The A Team

"By Matinee I love you! Daddy will be here to pick you up at 3 ok?" I ask kissing my daughters forehead.
"Ok mommy" she says before she runs off to the middle of the field to start football practice. (Soccer)
"She looks so much like you" Niall says as I open the car door.

"Yeah I guess, but she has your eyes, and let's hope she doesn't play like me haha" I laugh as I put the car in reverse. Niall snorts really loud. "Ha yeah, lets pray, not hope Hahaahaha" He cackled.
"Do you remember my first practice annnnd the first time we met?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye"How can I forget, it was the first time I ever saw my soul mate. And broke a bone." He whispered the last part.
"HAY it's not my fault your face was in the way" I laugh
"Oh yea blame it on that" He teased.

{ 9 years earlier }


6. Chapter 6

The next morning when I got to school I barely made it through the door before I was snatched away by someone. My first instinct was to scream but when I looked up and saw Niall I relaxed a little.
“What the hell, Niall? You can’t just go around snatching people up and-“ His lips slammed on, cutting me off.
“Niall you can’t just go around cutting me off either! What has gotten into you today?” I asked. Niall’s hands moved my hair away from my neck and he took a deep breath before closing his eyes.
“Niall what’s wrong?” I asked him.
He buried his head in my neck and kissed it softly, “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked quietly.
“Niall I don’t know what you’re talking about?” I was confused and angry because he wasn’t answering me.
“My sister did this to you? Because if she didn’t I need to know who did so I can hurt them, Laramie.” He said.
Suddenly I remembered the bruises on my neck caused by his sister. I was scared of what he would do to her, scared that he would hurt her. “How did you know?” I whispered, hanging my head trying to avoid his gaze.
“Because Hanna sent a picture to Justin who sent it to me, Laramie. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is who did it to you. Was it my sister?” He said, putting his finger under my chin and lifting my head up to meet his angry gaze.
“Yes. But please don’t hurt her! I can’t stand the thought of you hurting someone you love because of me.” I begged.
“I swear to… why on earth did she do this to you!?! What did she say?” He asked.
“She told me to stay away from you because you were dangerous and that it was for my own good. What does she mean by that Niall?”

“It isn’t anything that you need to worry about right now, Laramie. I promise that I’ll tell you later but now is not the time. Plus the bell is going to ring any minute and I would like to walk you to class.” He said grabbing my hand.

“Fine, I’ll let you off the hook for now, but I expect answers mister.” I said, walking with him.

“I promise. Now what class am I taking you to?” He asked.

“Well I have History with Mr. Reed first.” I said.

“I had him freshman year too! He hated me and it might be best if he didn’t know you knew me or else you might fail.” He joked.

I stood in front of him beside the door of my first class and smiled, “Well I have a feeling it will be like that with all of my teachers.” I teased, kissing his cheek.

“Maybe, maybe not. But it’s a safe bet to go with maybe.” He said.

“Well all the freshman are staring at you, frightened. Maybe you should leave the freshman hall before they all pee themselves.” I said.

“Okay, I can take a hint. Bye love.” He said, pecking my lips. “I’ll see you after class, okay?” He asked.

“Yes you will.” I said kissing him again.

“Miss Styles would you please stop sucking Mr. Horan’s face and enter the classroom. Mr. Horan I do believe you have a class to get to, now would be the time to get there.” Mr. Reed said.

“Well there went my grade.” I whispered and gave Niall one last pack.

“Is that a new haircut Mr. Reed?” Niall joked.

Mr. Reed was bald, very bald. He had always been bald from what I heard and very sensitive about the topic at that.

“Very funny Mr. Horan, unless you want detention I suggest you leave.” Mr. Reed said.

I walked into the classroom and Niall peeked his head in as the bell rang. “Bye Laramie! I’ll see you after class, babe.” And Mr. Reed shoed him out.

I shrank in my chair and tried to hide my blush as everyone laughed and stared at me. “Miss Styles I suggest you keep a tighter leash on that boy of yours. Now class let’s get started on this week’s assignment.” He said.

** ** ** *** ** **

After History was over I walked out ignoring the jokes and comments people were making about Niall and I.

“I bet he’s just trying to get in her pants.” One girl said.

