The A Team

"By Matinee I love you! Daddy will be here to pick you up at 3 ok?" I ask kissing my daughters forehead.
"Ok mommy" she says before she runs off to the middle of the field to start football practice. (Soccer)
"She looks so much like you" Niall says as I open the car door.

"Yeah I guess, but she has your eyes, and let's hope she doesn't play like me haha" I laugh as I put the car in reverse. Niall snorts really loud. "Ha yeah, lets pray, not hope Hahaahaha" He cackled.
"Do you remember my first practice annnnd the first time we met?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye"How can I forget, it was the first time I ever saw my soul mate. And broke a bone." He whispered the last part.
"HAY it's not my fault your face was in the way" I laugh
"Oh yea blame it on that" He teased.

{ 9 years earlier }


20. The End

Oh my gosh prom.  For me, I have been waiting for this since I was young.  And to make it all better I’m going with Niall.  Casey took me this morning to go get ready with her; we got our hair done and went shopping for dresses.  I thought it was a little late to go looking for a prom dress but apparently it wasn’t, the big shops never run out because its ‘so expensive’.  I don’t understand Casey and the shopping world sometimes but I just went with it.  I ended up getting a beautiful floor length kind of turquoise gown, with lace at the top.  Casey got a floor length gown as well and I thought it looked amazing on her. It was gold and sparkly.  ( )   She still wouldn’t tell me who she was going with, and that really bothered me.   Niall picked me up at 7 just like he promised.  He looked so attractive in his tux with the turquoise tie and when I opened the door I thought he was going to faint.  

“Lara…la..Laramie you look beautiful!  Absolutely beautiful!” He said giving me a quick kiss and wrapped his arm around my waist before Michele walked into the room with the camera.  

“Thank you Niall.  And Michele?  Pictures? Why?” I asked resting my head on Niall’s shoulder.  He started rubbing circles on my back.  

“Because I know you will want pictures afterwards, you just want to leave so you can make out in the car.  And your parents want me to send them some” she smiled  

“True. Very true.”  I said turning my head to the side and kissing Niall just below the ear.  

“Ok not here, that’s just gross. Now let Michele get these pictures and then you can leave” Louis said entering the room.  

“Where is Harry?” I asked her.   

“I’m not really sure, but he should be here; too late though, it’s time for you to go jelly bean.” He said to me.   Ten minutes later Niall was helping me into his car.  

“I have a surprise for you” he said kissing me on the cheek before closing my door.   ‘What?’ I said to myself.  I really need to quit talking to myself.  

“You really need to quit talking to yourself.” Niall said finally getting in. “I’m just kidding, it’s actually really cute when you do it.”  

“Well thank you, now what surprise?” I asked grabbing his arm and bouncing up and down in my seat.  

“Calm down cuddles! You’re going to rip off my arm!” He joked.  

“Niall!” I whined, pouting,  

“Fine, ok well I guess it’s not really a surprise. You’ve done it before, but I asked Michele if you could spend the night and she said yes.” He leaned over his seat and put his lips by my ear, his voice low and husky. “So I get to take that dress off of you later.”  

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” I asked putting my hand right beside his crotch and rubbing circles on his leg, but not touching him where I knew he needed me most.  

“Laramie you are a tease. And to answer your question, yes, I will love taking that dress off of you.”   

“I know you will.” I whispered, putting more pressure on his leg with my hand.  

“Get your hand away cuddles or I’m going to have to pull over and you will have to help Niall junior.” He said, his hands gripping the steering wheel.  

“Mmhmm.” I hummed finally taking my hand off.  

“How hard are you going to fuck me later Niall?” I asked leaning over the console and whispering in his ear.   “So hard.” He moaned.  

“Good” I said giggling “Now let’s get to prom, you’re driving really slow!” I said turning the radio on.  

“I wonder why.” he said looking over, he eyes dark.  

“I haven’t a clue.” I laughed making him smile.

