The A Team

"By Matinee I love you! Daddy will be here to pick you up at 3 ok?" I ask kissing my daughters forehead.
"Ok mommy" she says before she runs off to the middle of the field to start football practice. (Soccer)
"She looks so much like you" Niall says as I open the car door.

"Yeah I guess, but she has your eyes, and let's hope she doesn't play like me haha" I laugh as I put the car in reverse. Niall snorts really loud. "Ha yeah, lets pray, not hope Hahaahaha" He cackled.
"Do you remember my first practice annnnd the first time we met?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye"How can I forget, it was the first time I ever saw my soul mate. And broke a bone." He whispered the last part.
"HAY it's not my fault your face was in the way" I laugh
"Oh yea blame it on that" He teased.

{ 9 years earlier }


9. Chapter 8 - Part 2

Laramie’s Outfit:
Hanna’s, Justin’s, and Niall’s outfits:. Outfit:
Casey’s Outfit:

By the time Casey was done with me Hanna had arrived fully dressed and looking absolutely beautiful.
“Why does everyone know what this is but me!?!” I whined.
“Because Niall wants to tell you.” Casey said. “Your all done now. You need to go next door really quick though, Niall says he needs to talk.” She said.
“Okay.” I said, walking next door and knocking.
Justin opened the door with a big smile on his face, “Niall is going to have a stroke tonight. You look amazing.” He said.
“Thanks Justin, you aren’t too bad yourself.” I said. “Is Niall in?” I asked.
“Yeah, he’s in the living room. You can just go on in, I’m going to hang with the girls.” He said walking next door.
I walked inside to see Niall sitting on his couch running his hands through his hair and smiling.
“Hey there blondie.” I said softly, giving him small wave.
“Hey cudd-“ He stopped when he spun around and saw me standing there.
“Whoa, you look absolutely stunning.” He said, running his hands through his hair again.
“Why do you look so nervous? We aren’t running off and getting married are we?” I teased.
“If only I was so lucky.” He said.
“So what exactly are we doing tonight that requires such a dress code?” I asked.
“Well my parents are having this family dinner gala that they host every year and we were invited.” He said.
“Well you are there family.” I joked and Niall let out a nervous laugh.
“Why do you seem so nervous? Is everything okay?” I asked, walking over to him and grabbing both of his hands in mine. “You can tell me anything, you know.” I said.
“Yeah I know, it’s just there are two things to be nervous about and I don’t know which is making me the most terrified.” He said.
“Well start with the first one you think of next and then go from there.” I said.
“Okay. I got you something.” He said. “Turn around.” He said. When I did I felt something cold being placed on my neck and I looked down. When he clasped it shut he pulled my hair out and spun me back around and I was still staring at it.
“What do you think of it?” He asked.
“It’s so beautiful Niall that I just, I can’t take it.” I said.
“Too bad it’s yours. No give backs.” He smiled.
“It must have cost you a small fortune Niall.” I said.
“It was my grandmother’s. She told me to give it to my first love.” He said. 
“You love me?” I squeaked.
“I know we’ve only been officially began dating a few days ago but I guess when you know you just know. I understand if you aren’t ready to say it back because it’s so early in the relationship but I just thought you should know.” He said.
“This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me Niall, thank you. And I don’t know what love feels like but I think that I’m starting to feel it too.” I said.
“That’s a relief to know that you feel it, even if it’s just a little bit.” He sighed. “And there’s one more thing I have to say.” He said.
“Wow there’s more?”I teased.
“Shut up Laramie or else I may not get through this.” He laughed.
“I love you, you know that now. And to prove how much I love you I want to make you a promise, a promise to stay true to you and only you until you personally kick me out of your life.” He said.
“Oh my goodness you just outdid yourself. You broke your own record.” I said.
“Be quiet there’s more. I want you to remember that I’m with you always, no matter how far apart we are, I am with you.” He said.
“Stop breaking your own record before I start crying.” I said sniffing and hugging him. “Niall this is so perfect, I couldn’t ask for anyone better than you.” I said.
“I don’t think you understand how backwards you have it.” He mumbled into my hair and kissed my temple.
“Now let’s go before my sister has a fit.” He said.
“Let’s.” I said.

** ** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** 
The moment we pulled into the parking lot of this ‘Family dinner gala’ I knew what type of people his parent’s were, too rich for their own good.
Niall smiled at me from his seat in his car and squeezed my hand, “It’s going to be okay, the girls are here and so am I.” He said. We took his car and everyone else took Hanna’s car.
“I know it’s just, I’m nervous to meet them. What if they don’t like me?” I asked.
“I don’t give a damn if they love you or hate you because I only care about one person’s opinion at this party, my grandmother’s and I know she’ll adore you.” He smiled.
“This grandmother.” I asked, pointing to the necklace on my neck.
“The one and only. You two are going to get along so great.” He laughed.
“That’s a relief. Someone here will like me at least.” I said.
“She won’t like you, she’ll love you. Maybe even more than she loves me.” He said.
“Not possible. Now let’s get this over with, your reward is awaiting you at home.” I said, as he helped me out of his car.
“Oh my reward. I forgot about that.” He said.
“Well I didn’t and I think you’ll love it.” I said.
“Well then let’s make our way in shall we.” He said.
As soon as we walked in there was a man at the door to take our coats and another offering us champagne, I took a glass and chugged it and Niall looked at with his eyebrow raised.
“What? I’m just trying to take the edge off.” I said.
“You are so fricking cute, I just can’t even…” He said laughing
“Can we get your parents out of the way so I can meet your amazing grandmother?” I asked.
“Yes sure.” He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to a man and woman who very much resembled Niall and Casey.
“Mother, you look lovely. Father, it’s nice to see you. This is Laramie Styles, my girlfriend.” He said. 
“Girlfriend?” Niall’s Mother asked. “I was not aware that you had a girlfriend, Niall. Why did you not introduce us earlier?” She said.
“Well we were waiting for this lovely even to tell you.” Niall said.
“Well you did great Niall she’s a looker.” His father said and I blushed.
“So how old are you?” His mother asked.
“Mother,” Niall said in a warning tone.
“Niall, it’s okay. I’m fifteen Mrs. Horan” I said squeezing his hand.
“Fifteen. Niall that’s your sister’s age! Surely this isn’t a real relationship!?!” His Mother gasped.
“And that is the reason that we weren’t going to tell you. It was nice to see you Mom, Dad.” Niall said, pulling me away.
“Niall wait, let me defend myself.” I said.
“Why? Her opinion has no meaning to me, Laramie.” He said.
“Well it has meaning to me! I would like to make a good impression and you are not helping.” I said.
“Let the girl speak, Niall.” His father said.
“Thank you, Mr. Horan. Mrs. Horan, I know that I seem young because well I am. But a number does not define me as a person, age is just a number. I believe that I love your son and he loves me and that is all that matters in this world that is filled with anger, war, and snobbery. It does not matter to your son what you think of me but it does to me because whether you’re in his life or not he cares for you and I care for him. I know that he loves you and he secretly wants you’re approval and I would be forever in your debt.” I said.
“Well I suppose I can consider it and we can have brunch tomorrow? Is that okay for the two of you?” His father said.
“I think that’s a lovely idea Mr. Horan.” I said. “Thank you for hearing me out, as well.” I said.
“Alright, let’s go find my grandmother.” Niall said, pulling me away from his parents and towards the dining hall.
“Niall I thought we were looking for your grandmother, why are we going to the dining hall?” I asked.
“Because, Granny Mel hates crowds so she usually hides away in the dining hall.” He said.
“So Mel is short for?” I asked as we walked into the big room.
“It’s short for Melony, darling. Niall is that you? You’ve gotten so handsome!” An elderly woman sitting at the end of the dining table said.
“Grams, how’ve you been?” Niall said, letting me go and hugging his grandmother.
“I’ve been fine, but you seem to have been doing better. Who is this young woman?” Mel asked.
“This is my girlfriend, Laramie.” Niall said, pulling me into his side and wrapping his arm around my waist.
“I see she’s wearing my necklace, Niall. Have you told her?” She asked.
“Yes I did Grams.” He said.

