Just a dream.

"Niall, dude. It was a dream! She was a dream! Shes not real."
"Harry. I know she was. I just know it. Now leave me alone."


7. Chapter6

~*3 Months Later*~

Emma's point of view:

It's been a few months since I sang for the boys.. I still don't believe them that I'm good enough to talk to Simon about it. Eleanor is pregnant. When she found out she was Louis ran away.. We still haven't seen him and she is almost two months. She has a slight baby bump but not to noticeable. When she told her boss she got fired. They said that pregnant means fat and they can't have that there. I became her replacement and am fitting in just fine. I feel really pressured to be perfect though.. Yesterday was my last day of school. I decided to never talk to any one there again and when I move to Niall's house with him, I am going to start all over. My dad kept calling me, and following me around. I'm 18 now, he can't talk to me any more I called the police and they put him in jail for everything he has ever done to me and my mom is in jail to. I'm sure your wondering about me and Niall. We still aren't official. He's never asked me to be his girlfriend. As of now, all we are is friends with benefits I guess. You can't even really call it that considering the most we have ever done is kiss. We sleep in the same bed but it just hasn't gone any where yet. I have always known that relationships normally start with the guy asking the girl I plan on it staying that way.

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