** ** **  

We arrived at the school 10 minutes later than planned because of Nialls slow driving.  

“You really do look beautiful Cuddles.” He said putting his arm around my waist, “But I think I prefer you with your clothes off.”  

“I shouldn’t have started this. You’re too horny now!” I said pushing him back slightly.  

“It’s your fault.” he sang into my ear.  

“Yeah it’s not your hormones,” I rolled my eyes.

“There’s Casey. Casey get over here!” I screamed from across the room earning a few looks from people.  She turned around and I finally saw who her date was.  

“Niall he’s here to ruin it for me!” I said giving him a tight hug and whining.  

“Oh cuddles no he’s not!  But I will admit this is weird.” He said kissing me on the cheek.  

“Hey guys!” Casey said finally walking up.  

“Hey jelly bean” Harry said coming up for a hug “you look beautiful!”

  “Go away, you have ruined my prom” I said nuzzling my head into Nialls chest.  

“Laramie you’re going to mess up your hair and makeup, stop” Casey said.  

“And I’m not going to ruin your prom.  I’m just an innocent bystander that’s here with a pretty lady, and my sister just happens to be here as well.” He said wrapping his arm around Casey’s waist.  

“Ew” Niall and I said in unison.  

“Niall do you want to go dance?” I asked.  

“Not right this second cuddles.  I need to go talk to Justin for a few minutes then we can have a lot of fun ok?”  He said  

“Ok, I’ll miss you.” I said leaning up on my tiptoes and kissing him.  

“I’ll miss you to Laramie.”  

“Is Hanna here?” I asked Casey as I watched him walk away.  

“Yep. She died her hair back though.” She said looking at me like her eyes were about to bulge out.  

“Well does it look good?” I asked looking for her around the room.  

“Yea, uh yea it does,” she still had her eyes bulged out, looking at me weird.  

”hey Laramie will you come to the bathroom with me?”  

“Um ok, I guess we’ll be right back Harry.” I said smiling at him.  

“What’s going on Casey?” I asked once we walked into the bathroom.  

“Why didn’t you stop Niall?  Don’t you know what he does at prom?”  She asked harshly.  

“Well seeing as this is my first time here, no.”  

“Oh my gosh you’re so clueless. Niall and Justin usually go get high!” She whisper screamed.  

“Are you serious?”  I asked  

“Why would I not be!  You have to go find him and stop him!” She said walking out.  

“Well aren’t you going to help?” I asked quickly following her trying not to step on my dress.  

“I have my own problems tonight.” She said pointing toward Harry and winking.  

Well that’s kind of rude.  He’s her brother and she is acting like she doesn’t care. That’s great.  I walked around the room for fifteen minutes and still couldn’t find him, so I decided to ask around.   There was a girl right next to me in a cheetah print dress with a turquoise bow on it and I believe its Adrianna.  

“Hey um Adrianna?”  I tapped on the girls shoulder.  She turned around and it was her.  

“Yeah? Oh, Laramie you look beautiful!” She said giving me a hug.  

“You do to! Well I was wondering if you had seen Niall anywhere?” She was just about to answer when I heard a familiar voice scream.  

“Call 911!”   I whipped my head around to see Niall running up to Harry and Casey frantic. I ran over to them and took Niall’s elbow.  

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” I asked.   He pulled his elbow harshly from my hand and I was almost scared from the harsh look in his eyes. He turned back to Harry and started speak really fast explaining the details of what happened but I wasn’t listening, I was too shocked.  

** ** 

Niall’s Pov:  

“Not right this second cuddles. I need to go talk to Justin for a few minutes then we can have a lot of fun ok?” I said and she stood on her toes to reach my cheek.  

“Okay, I’ll miss you though.” She said sweetly and I almost felt bad for what I was about to go do.  

