Back In Time

"I'm sick of this fame, paparazzi, everything. I don't want this life anymore. Please take me back to Stratford...." Little did he know, his wish would one day be granted. In fact, the next morning....


5. Chapter 4

"Justin, wake up hunny"

I squinted my eyes open. Mom was standing in front of me. "Justin you've been sleeping for so long sweety you didn't even have dinner last night get up and eat something" I got up to get a shower. "Alright I'll just go shower" I went to get undressed and realized I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I guess I must've been really tired going to bed without changing. I reached into my pocket to my jeans and found the crumpled up paper that girl Alex gave me with her number. I put it aside and showered and went to have breakfast. "How was the sleep? Feelin better?" I decided to act normal around mom. Not talk about my life before this, I can't stand my mom being worried. Besides, it's not like she believed me one did. "Yeah..a lot better actually". "That's good to hear. I went out last night and bought you a phone" she handed me a brand new packed IPhone 5. "Mom you didn't have too.." "Justin your 19. You need a phone baby. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get you one.." I smiled at my beautiful mother "I love you mom". She kissed me on the cheek and left for work. I sat down on the couch and broke down. I wanted to go back to my life. I wanted to be on stage, where I belong. I wanted my beliebers. I lost my world. But there was nothing I could do about it. I left the house and went for a walk. "hey! Justin right?" I ran into Alex, oh great. "Oh hey Alex". "You never texted me last night" "yeah I'm sorry kinda fell asleep". "That's ok. Are you okay?" "What do u mean?" "You look..depressed or lost in deep thought" "oh..haha"..she frowned at me. "Talk to me,what's wrong?" "I just don't feel ok". I wanted to tell her but there was no point. I didn't even know her and she wouldn't believe me anyway. "Let's go hang at my place" "no thanks Alex not in the mood" "c'mon it'll be fun!" She grabbed my arm and made me go to her house and took me to her room. It was a small purple girly looking room. "Aw justin, you don't look good frowning". I smiled, I appriacted her trying to make me happy. "Thanks". She talked about herself for a bit and I listened. Then I spotted something that got my attention. "Is that a guitar?" "Yeah. I play sometimes. Still learning tho so I'm not exactly the best" "can I play?" "Of course!" She handed me the guitar and I sat down with it. I strummed the chords. I started singing a couple of my songs while playing. I was lost, like I was in a different world. "Justin your amazing!" "Oh, haha thanks" "I've never heard those songs before. What are they called I really like the lyrics?" "Umm I forget..don't know the names I just somehow remember the songs" "ohh..well who are they by?". I wish I could've told her. I wanted to yell out they were by me. But i couldn't. " I dunno sorry alex I have to go" with that I ran out. I felt like a total jerk. I wanted to somehow believe that this whole fame life was a long dream, that maybe I dreamt it all. But It was all too realistic, and my beliebers, I knew they existed. They can't be fake. I sat on a curb by myself. I didn't know what do anymore. Was I gonna stay like this forever?.

Thank you so much for reading❤️ I'm soo sorry for not updating since like December but i promise to update like once a week from now on. Haven't exactly decided how I'm gonna continue this story so I'll have to think. Please keep commenting❤️ love you

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