Back In Time

"I'm sick of this fame, paparazzi, everything. I don't want this life anymore. Please take me back to Stratford...." Little did he know, his wish would one day be granted. In fact, the next morning....


3. Ryan & Chaz

Justins Pov

I got of bed to see mom siting on the couch in the living room lost in her thoughts. Poor mom, I hate to make her worry but, I just need some answers..and I know Ryan and Chaz could help me. "Justin, what are you doing out of bed? Sweetie didn't the doctor say you need rest?" I decided not to tell mom I was going to see Ryan and Chaz, it's not like she'd let me since I need rest. "Uh yea mom but I don't need rest I feel great..I think all I need is some fresh air. Can I take a walk around the nebirhood?" "Justin I don't think that's such a good idea sweetie you need rest" I got sick of hearing this. I just wanted to yell, but I can't blame her for worrying, hey, moms do that. "Mom please I'm fine don't worry I think I just had a bad dream I feel good ima go change and take a walk k?" "Okay but please be careful". I went into my room and picked out a t shirt. As I took my shirt off, I noticed that my arms where clear. Where the fuck did my tattoos go? More importantly..where did my beautiful beliebers go?..I cleared my thoughts and made my way to Ryan's place.

Hey everyone! I've updated this after like 9 months lol sorry.. I know only like a few people read it so far, but thanks to those who did. I'm gonna try my very best to not quit this time, I'll keep writing as long as the few of you keep bringing in the comments! Thank you!:)

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