“I’ll miss you too.” I said sincerely and then she was turned around talking to her brother and Casey.   I wasn’t all too bothered with the fact my sister was at prom with some older guy, he was a part of Laramie in a sense and anything that was a part of her was good enough for my sister. It’s not like I really had a say in it any who, I was a shit brother to Casey and she probably wouldn’t listen to a word I’d have to say if it was me telling her she couldn’t have something she wanted.   Harry wasn’t a bad guy either, he was awkward and funny, just what my sister needed. He kissed her cheek and I pressed a kiss to the back of Laramie’s head before walking away and heading to the bathroom. The bag in my suit pocket suddenly felt heavy and I felt nervous, jittery almost. I promised her, I promised the girl that I loved I wouldn’t do this while she was around anymore and I was about to break that promise.   I looked in the warped mirror and ran my hands through my hair. This isn’t worth it, not in the slightest. The door of the bathroom opened and Justin sauntered in with a smile on his face already smelling of weed.  

“Hey man, ready to light up?” He asked.  

“No, I can’t.” I rushed out and pulled the bag out of my hand but it fell to the floor.  

“Why not man?” Justin asked.  

“I made a promise to the girl I love and as fucking cheesy and girly that sounds, I intend to keep my promise to that girl out there. I think she’s the one, Justin and I’m not about to blow it because I decided to smoke a joint in the bathroom on the most important night of her high school life.” I said.  

“I understand you. I mean I know Hanna isn’t the one that’s for sure but if I had found her I wouldn’t want to throw it away on a night like tonight.” He said.  

“Great. You want what I got left, I won’t need it anyways.” I said.  

“Yeah, sure.” He said.  

“Oh he gave me this flask as well, some mixed drink he made himself or some shit.” I shrugged and tossed him the flask.  

“Oh thanks man, now go find your girl.” He said, punching my arm playfully.   Justin put the flask to his mouth and started chugging. “Oh god this stuff is gross.” He coughed.  

“Really what do you thinks in it?” I asked, sniffing it.   “Niall I don’t think that’s alcohol.” He suddenly got very pale and clammy his eyes going wide.  

“What do you mean? Justin what’s wrong?” Justin fell to the ground and I dropped the flask falling to my knee’s beside him.   “Justin! Justin mate this isn’t funny.” I shook his shoulder and he didn’t budge.   I patted my pants and my jacket but I couldn’t find my phone thinking it was still in my car so I got up and ran out the bathroom.   “Someone call 911!” I said.   Harry. I had to find Harry, he was the only person I could count on at the moment.  

“Niall what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” I heard Laramie and felt her grip my shoulder so I spun around shooting her the harshest look I could muster.  

“Harry I need you to call the cops right now. Justin’s passed out in the bathroom and he won’t wake up, I think there was something in the flask that Ed gave me and he drank a lot of it whatever it was. You need to call them now, Casey you need to help me keep people out of the bathroom.” 

“What about your girlfriend?” Casey asked.  

“Leave. You need to go right now.” I said, spinning around to look at her.  

“What? No you need me!” She said.  

“I don’t want you, leave.” I spat.   It was a lie but I needed her to leave now, she couldn’t be connected to this. It could ruin her future and I wasn’t having that happen, even if that meant hurting her feelings and making her hate me. The look on her face broke my heart and I felt my face start to soften so I turned away and looked at Harry. He nodded at me as if he understood my actions and he looked at his sister.  

“Call Michele and get out of here as fast as you can. You two Casey, Niall and I have this covered.” He said.  

“Thank you.”  

“No problem now let’s get to the bathroom before someone else finds him.” Harry said.   We walked to the bathroom and Harry swung the door open stepping inside.

“You guard the door and I’ll check him out.” He said.  

“Yeah sure.”   I stood outside for five minutes guarding the door and shooting looks at anyone who dared to walk within five feet of it. I heard a knock on the door from behind me and I spun around opening the door.  

“How’s it look?”  

“The police are on the way. Get in her Niall we need to have a quick chat and we don’t have much time.” He said.   Once I was in the bathroom Harry sighed.

