Just a dream.

"Niall, dude. It was a dream! She was a dream! Shes not real."
"Harry. I know she was. I just know it. Now leave me alone."


4. Chapter 4

Emma's Point Of View:

I'm scared everyday. All Day. That my dad is going to find me. I need to get somewhere far away. I don't know it he knows where I am. I haven't been out of El's house once in the week I have been here so hopefully the paparazzi haven't found out. I'm scared for my life. What fi the boys decide they hate me. Niall hasn't talked to me since the kiss. He just looks at me with longing eyes, I just don't know what to do anymore. Maybe I should leave. Maybe I should kill my self. I haven't told anyone. Not even Eleanor about my cutting. It's the only distraction from the pain in my heart. I feel like everyone hates me. I'm so popular at school. I still feel like I have no one. I hope Niall never finds out about the person I am at school. That's not me but its the only was to fit in it seems like these days. No body cares about what they have to do to get to the top. I'm in high school. My last year. I don't really know why but I really enjoy school. I don't want it to end, even though I am the "School slut" I am a virgin, I don't consider the raping losing it. I guess I haven't really told you much about myself. I have a 4.0 grade average in school. (If you don't know what that is, its getting A's in every year of High School.) I have so many friends I loose count. But I only have one best friend. That El. I have a sister. Her name is Grace, I love her with all my heart. She's in middle school. 8th grade to be more specific. I would have brought her with me, but she is perfect where she is. My dad would never touch her. I know it. I see it in his eyes, he loves her to death. My mom hates her. I think its because she gets more attention from my dad. If my mom even tried to smack her, my father would kick her out and never talk to her again and my mother knows that. That's why she just doesn't talk to Grace. Grace always told my dad to stop when he started hurting me. And he always did. But when she started middle school, she was gone a lot. She still is. So she wasn't there to stop him. I don't blame her though. When she's around he is really nice to me, when she leaves he's back to his normal self.. I think that he hates me so much because I defended my mom. I think my mom hates me because she wants to be like me. A strong brave beautiful girl. I have to go back to school tomorrow. Spring break is over. Niall said he would take me before he stopped talking to me. I think I might talk to him.. But what if he doesn't want to talk to me.


"Hey Niall.."


"Hey Emma!" He smiled. Okay. Good start, He smiled..


"D-Do you still want to take me to school tomorrow?"




"Okay good cause I coulda sworn you hated me this week an-" He cut me off with a kiss.


"I was scared you didn't want to talk, so I stayed away.


Him. It's him. He's the one. You know, the one you are going to marry. You can just feel it. I know it. He's the one.





                                                                                       ~*Next Day*~


"Niall. I have to go to school! Wake upppppppppp!"


"Alright I'm up!"

He jumped up and ran to the kitchen. I went to my room to finish curling my hair. I wore my favorite white ruffle skirt with a thick brown belt over my tucked in quarter sleeve dark jean buckle up shirt. Then I realized I don't have very much clothes with me from home I may have been abused but my parents never let me go with our top brand clothes. I guess they didn't want it to be so obvious. I need to get a new job. Maybe Eleanor could get me one at Hollister.. I'll have to ask.

"Uhhhh. Niall! It's time to go!"



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