“Why? She’s not even pretty enough to be with a senior, let alone Niall Friggin Horan!” She laughed.

Another group of girls thought I was being a slag and sleeping with Niall and Justin, I mean that’s just gross.

I walked out of the room, ready to flee to the girl’s restroom with tears in my eyes when I bumped into someone. “Whoa there, love. Why are you in such a hurry?” Niall asked.

I shook my head and placed my forehead on his shoulder hugging his waist. “Hey what’s wrong?” He asked. “Did baldy make you cry, because I will hurt him?” He said. I shook my head and told him about the girls who were still in the classroom. Niall let me go and walked in the classroom and over to the group of girls slapping his hands on the table. 
“So you’re that jealous huh?” He laughed, but it was a laugh with no humor in it. A cold laugh. 
“We have no clue what you’re talking about, Horan.” One girl said.

“Oh really? So you didn’t say that I was just trying to get in Laramie’s pants and that she was a slag. You sure because I would think twice before you answer that question, freshman.” He said.

“So what if we did, Horan. It’s the truth she’s sleeping with you and Justin, how did you not know that?!? She doesn’t deserve you!” Another girl said.

“Oh and you think you do?” She nodded. “Newsflash for you girls, I like my women to be just that women. Not little immature school girls who like to hurt people with gossip and lies. I also like them with brains and it’s clear none of you have any of that so I think that’s a deal breaker. Now the next time I hear Laramie’s name come out of your mouth other then you telling her how stunningly beautiful she is every day, then I would worry about your reputation at this school, understood.” They all nodded and Niall walked back over to me grabbing my bag with one hand and my hand with his other.

“C’mon, you’ll be late to your next class if we don’t hurry. What do you have?” He asked, clearly still mad.

“Um I have advanced music with Mrs. Ross.” I mumbled.

“Wow my girls got talent, I have that class too.” Niall teased, suddenly back to his normal self.

“Yeah, I guess that’s cool.” I mumbled.

“Look Laramie, I’m sorry about those stupid girls.” He said.

“That’s not the problem Niall, I can defend myself. I don’t need you going around and beating up the bad guys, I’m a big girl.” I said.

He sighed as we walked into the classroom and sat down in the seat next to you. “I’m sorry but it’s kind of a habit to protect the important people in my life. And right you are important people.” He said.

“Okay but still, I can take care of myself because according you I am a woman.” I said.

“Yes you are, some times. Other times you are quite immature.” He joked.

“Alright class, time to quiet down and get started.” Mrs. Ross said.

** ** ** ** ** ** * *** ** **

Niall walked me to all my classes for the rest of the day and ate lunch with you, Hanna, and Justin.

At the end of the day you were walking out with Hanna when I saw Niall and Justin on the front steps of the school. I gave Niall a wave and a small smile and he returned it, but then started to walk towards me and Hanna, Justin in tow.

“Laramie, I know the two of you weren’t about to walk home were you?” He asked.

“Well what would happen if I said we were.” I said.

“Then I would carry you to my car and make Justin take Hanna home and then I would have to lecture you, for the third time, about walking home.” He said

“Well I guess I go willingly since today I am wearing a skirt. Goodbye Hanna, Justin.” I said and grabbed Niall’s hand.

“You are so impossible sometimes you know.” I said and Niall laughed.

“I could say the exact same about you Laramie.” He said.

“Whatever, drive me home peasant.” I said.

“Oh no, it’s gone to her head.” He joked.

“Guess I’ll have to walk home alone then, since no one wants me.” I teased, dramatically. Niall stopped laughing and pulled me to him.

“I want you. And there is no way on earth I would let you walk home all by yourself.” He said, kissing my nose.

When he finally pulled into my drive I smiled at him and kissed his cheek, “So I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” I asked

“No. You’ll see me in an hour when I pick you up.” He said.

“What? Why are you picking me up?” I asked.

“Because we have a date. Goodbye love.” He said.

** ** ** **

I was a nervous wreck the whole time I was doing my homework, awaiting my date with Niall. I changed into some jeans and a t-shirt leaving the rest of me the same. I tried to watch some tv to calm my nerves but it wasn’t working. Where were we going? What were we doing? Were there going to be other people? What if it was a party? The doorbell’s shrill ring brought me out of my trance.