“He doesn’t have a pulse Niall. This means you have one of two choices, you can run and hope that they don’t peel your prints of that flask and charge you for murder or you can tell them what happened. I know this is scary but it’s time to be rational.”  

“Fuck this was not supposed to happen Harry!” I yelled kicking a stall.  

“I know Niall but you need to keep it together.”   After a few moments of Harry comforting me and telling me to just tell the truth someone opened the door, a policeman.  

“Harry Styles? I’m Officer Hayes the man you spoke to on the phone, is the victim still without pulse?” He asked.  

“I hadn’t checked since we talked but it would seem so.” He said.  

“Alright well the coroner is outside and I need to take a statement from the two of you separately. What’s your name kid?” He asked.  

“Niall, Niall Horan.” I mumbled.  

“Your Father is one of the best doctors, he patch me up not too long ago.” He replied.  

“Yeah, he’s pretty good.”  

“Mr. Styles would you mind going over to Officer Sams over there and giving her your statement. Mr. Horan we can take this to the gymnasium so the coroner can get to the body.” I nodded at the officer and we walked out to the gym, me following his footsteps.  

“So Mr. Horan, can you tell me what happened exactly?”  

“Well Justin and I were supposed to meet up in the bathroom to uh, well we were going to get high really and I backed out. I promised my girlfriend that I wouldn’t get high around her again and so that’s what I told him. I gave him the stash that I just bought from my usual supplier Ed; he gave me this new drink that he had made for me especially. To be honest I think he was trying to kill me. He isn’t my biggest fan.” I explained.   

“So you believe his intentions were to poison you?” The officer asked.  

“Yeah. God it’s all my fault isn’t it?” I wiped my hand across my mouth.  

“It’s not your fault kid, you didn’t know what was in that flask. Now we’ll need to take statements from your girlfriend and a few people around to make sure that Justin and you were really friends. I believe you kid, but it’s just protocol.” He said.  

“Laramie went home; I don’t want her questioned without a lawyer present.” I stated.  

“That’s fine. This is an investigation though so it’s going to take time, even if we have suspects. Can you give me the address and last name of this Ed guy?”  

“I can’t give you that, giving you his name is enough to put my life and my girlfriends life in danger. He has a crew and he’s dangerous, you should know I worked for him.”  

“Look we might want to keep that information away from anyone in the police department kid cause that’s a crime in itself.”  

“But what if Ed throws me under the bus? I could get arrested right?” I asked.  

“Yes you could so I would talk to a lawyer about that.” He said.  

“Well what if he threatened me, what would happen then?”  

“Did he threaten you?” He questioned.  

“He threatened my girlfriend’s life and that’s enough incentive for me to work for him.” I said.  

“I’d guess so. Look kid, I bet you’re tired and it’s been a long day so go home and get some rest.” He pulled out a square piece of paper and drug his pen across the bottom. “This is my card, you call me at the first sign of that Ed kid do not try to fight him. I’m not supposed to tell you this but he’s been on our wanted list for quite some time and we’re positive that he could be armed. Be careful.” He said.  

“Thank you, so much.” I said.  

“You’re not a bad kid Niall, don’t make bad mistakes.” He said patting my shoulder.   I gave him a nod and stood prepared to run for my car so I could get to Laramie but Harry’s voice stopped me.  

“Wait Niall!” He called.   I spun around to look at him,

“What Harry?”  

“Are you going back to Laramie’s?” He asked.  

“Yeah I was, why?”  

“Don’t. Michel said she didn’t come home and I just talked to your sister who said Laramie didn’t go back to your house, she’s gone.” He said.  

“Fuck this couldn’t get any worse!” I shouted.   Where the hell could she have gone at this hour of the night? I wondered for a moment if she could have gone to my parent’s but I quickly disregarded that thought. I remembered one night we were both talking about our safe places and where we went when things just got too much.


“Well since I’m kind of new here I don’t really have one of those places.” Laramie giggled.  