“Niall! Niall! Mom needs us to stand by here for some stupid toast. Oh hi Grams!” Casey said.
“Casey, you’re looking as pretty as a peach this evening.” Mel said.
“You aren’t looking to bad either Grams. Hey Laramie, Hanna and Justin were looking for you earlier but I think they stopped to make out in a coat closet. Anyways, you don’t mind if I steal lover boy do you?” She asked.
“No it’s fine. I’ll stay here and keep your Grandmother company, if she’ll keep me.” I said. 
“Yes do stay, Laramie. I would like to learn more about the girl who stole my grandson’s heart and you can call me Mel.” She said.
“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Niall whispered in my ear.
“I’ll be fine. Don’t anger your parents anymore, be nice. I’ll see you in a little bit.” I said, kissing his cheek. Niall pulled me closer and attacked my lips and I felt my cheeks burn.
“Okay no sucking face you two! I swear you two are becoming inseparable!” Casey groaned and threw her hands in the air before pulling Niall away.
“So Laramie, have a seat and tell me more about you.” Mel said.
I sat down and smiled at the woman in front of me. She had white blonde hair and Niall’s kind blue eye, her teeth white and pearly.
“So what are you interested in? Any hobbies, sports?” She asked.
“Well I am on the football team at my school and I like to draw sometimes. Though I’m not really the best at football Niall’s helped me a lot with it.” I said.
“So how are you in school, smart, average, dumb?” She asked and I laughed.
“Well I guess I can be smart sometimes and other times I can have my dim moments. I take a few advanced classes, one with Niall, and I can honestly say I’m doing very well in them.” I said.
“And you live with?” She asked.
“My cousin Michel. She’s just started university and her parents say they didn’t want to be lonely but I know they really want me to watch over her.” I said.
“So you don’t live with your parents?” She inquired.
“No m’am. They thought me moving her would be a good experience for what living without them would be like.” I stated with a laugh.
“Do you love my grandson, Laramie?” She dove right into that one causing to take in a breath.
“Earlier today when he gave me a speech about being the first one he’s let in his heart I started to think that loving him was a possibility. When he gave me your necklace and explained just how much he loved it made me feel special and unique, something I often feel with him. No one has ever treated me the way he has, and I love him for that. I’m just scared to tell him that I love him because we’re so young and this relationship has just barely started, how could I fall for him so quickly?” I said.
“Well love is love, dear. No matter how old or new, it’s there in your heart and there is no going back now. Embrace it. Tell him how you feel before it’s too late.” She said. “I think that you are the right girl for him, Laramie. But the two of you are new at the love thing and I think you should both be patient with each other.” She patted my hand and gave me a smile which I returned.
“Have you been invited to Saturday brunch?” She asked.
“Yes, just a few moments before we came to find you. Will you be there?” I asked.
“Of course, it’s at my home.” She laughed.
The dining room started to flood as Mel told me embarrassing stories about Niall when he was barely old enough to know better.
“Did he really attempt that?” I laughed.
“Yes and he was so upset when he found out he couldn’t fly like superman did in all of the cartoons. He came up to me with tears in his eyes, a scraped knee, and the most adorable pout.” She said.
“Are you telling her about my forbidden years, Grams?” Niall asked.
“Of course I am, Niall. You were a troublesome child and this young lady needs to know the mischief she’s getting into.” Mel said.
“Well Grams I hate to do this but I need to steal my love away, there has been an emergency at my flat and we need to get back as soon as we can.” He said.
“Oh dear, what’s happened?” I asked.
“I don’t know they just said to get down there as soon as we could so we better hurry.” He said.
“Go dear, he obviously wants his alone time with you. Who wouldn’t with your looks. I’ll cover for you two just leave before your mother finds out you’re planning on escaping.” Mel said.
“It was nice to meet you Mel.” I said, giving her a hug.
“Nice to see you Grams! Bye Grams!” Niall said, pulling me out of the dining hall and out of the building. While the valet was getting the car Niall’s face was buried in my neck and he was leaving little soft kisses making me giggle.

