Back In Time

"I'm sick of this fame, paparazzi, everything. I don't want this life anymore. Please take me back to Stratford...." Little did he know, his wish would one day be granted. In fact, the next morning....


4. Untitled

Justins Pov

As I was walking to Ryan's place I noticed a group of girls wearing One Direction shirts walk past me. Wow, i expected them to at least acknowledge that fact that they just walked past Pop star Justin Bieber. I got to Ryan's place and found him and Chaz playing mini sticks on his driveway. "Ey man wassup?" Greeted Ryan. "hey Justin what's up dude?" I didn't wanna jump at them right away with the questions I had to ask them, so I kinda played it chill. "Hey guys, and not much I just came to talk to you guys, if you don't mind.." Ryan and Chaz just looked at each other, and finally Ryan spoke. "Of course we don't mind, but is everything okay dude, you seem nervous?" I spilled out everything I had to say to them. I told them about The fans, the fame, the singing, the money, the crew, everything. It just went silent after that. I didn't want them to let me down like mom. So I kept going "guys you have to believe me, I don't know how this happened, please help me get my pop star life back I can't live without my beliebers please just, please?" I felt my eyes water. "Justin dude, your sick, go get some rest buddy then we can go to the field and Check out the hot ass girls" I can't believe Ryan thought this was funny. Chaz just stared at me blankly. I walked away. I didn't feel Like going I sat on the steps of the Avon theatre. The steps that took me along way. I sat there and thought about what had happened, I tried thinking back to the last night as a pop star. I remembered scooter telling me about an interview, and I remember crying wishing I wasn't famous anymore. Did my wish come true? Or was it all actually just a dream? A long long dream. As I was lost in my thoughts I heard a cute voice, a girl."hey excuse me can I sit here?" "Um sure" I scooted over letting the beautiful girl sit beside me. "What's your name?" "Oh um Justin, you?" "I'm Alex" she said with a smile on her face. We talked a little while longer, not that I really had any interest in what she had to say, I just wanted to go back to my normal life..It got dark and i realized mom was probably sitting at home worrying. "Okay I gotta go now Justin, i have a shitload of stuff to do at home, but hey it was nice meeting you" "yea it was nice meeting you too" she then gave me a slip of paper with her number on it, kissed me on the cheek and walked away.

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