“Well when I get pissed or angry, sometimes even when I’m scared I go to the football field and lay down in the middle of the field.” I said, picking up a strand of her hair that was in my lap.  

“And you just lay there?” She asked.  

“I lay there and I think about things. I think about my grandmother and my family when we were a family, I think about my friendship with Justin, and the last time I went when the house burnt down,” She winced.

“I thought of you. All I thought about was you. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, just you.” I said.  

“Well maybe that can be my safe place too.” I smiled at her and gave her a kiss.  


“The field.” I said .  

“What?” Harry asked.  

“Go to Michel’s Harry, I have this covered.” I said opening my car door.  

“But Niall what about Laramie?” He asked.  

“I know where she is you idiot, now move so I can go get her.” I said.   He moved from my car and I turned the key in the ignition backing out of my parking spot and driving off in the direction of the football field as fast as I could. Since the school used the field it wasn’t too far away from where I was. I hit the brakes and put the car in park before jumping out of my car and taking off to the field.    There she was in the middle of the field, lying in the grass. I walked over to her quietly and lay down beside her, stretching out to grab her hand but she snatched it away.  

“Laramie.” I sighed.  

“What?” She snapped back.  

“I’m sorry for earlier, I didn’t mean what I said about not wanting you. I didn’t want you to get caught in the police, I refuse to let you talk to anyone dealing with this investigation without a lawyer.” I said.  

“A lawyer. Jesus Niall what the hell happened?” She sat up and looked at me.   I took my jacket off and draped it around her shoulders so she wasn’t too cold. Her eyes were puffy and there was some make up running down her face so I lifted my hand and wiped some of the moisture off.  

“Justin is dead.” I choked out.  

“What?” She asked.  

“He died- shit Laramie my best friend was just murdered and- fuck.” I sobbed out.   She wrapped her arms around me and I cried into her shoulder. She rubbed her hands up and down my back and played with the hair at the nape of my neck.  

“Shh Niall, it’s okay baby.” She cooed. Over and over again.  

“No he’s dead and it’s my entire fault.” I cried.  

“No it isn’t Niall, you couldn’t have killed him.” She said.  

“How would you know, you weren’t there.” I said.  

“But I know you Niall, I know who you are and that’s enough. Now calm down and tell me what happened.” She said.  

“We went into the bathroom to get high like last year but I swear Laramie I backed out. I told him that I made a promise to you and that I couldn’t break it. I refuse to throw this away because you’re the love of my life, Laramie. He understood and I gave him what was left of my stash and this flask that I had gotten from Ed. He said that he had mixed it up, a new concoction of his. Justin drank like at least half and as we were talking and I was about to leave and come get you he just collapsed. Harry called the cops and they questioned me but I’m not in trouble yet. If they found out that I was selling drugs for Ed I could be arrested Laramie, for a long time.” I huffed out.  

“Niall you can’t tell them this. You can’t let them know that you sold those drugs because I won’t lose you.” She said.  

“I had motive though Laramie, I did. I told officer Hayes that,” I looked into her eyes and gulped. Should I tell her about the threats from Ed.  

“What Niall, what did you tell the officer?” she urged me on.  

“That he was threatening your well being, your life. He told me that could be considered enough motive but that I should talk to a lawyer about it first.”  

“Yes you should. But where are you going to get this lawyer?”  

“We have a family one, not that hard to get access to.”  I replied.   She nodded at me and kissed my cheek,

“I love you.”  

“I love you too.” I said back. “Now let’s get you back home to your worrying family.”  


Laramie’s pov:  

To say that I wasn’t terrified would be the biggest lie I’ve ever told in my life. Niall wasn’t what I was scared of; it was the thought of losing him because he was trying to protect me that scared me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the cold football field and then wrapping his jacket around my arms.  

“That’s so cliché.” I said.  