When I opened the door Niall was standing there in a t-shirt and a tan colored pair of pants, a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a smile on his face.

“You look so beautiful.” He said.

“Niall I’m wearing a t-shirt and some ratty old jeans, how can I look beautiful?” I asked.

“Because you always look beautiful. Now come on or we’ll be late.” He said.

“What will we be late for?” I asked, placing the flowers on the table beside me and grabbing my coat.

“Nice try, but it’s a surprise.” He winked and opened my car door.

“Well do I at least get a hint?” I asked.

“No.” He said, pulling out of my driveway.
“Okay, I need music if we’re going to be much longer.” I said fiddling with the radio.

A Bruno Mars song came on and I bobbed my head to the beat and drummed my fingers on my knee while looking out the window. I heard Niall chuckle and I turned to look at him.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re just adorable that’s all.” He said.

“So I’m funny and adorable? Yay Laramie.” I cheered and he laughed.

The song ended and we pulled up to an apartment complex, it was huge and looked really sophisticated. Niall opened my door and walked me to a door to an apartment, pulling out his key and opening the door.

The inside was clean with the exception of a few shoes under a table and some books on the couch.

“This is a really nice place. Where’s your family?” I asked.

“I live by myself.” He said taking off his jacket and throwing his keys on the table.

“But what about Casey, and your parent’s, where do they live?” I asked.

“Well Casey lives next door and my parents live in a house a few miles away.” He said.

“Why don’t you live with them?” He asked.

“Because they hate kids and they don’t want us to ruin their career’s so they just set us up here for free. They own the complex so it doesn’t cost them anything but they gave us credit cards to keep us out of their hair.” He said.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“No it’s better this way. I like being my own boss, it’s nice.” He smiled.

“Now let’s go make dinner.” He said.

** ** *** **

Niall and I made a mess in his kitchen making our dinner and had fun cleaning it up. When we sat down to eat we looked at each other and laughed. “You look a right mess, Niall.” I said.

“Me? You have some sort of powder in your hair and sauce on your nose.” He laughed.

“This is going to be fun to explain to Michel when I get home.” I said.

Niall put his fork down and his face got serious, “About that. Michel called me earlier today and asked me to keep you for the night. Something about a retreat for students a few towns over and she didn’t want you to be all alone with her so far away and I agree with her. So she dropped some of your clothes off and we can swing by yours to pick up your school stuff in the morning.” He said.

“Okay.” I said.

“You aren’t mad that we set this up without you knowing? Or that you have to stay alone with me?” He asked.

“No, why? I think it’ll be fun to stay the night, like a sleepover.” I said, finishing my food.

“That is a major relief. I thought you would be mad and make me take you to Hanna’s or something.” He said.

“No, this is fine.” I said.

“Well I can sleep on the couch if you want the bed.” He said.

“Niall, we’ve slept in the same bed before it’s no big deal.” I said. 
“Just checking to make sure you’re comfortable with all this.” He said.

“I am, now where is the shower so I can get all of this off me.” I said.

“It’s down the hall to the left; there should be towels in there.” He said.

“Do you need some help with the dishes before I go?” I asked.

“No just go shower.” He smiled.

After my shower I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me when I noticed I didn’t grab my clothes. I slowly walked out of the bathroom and towards the living room where I heard Niall watching the tv.

“Niall?” I asked.

“Yeah Laram- whoa.” He said covering his eyes.

“Niall I have a towel on, I’m not naked.” I said.

“Well um, sorry, um what did you need?” He stuttered.

“My clothes.” I giggled.

“Okay I’ll get them.” He said, his eyes still covered as he bumped into a table.

I sighed and walked over to him pulling his hands from his eyes. “Niall, it’s okay. I’m not going to kill you for seeing me in a towel. Just get my clothes you dork.” I laughed.

He went into what I assumed was his room and got my clothes. “Thank you, Niall.” I said.

“You are welcome.” He said.

** ** **

After Niall had taken a shower he crawled into his bed next to me and kissed my head. “Laramie, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked.

“Yes Niall. Now go to sleep we have school tomorrow.” I yawned.

“Goodnight girlfriend.” He said.

“Goodnight boyfriend.” I said, drifting into sleep.

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