Just a dream.

"Niall, dude. It was a dream! She was a dream! Shes not real."
"Harry. I know she was. I just know it. Now leave me alone."


9. Chapter what everrr

'Niall, calm down I know you're exited but you need to work.'

'Get wrighting!' I yelled at Niall.

'Me and Emma need to talk I believe, lets go!'









'So. Your pregnant huh'

'Yeah.. And before you say anything I just want to clear up that I didn't know until today! I would never try to start a career knowing I was pregnant!'

'You being you know... Isn't going to hold you back, might even help you. That way you and Niall being together will be even more believable.'

'What do you mean believable? We are together, for real.'

'Ahhh Niall hasn't told you yet. I put you together, I thought the public would find it 'cute' so I told Niall to ask you on a date or two and be with you. I'm sorry to hear you thought it was real.'

I was boiling with anger. How could Niall lie to me! Make me believe this was all real.

'I understand.. How fast do you think this whole career thing could start up?'

'We can start tomorrow.'

'Sound great! I'll see you then!'

I have to get out of here, me and Niall are over. I'm keeping the baby and telling Niall it isn't his, even though it is he clearly doesn't care anyways. How could I be so stupid. What was I thinking.. Niall doesn't care about me. Only his career.

'Hey El?'

'Yeah, whats up?'

'A lot. I'm pregnant. I found out Niall only asked me out for his career because Simon thought the public would think were 'cute' and I am starting singing Simon is singing me..'

'Wow. Busy day.. I'll talk to you later okay?'


'Alright see you later'

I ended the call as I pulled up to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. I really hope its a girl because her and Eleanor's baby could be friends and stuff..

'Your having a... Boy! congratulations!'

'Thank you!'

'Oh wait a minute what is this?' The doctor hesitated. this cant be good.. 'It looks like there is another baby.. a ... baby girl.'

'WHAT!? No way that can't be right! I'm only 18 I can't have twins!

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