“I like being cliché if it makes you smile.” He said back, kissing my cheek and sliding his arm to rest around my waist.   We walked to his very poorly parked car in silence, afraid that speaking may turn on some switch inside me and make me jump my boyfriends bones in the parking lot of the football field. He opened my door for me and then shut it before walking around to his side and climbing in.  

“Sorry it’s so cold.” He said, rubbing his hands together and giving me a smile.  

“It’s fine.” I mumbled back.   We sat there for five minutes in the warmth before I broke the silence,“I need you.”  

“Laramie I need to get you home.” He warned as my hand crept to his leg.  

“Niall I need for you to get in me.” I purred into his ear.  

“Walking on thin ice babe.” He shuddered out.  

“Have I fallen through yet?” I asked as I cupped him through his tux pants.

“You look hot in a tux.”  

“Fuck Laramie.”  

“You could be fucking me. It doesn’t need to be soft like last time Niall, try something new, fuck me.”  

“No. If I’m going to touch you it won’t be fucking now climb in the back.” He growled opening his door and then slamming shut after he got out.   I jumped in the back and took off his jacket and my dress, sitting in his backseat waiting. When he got in his lips went straight to mine, working me for all I was worth. I applied the same amount of pressure and slipped my tongue into his mouth tasting him, feeling him.  

“You’re so beautiful.” He said.   His hands planted on my waist and I gasped at the coldness of them though I moved closer to them. Niall let out a small groan as I crawled on his lap accidentally grinding myself into him. He hooked his fingers in my bra straps and slid them down my shoulder, his lips moving from mine to various places on my neck. I laced my fingers through his hair as he pulled the cups down and attached his lips to the peak of my breast and sucking. I writhed against his lips as he let his tongue flick out. I moved my hand from his hair and placed my palms on his chest giving him a slight push back so he fell into laying position on the leather. I kissed his lips and then slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, my lips finding each new spot a treasure. When I was done with his shirt I pushed it off his shoulders and kissed down his chest again before finding his lips.   I moved to work on his pants and pulled them off without much struggle. I giggled at his hair and he raised an eyebrow at me.  

“Something funny?”  

“You’re so cute.” I said.   He smiled at me and grabbed my hips, bringing me closer to him. I looked down at him and my eyes got wide, that had fit in me before and it was hard to believe it would fit again.  

“It’ll be fine. Just let me see if you’re ready.” He said sliding his finger across my opening.

“Yeah you’re so ready.” He breathed out, removing his finger and then putting in his mouth to taste.


“I’m sure I don’t taste that good.” I said.  

“You taste that good. Now do you want to be on top this time? We can swap.” He asked.  

“I want top.” I said.  

“Okay, just know it feels different.” He warned.   I nodded and he grabbed my hips lifting my hips up enough to slip me onto him. He slowly lowered me down and I stretched out to accommodate his size easily. It stung a little but it was a good sting and I moaned as my bum touched his thighs. It was different but a good different for sure.   He pulled me back up and down a few times while my hands rested on his biceps. After the third time I sat on him fully and grabbed his hands with mine on my hips before sliding up him myself and then lowering myself again at faster pace. After I got control of my rhythm I moved faster and his hips slammed up to meet mine, thrust for thrust. His phone rang out as soon as we both came, our cries drowning out the ringing.  

“I want you to know that whatever happens Niall, I’m not going anywhere, ok?  I love you.”  

“I love you too.”  

** **

  3 years later   Laramies POV:  

We, as in my whole family were setting at the dinner table in Nialls and my house eating brunch before we had to go off to my graduation.  It was Harry and Casey, newly married by the way.  Casey graduated early so her and harry could “start there lives”.   My mom and dad. Michele and Louis, and there son Hayden.  He is two and Michele is pregnant again.  She looks like her belly is about to bust.  Then there’s Niall, my beautiful fiancée Niall.  He is on his way to become a doctor, straight A to.  He comes home every weekend from collage to see me, seeing as we can barley stand being apart for to long.  As corny as that sounds it’s true.    

