soon I found myself back home, choosing a new outfit to wear to Sam's house, thinking to myself this is what it felt like to be free.

(Rights go to Young the Giant's In My Home, it's an amazing song and they're a great band. Thanks so much for the support and for reading! Much love, Vic. Xoxo)

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