“Niall what are you doing?” I said, attempting to get his lips to leave my lips and to find mine.
“I missed you cuddles.” He whispered in my ear.
“You were gone for ten minutes!” I exclaimed.
“Ten minutes too long.” He said, grabbing my hand and opening the car door for me.
On the way back to his flat he had his hand on my knee and he kept smiling over at me. 
“She loved you, you know?” He said.
“Mel. I loved her as well, she was so funny.” I said.
“What embarrassing story did she tell you?” He groaned.
“Not allowed to say, superman.” I tried to hold in my giggle and he whined.
“No! That was so awful, my dreams were crushed after that.” He complained, pulling into his parking spot. Niall hopped out of the car and came to open my door and grabbed my hand pulling me out.
“Let’s go cuddles.” He said, kissing my cheek.
I wasn’t nervous at all until he said that. It was like all the nerves had been lying dormant and those words were the key to the floodgates. I nodded my head and gulped. Neither of us had said in definite words what was about to happen but the tension in the air said it all. We walked into his flat and back to his room, him loosening his tie and then taking it off before grabbing me and smashing his lips to mine. I let him kiss me for a good solid ten minutes before I remembered the bag in the towel closet.
“Niall. Niall stop.” I said. His lips didn’t stop they just moved to my neck.
“Niall I have to pee, please stop kissing me.” I said.
“Fine. Pee quickly, I have to lock the deadbolt anyways.” He said getting up and walking out of the room.
I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the bag out of the closet, putting on the little lingerie set Casey made me buy. I looked in the mirror and fluffed my hair up a bit, giving myself a pep talk in my head.
“Laramie, stop running from me.” I heard Niall say from his room.
It was now or never, sink or swim. I stepped out and saw Niall with his back to me, placing his watch on his dresser and taking off his shirt.
“Laramie, I want you to know we don’t have to do-“ He turned to see me and his eyes widened.
“Wow, that is not my t-shirt.” He said.
“No, this cost more than a t-shirt.” I giggled.
“Um, does this mean that you want to…“ He asked.
“Niall I don’t think that I’m fully ready for sex yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” I said.
“So you want foreplay until you’re ready for the real deal? I can go for that. Now come here and let me rip that thing to shreds, cuddles.” He said, grabbing at my waist and pulling me close.
“Hey blondie, this thing cost me an arm and a leg. Well it cost your sister an arm and a leg, she forced me to take it though.” I said.
“No more talking, missy.” He mumbled into my neck. His lips started to travel lower to my collar bones and I started to talk.
“Did you know that the Blue Whale is the largest known mammal that has ever lived? Or that Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant in the world?” I rambled.
“Quit being smart, you’re killing the mood.” He laughed.
“Sorry, I’m just nervous.” I said.
“Why?” He asked moving his hands up my shirt.
“Because this is new to me and I love you and what if I am really bad at this and I love you.” I rambled out.
“For one thing you just told me you loved me… twice. And there is no way that you can be bad at this, cuddles. Just trust your instincts.” He said, kissing my forehead.
“Okay.” I said.
He moved his lips from my forehead to my lips and I kissed him back. ‘This is just like making out.’ I thought until Niall’s hands went to my thighs and he started to move them inward. ‘Nope this is not like making out, I take that back.’ I yelled in my head.
Niall took of his pants and I took of the lingerie top leaving me in my underwear.
“Okay those have to go.” He said, pointing to my underwear.
“As soon as yours go.” I said.
“On three?” He asked.

And then we were naked.
“So this,” He said trailing his finger past my panty line. “Is why you needed help getting out of the car earlier.” He laughed.
“Yes and if you keep laughing you’ll be getting waxed next.” I said.
“Only if you told me to, because I love you.”
“And I love you.” I said.
And then there was no need for words.

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