“Hey um guys will you please excuse me” i asked getting up as quickly as i could so i could run up the stairs.  The nausea hitting me hard.    

“Jelly Bean its your house!” louis said before looking over at his and Micheles son giving him a kiss on the forehead.     I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could in my tight dress and ran for the bathroom.  

“Cuddles are you ok?” I heard Niall ask as he entered the room behind me.  

“Yea, yea I’m ok.  It’s just the morning sickness you know” I said smiling before I grabbed my toothbrush.  He smiled at me in the mirror and I noticed his tie was crooked.    

“Niall stop fidgeting! Your tie is crooked.” i scolded as he tried to get away from my touch.    

“I’m sorry, it’s just you look so cute in that little dress of yours and I can’t wait to get you back home after the graduation.” He said leaning into me and kissing me above the ear.

“I’m so proud of you baby” he whispered   

“But it’s you who’s the true star. Mr. Doctor.” I teased, pushing him away slightly.  “I’m proud of you for telling the truth Ni, back in 9th grade.  Just think that if you would have lied things would have gone worse. But you told the truth and only had to do a month of community service.” I smiled.  

“I know. I’m so glad that worked out for the better.” He laughed. “Now when do we get to tell people?” He asked jumping up and down and his smile widening.  

“Not today Niall! We can wait another week to tell them, hell we could wait for months before they would notice.” I laughed placing my hands on my stomach and smoothing out my dress once more before letting them settle on my stomach.   Niall gave me a smile and a kiss before getting on his knees and kissing my stomach.

“I bet you’ll be cute and look just like your mummy champ.” He said.  

“I think it will look like you. Now hurry up, we need to be downstairs so Michel can take pictures and my brother can cry.” I said, attempting to pull him up.

 ”Laramie come on! We cannot be late for your graduation.” Michel called from Niall’s living room.    

“I can’t believe I’m off to graduate college, and your graduating high school.  It feels like just yesterday we were at my high school graduation.” She said, smoothing her hands out on her dress.  

“I know.” Niall mumbled. “I’m so proud of you cuddles, you did so good.” He said kissing me on the forehead.    

“Oh our baby’s graduating college honey, we’re so old.” My mom said.  

“Pictures.” Michel yelled.  

“Michel please don’t wake him up, I just put him to sleep.” Louis whined at his new wife kissing the side of her head.  

“Sorry Louis, just got excited.” Michele shrugged.  

“Well don’t get to excited, don’t want you giving birth in my fiancé’s living room.” I joked and Louis shot me a playful glare.    

“Not funny.” Michele said   

“Where are Harry and Casey?” Niall asked.  

“We’re right here.” Harry called walking out of the kitchen with a giggling Casey behind him.  

“Casey you’re shirts on backwards.” Niall scolded.  

She blushed, “Sorry Ni.”  

“Newlyweds.” Louis scoffed.  

“Don’t be mad cause I get some and you don’t.” Harry said.  

“Hey! Thats my sister your talking about.” Niall said.  


“Guys, Niall and I have an announcement.” Laramie said.  

Niall gave me a confused look, “I thought we agreed on another week.” He asked in my ear.  

“Now just seems right.” I shrugged.  

“What is it?” My dad asked, looking worried.    

“Niall and I are having a baby.” I stated.

“And we moved the wedding up.”  



“WHAT?!?” Screamed Harry. “You knocked up my baby sister?”   

“He sure did and I’m happy about it. I love him and we are getting married soon so it’s not a big deal.” I said wrapping my arm around Nialls waist.    

“We’re happy guys, our little family has just started and we want you all to support it, to be a part of it. Be happy for us too.” Niall said.  

“It’s just shocking. But it’s about time.” Casey said.   

“We love you all so much, please don’t forget that.” I said before going around and hugging everybody in the room before coming back to Niall.  I rapped my arms around him and leaned up on my tiptoes and planted a soft kiss on his lips then smiled at him.      

“Lets go get you that diploma Cuddles.”  

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