The A Team

"By Matinee I love you! Daddy will be here to pick you up at 3 ok?" I ask kissing my daughters forehead.
"Ok mommy" she says before she runs off to the middle of the field to start football practice. (Soccer)
"She looks so much like you" Niall says as I open the car door.

"Yeah I guess, but she has your eyes, and let's hope she doesn't play like me haha" I laugh as I put the car in reverse. Niall snorts really loud. "Ha yeah, lets pray, not hope Hahaahaha" He cackled.
"Do you remember my first practice annnnd the first time we met?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye"How can I forget, it was the first time I ever saw my soul mate. And broke a bone." He whispered the last part.
"HAY it's not my fault your face was in the way" I laugh
"Oh yea blame it on that" He teased.

{ 9 years earlier }


8. Chapter 8 - Part 1

“Niall I asked you what drugs? Why aren’t you answering me?” I asked.

“Because I don’t want you to be involved in all of this, Laramie.” He said.

“Well after your ‘Old friend’ called me a whore, I kind of think that I am involved in it, Niall. Now tell me what the hell was going on with you last night and what drugs?” I yelled.
Niall stood from his sisters couch and grabbed my hand, pulling me to her kitchen and grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge and started looking through all of her cabinets for something.
“Niall, what are you looking for? Why are you ignoring me?” I asked, sitting at the island in the middle of his sisters kitchen. Speaking of his sister, she had travelled to the back of her apartment.
“Christ Laramie, it’s eight in the morning and I have a hangover! Give me some time to find a painkiller of some sort and then maybe we’ll talk.” He snapped.
“Alright, you arse.” I said getting up and looking for my purse that had my painkillers in it for, you know, lady problems.
“Here. Now there’s no maybe to it, you take the pills and you talk.” I said slapping the pill bottle in his hand and then putting a hand on my hip. Niall took the pills and drank the rest of the water, before tossing it in the trash and putting the bottle on the counter.
“Can we talk in the living room please? I need to sit down.” He said.
“Sure.” I said and we went into his sisters living room and sat on her couch.
“Who called you a whore and what was wrong with me last night?” He asked.
“For one, I was supposed to be the one asking questions and two you were a horny bastard.” I laughed.
“Oh god, I didn’t hurt you or force you to do anything did I?” He asked, grabbing my hand.
“Well you tried but I sort of shot you down. And no I was not hurt at all last night.” I said.
“Okay now who called you a whore, it wasn’t me right? I swear if Casey-“ I cut him off.
“Surprisingly she was very helpful and there may be a bit of a friendship developing there. Ed called me a whore, not you.” I said. “I was taking you home and you were upset and thought that I didn’t want you cause I didn’t sleep with you and Ed just comes running up to us and starts demanding for money. I may have went off on him and he called me bitch and a whore. He tried to hit me as well but you stopped that from happening, but he did kick you. How’s your side?” I asked.
He lay his head on my shoulder and sighed, “It doesn’t hurt to bad right now, but I’m sure I’ll feel it later.” He said.
“Are you going to tell me about these drugs and the money you owe Ed, Niall?” I asked. 
There was no reply so I looked down to see Niall’s eyes closed and his breathing peaceful and slow. He looked so cute and vulnerable when he was asleep and I didn’t dare to wake him no matter how angry I was at him.
Casey made her way from the back of her house and smiled at us, “Did he tell you?” She asked.
“No he fell asleep before we got that far. He is so impossible sometimes.” I laughed and I played with his fingers.
“Yeah, that’s gross. We may be cool now, but I don’t want to hear about how impossible and cute my brother is.” She said.
“Fair enough. Why are you dressed, where you heading?” I asked.
“We are going to the park, so we can get to know each other. So I’ll know you will treat my idiot brother right.” She said.
“Okay, but can you help get him off of me? I’m kind of stuck here.” I said.
“Sure.” She smiled.
Casey grabbed Niall by the shoulders and pulled him back so I could stand up, but I was pulled back down. “Laramie.” Niall said in his sleep. “No cuddles, stay with me forever.” He murmured and pulled me closer to him.
“Eww he called you cuddles!” Casey yelled.
“He’s never called me that before, who knew he was a softie?” I smiled. 
“Alright Casey if you don’t want to witness the PDA about to happen I suggest you enter another room.” I said.
“What are you going to kiss him until he wakes up?” She asked.
“Yes, now scatter and we will be leaving in the next twenty minutes.” I said.
When Casey left the room with a look of disgust on her face I turned to Niall and smiled, attaching my lips to his. It took a minute or two but he slowly started to respond to my lips, “Laramie.” He groaned.
“Yes love?” I giggled.
“Why are you being so evil?” He asked.
“Because you fell asleep on me and I need to go.” I said, playing with his hair.
“But cuddles, I want you to stay with me.” He whined.
“No, I have to go to the park with your sister. We’re going on a girl date.” I joked.

