Back In Time

"I'm sick of this fame, paparazzi, everything. I don't want this life anymore. Please take me back to Stratford...." Little did he know, his wish would one day be granted. In fact, the next morning....


2. Whats Happening

"Justin. Justin. Justin sweetie wake up" i forced open my eyes. "Sweetie get up i made you pancakes" mom was standing in front of me "Morning mom". "Morning. now get up Justin and go get dressed or your pancakes will get cold" she kissed my forehead as i got up. But wait, where was i? "Mom where are we?"  "Umm at home Justin.....Were else?" she smiled. "at home? what, huh wait what about the hotel we were in last night? how did we get here?" she looked at me like i was an idiot. "Justin what are you talking about? were at home in stratford..... there's no hotel". "Mom what are you talking about?". okay i was getting confused outta my mind. "no Justin what are YOU talking about? know what i think you had a bad dream sweetie go get dressed". Maybe she was right, it was all probably a dream. but that doesn't explain why were in Startford. Maybe i was taking a 2 day vacation or something. Yeah, that's probably it. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. looking great as always. i laughed at myself. after i showered and got dressed i went to the kitchen. "Great your up, here are your pancakes" i sat down and took a bite. mmmm Delicious. "Mom these are great" "thanks sweetie". i finished up my pancakes and decided to call up scooter to see when i had to do my next show for the tour. i went in my room looking for my phone. i couldnt seem to find it anywhere. "Mom do you know were my phone is?". "what phone?". i smiled. obviously, i had like 20 phones how would she know which phone im talking about. "My white IPhone 5". "WHITE IPHONE 5?! justin were did you get the idea of an IPhone 5? you don't have one, and You know we cant afford one." cant afford one? what the hell? "Mom what in the world are you talking about?". "Justin calm down sweety. i know youe want an IPhone but sweety, you know we cant- "NO MOM WE CAN AFFORD ONE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? IM A MILLIONARE MOM IM A SINGER DONT YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE ARE KENNY SCOOTER ALFREDO AND THE REST OF THE CREW.....AND WERE ARE M-MY FANS, MY BELIEBERS!" i felt a tear go down my cheek. i didnt know what was happening, please god help me. "what are you talking about justin!? scooter? Kenny? Alfredo? and Justin how are we millionairess?!?! and sure you used to sing as a kid but justin your not a singer! we have been in stratford all our lives! we've never had enough money to go outside of Canada sweety....and what in the world are beliebers?" hearing mom say all those words felt like someone just stabbed me. before i could say anything else, the room started spinning,and suddenly everything went black.




                  Patties Pov 

"JUSTIN!' i  ran to the phone and called the doctor. I put him in his bed. i cant believe he fainted. i wish i new what he was talking about....i felt like a terrible mother. What kind of 19 year spends all day helping his mother out raising money. He's only 19...never does he get to do the regular stuff 19 year old's do. I cant stand seeing Justin in pain. He's the only one i have...i prayed to god that nothing would happen to my baby, that everything will be alright. i closed my eyes and held Justins hand as he lay there. *Ding Dong*. i went to open the door to see Justin's doctor. finally.  


Justin Pov

"So im not sure what the case is here, but im sure it was just a bad dream or something that has shocked him. he needs to forget about the things he's been talking about and needs plenty of rest." i lay there listening to my doctor talk to mom. pfft. what the hell was he saying? i could never forget my beliebers. i heard the door shut and predicted mom would walk in my rooanytime soon.....................and here she was. "Hey sweetie, you feeling okay?" "Yea mom im, im gonna tell you some things, and just please listen..please? for me?" "Sure sweetie". she smiled. "Okay mom so, my videos on youtube y'know...Kidrauhl?". She nodded. so i continued. " all my videos were a hit y'know, so like i got millions of views and was discoverd my a guy named scooter braun cause well, i was a good singer. and he flew me to LA were i went on radio stations and worked my way up to being a singer......i turned out to be the worlds biggest pop-star  and I've achieved so my crew... .my i know you think im crazy but i don't know how all this happened. How im in Stratford, but all i know is, i need to go back mom....please help me mom please?" i tried my hardest my hardest to keep my tears back, but failed miserably. Mom just stared at me for what seemed like an hour, none of us said a word. Finally she broke the silence "Justin. Get some rest". i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i couldn't help but cry. i need my beliebers they're my everything. my crew, everyone. I have to be strong though......if mom wasn't gonna help me, i'll help myself  i lay there for a long time thinking about something that could help me, something that could convince mom that the things im saying arent bullshit. i knew i had to, someway, somehow, in any shape or form. and finally it hit me. The only ones that can help me now are............Ryan and Chaz

Thank you so much for reading my very first fan fiction!! im no writer, this was just something i wanted to do, because i read fanfics all the time and some are so amazing they have inspired me. this is just something i like doing for fun!! im sorry if it was bad, i'll try my very best to make it better. any ideas would also be great!  please leave a comment and like! tell me if you want it updated because theres no point of writing and taking up my homework time if no ones gonna read it right? anyway LOEV YOU AND THANK YOUR FOR READING!!! TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT<33

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