“She can’t have you, your mine. Cuddles! Cuddle with me.” He said.
“Niall if you don’t let me up I won’t reward you later.” I teased.
“Reward? What kind of reward?” He perked up.
“Well you won’t find out if you don’t let me go now will you?” I said.
“No, I guess not. Be back soon, though. I’ll miss you cuddles.” He said, letting me up.
“I’ll miss you too.” I said, kissing his nose. “Oh and I love the new name, blondie.” I joked.
“And I’m going to barf. Can we go now?” Casey asked from the door way.
“Yes we can, bye Niall.” I said.
“Bye cuddles, and by little sister.” He said before falling back asleep on the couch.
“Dork.” We both said at the same time. I looked at Casey and she smiled at me and then we both busted out laughing.
As soon as we got into her car I remembered what I wanted to ask her the night before, “Hey Casey, how can you drive if we’re the same age?” I asked.
“Niall and I got emancipated and when that happens you can get your license early. It’s the most amazing thing in the world and I’m glad we did it.” She said, turning the dial on the radio.
“So what park are we going to?” I asked.
“We aren’t. Well we are but we’re going to the mall first. Whatever you want on me, love.” She said.
“But I can’t take your money.” I said.
“Well it’s my parents money, and either way I’m going to buy more that I should so it’s okay, they can afford it.” She laughed.
“Plus, you can buy Niall a little something too.” She said.
“Fine, but I’m not buying anything too expensive.” I said, caving.
“Atta girl.” She said.
** ** *** ** 
I had never been to the mall Casey and I were currently in before. It was big and filled with designer stores and not a single person looked like they couldn’t afford to be here. Casey had drug me through Burberry, Dolce & Gabbanna, Acne, and Prada so far and making me purchase at least one thing from each place. 
“Isn’t this fun? Oh look Victoria Secret!!! Let’s go find something for Niall in there!” She yelled, running straight for it.
“Oh lord help me.” I said as I walked over the threshold and into the unfamiliar store.
“I am not buying anything in here for Niall. It’s all lingerie, what would he do with lingerie?” I asked
“It’s what he’s going to do to you while you’re in the lingerie we’re worried about.” She said.
“Now let’s get you some bra’s and underwear for you and then you can get a little something to wear when you’re with Niall.” She said.
“But I’m not ready to have sex with him.” I said.
“Well you don’t have to go all the way to sex, you don’t have to do anything with him that you don’t want, Laramie. It just feels nice to look nice around your man sometimes.” She said.
“You’re fifteen, how do you know this?” I said.
“Because, like you, I am more mature than I should be at this age. Now let’s get to shopping.” She said.
** *** ** *
I had learned so much about sex and the things you can do with guys without doing the actual deed in that Victoria Secret that I was afraid to ever be in twenty feet of another one ever again.
“Okay now that you have a dress to wear, undergarments, shoes and accessories, I think it’s time for a Mani pedi and waxing. Then we can have lunch and go to the park.” Casey said as she pulled into a salon parking lot and turning off her car.
“C’mon we’re almost done.” She said when I groaned.
“But my feet hurt! Why are we doing all of this anyways? Is there something that you’re not telling me?” I said, narrowing my eyes.
“Nope, just a girls day.” She lied.
“Bull. But I’ll go with it.” I said, getting out of her car.
“You just made my life easier.” She said.
“Aha, so there is something?” I said.
“Maybe, but we’re on a schedule so let’s go.” She said.
** *** ** **

Niall’s Pov:
After I heard Casey’s car pull off I let out a groan and stood. I knew that I needed to take care of my business with Ed before she brought Laramie back to see me. How was I suppose to explain this to her? The drugs, the money? I was going to lose her if I wasn’t careful and I couldn’t let that happen, so I would tell her tonight.
I got in my car and went to the bank to get some cash and then drove straight to Ed’s place, getting out of the car ready to kill him for even thinking of harming her.
“Hey Niall! You have my money, mate?” He yelled.

“Yes I do.” I said throwing a punch that landed on his jaw and then throwing the money at him on the ground.
“Here’s the deal, Ed. You don’t come within a hundred feet of her lawn, you don’t come within a two hundred feet of her, you don’t speak of her, you don’t think about her. You don’t even dare try to talk to her. And that applies to her friend and her cousin, understood?” I said.
“You really like her don’t you Horan? Well that’s touching.” He said.
“Do you understand me!?!” I yelled.
“Yes I do. Now leave Niall before we get into another squabble and this time I get up and kick your arse.” He said.
I walked away and got into my car pulling out my phone and checking the time. I saw that there a few missed calls from my mother so I called pack and pulled out of Ed’s drive.
“Niall darling, there is a family function tonight and I expect you and your sister to be there, understood?” My mother’s sickening sweet voice came over the line and I scoffed. 
“Of course, Mother.” I said.
“Will you have a date, Niall? Or will one need to be arranged?” She said.
“I have a date mother, goodbye.” I said.
“It’s starts at eight, dear. Don’t be late.” She said.
I hung up the phone and sent Casey a text to get Laramie whatever she needed and then pulled into Laramie’s drive. I got out and knocked on the door hoping that Michel was in and that I wouldn’t have to call. She answered the door with a groggy face and rubbed her eyes.
“Why are you not in school?” She asked me.
“Because we have weeks break every month, some dumb rule. Anyways can I come in, we need to talk.” I said.
“Yeah, c’mon in.” She said. “Well if you don’t have school then where is my little cousin?” She asked.
“With my sister.” I said sitting on her couch.
“The psycho?”She screeched.
“They bonded over chick flicks and ice cream last night and are out shopping right now. Look I have to ask your permission for two things, one there is a family dinner that I need to go to tonight and I would love it if Laramie could accompany me.” I said.
“That’s cool, she’ll probably just crash with your sister or something after, right?” She asked.
“Yeah sure. The second thing is I kind of want to give her something and it’s a big deal and I wanted to ask if it bothered you that I was giving her this.” I said pulling out my grandmother’s.
“Wow that looks expensive.” She said.
“It wasn’t, it was my grandmother’s. I wanted her to know that she can trust me and that no matter where she goes she has a piece of me.” I said and Michel smiled.
“Well that’s sweet, I’m sure she’ll love it.” Michel said.
“So that’s a yes?” I asked, putting it back in my pocket.
“Sure kid, just don’t break her heart.” Michel said.
“That’s a promise I can make to you that I know I’ll keep.” I smiled.
** ** ** ** ** ** **
Laramie’s pov:

Waxing hurt. It really really hurt. I limped back to Casey’s car and winced when I sat down.
“Casey, I don’t think I can make it to the park.” I groaned as she pulled off.
“Yeah I don’t care about the park, your coming back to mine so I can do your hair and make-up.” She laughed.
“But I need a shower so I’ll go to Niall’s first.” I said.
“What’s wrong with my shower?” She said.
“It doesn’t have Niall in it.” I said.
“That is just tmi, Laramie. You can shower in his shower if you want, but only because you need to put the lingerie bag in his closet.” She said.
“Okay deal, you distract him while I do that and then I’ll use his shower.” I said.

We pulled up to the complex and I groaned, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to get out of the car. “Casey, I need Niall to carry me!” I whined.
“Niall your girlfriend is unable to walk and needs assistance.” She yelled while laughing and grabbing the bags out of her car.
“Why? What did you do to her? Is she hurt? Casey I will kill you if she is hurt?” He said, running to my side of the car.
“Whoa Kujo, she’s fine. Just some girl troubles.” She laughed.
Niall opened the door and gave me a small smile, “Hey Cuddles.” He said.
“Hi Kujo. Help me.” I said, weekly.
“Anything for my cuddles.” He said, kissing my nose.
“When you set her in your room come help me take these into my place.” Casey said giving me a wink.
“Yeah sure.” He said setting me on his bed.
“What’s in the bag, cuddles?” He asked, pointing to the bag on my lap.
“None of your business, blondie.” I said, ruffling his hair.
“Niall! I need your help! Quit sucking face with your girlfriend and help me.” Casey yelled from outside.
“She is such a pain.” He said kissing me. “I’ll be right back.” 
“Okay, I’ll be naked and in your shower.” I mumbled the last part.
It took me a little while to stand and I made it to his bathroom and hid the bag in his towel closet in the back. After that I stripped from my clothes and hopped in his shower, squealing at the cold water. When it finally got warm I sighed and relished in the comforting heat. I washed my hair and was about to move to my body when the curtain flung open. 
“Fancy running into you here.” Niall joked.
“Haha, not funny Horan. What are you doing in my shower?” I said.

“This is my shower. And I haven’t seen my cuddles all day, I missed her.” He pouted and kissed my forehead.

“I’m going to try my hardest and ignore the fact that you aren’t wearing any clothes and that Niall junior is out in the open.” I said turning to face the shower head and washing my face.
“I’m not ignoring your nakedness and neither is Niall junior.” He whispered.
“And that’s my cue to leave.” I said but Niall’s hands were on my waist and pulling me to his chest before I could leave.
“Not a chance, moppet.” He said, kissing my bare shoulder.
“Casey is in the next building, I could scream and she’d save me.” I gulped as he moved my hair and kissed my neck.
“Why do you always run away when things get heated?” He asked, spinning me around and pinning me to the wall of the shower and kissing my collar bone.
“Bec-cause. I don’t want my first time with you, with anyone to be on a table top in a bar or in a shower. I want it to at least be comfortable.” I said. Niall’s lips stopped and he smiled at me.
“Virgin, huh?” He kissed my lips.
“Yeah, is that a problem?” I asked.
“No it’s perfect, your all mine and no one will have the pleasure of-“ He was cut off.
“Alright I need you two rabbits to stop. Laramie we are on a schedule and we are cutting our time short.
“I’ll see you later.” I said, kissing Niall and stepping out of the shower.
“This isn’t fair!” he whined.
“Oh hush, you need to get ready as well. Are Justin and Hanna coming?” She asked.
“I think so!” He yelled.
“Okay.” She said throwing one of Niall’s shirts at me.
“Use that until we get to Niall’s place.” She said.
I slipped the t-shirt on and we ran next door and into her apartment where she began her torture.

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