The A Team

"By Matinee I love you! Daddy will be here to pick you up at 3 ok?" I ask kissing my daughters forehead.
"Ok mommy" she says before she runs off to the middle of the field to start football practice. (Soccer)
"She looks so much like you" Niall says as I open the car door.

"Yeah I guess, but she has your eyes, and let's hope she doesn't play like me haha" I laugh as I put the car in reverse. Niall snorts really loud. "Ha yeah, lets pray, not hope Hahaahaha" He cackled.
"Do you remember my first practice annnnd the first time we met?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye"How can I forget, it was the first time I ever saw my soul mate. And broke a bone." He whispered the last part.
"HAY it's not my fault your face was in the way" I laugh
"Oh yea blame it on that" He teased.

{ 9 years earlier }


18. Chapter 16 - Part 2


Niall and I finished our lunch and he walked me to the rest of my classes like the gentleman he was. It was around the time that we were supposed to go home Niall got a call.

“It’s Michele.” He mouthed to me after accepting the call. “Hey Michele, how’re you?” He said.

“Yeah sure I can have her home by then.” He smiled down at me. “Great see you then.” He said, hanging up the phone.

“What did Michele want?” I asked.

“She just said to have you home for dinner that’s all.” He said. “Now let’s go get that arm checked out, yeah.” He said kissing my nose.


** ** **

The drive to his parent’s house was filled with off key singing and hysterical laughter. When we pulled up his body tensed up and I gave him a sympathetic smile.

“It will be okay, I promise. He’s just looking at my arms and then we can go right after I promise. Just keep that in mind and please don’t start a fight with him tonight.” I said.

“Okay, but only because you need to be home before dinner.” He said.

“Well then we have to actually walk in the house if we want to leave it.” I joked.

“Right, let’s do that.” He said, opening his car door and walking around to my side repeating the action.

“Why do you always open the door for me? I though chivalry was dead.” I said getting out of the car. Niall smiled at me and grabbed my less burnt hand and kissing it.

“Not for you, I will always be a gentleman for you. I love you, Laramie.” He said. 

“I love you too.”

** ** **

“Maybe you should keep this one on watch son.” Niall’s father said whilst checking out my burns. “She’s a walking hazard.” He joked.

 I let out a laugh and looked over at Niall who wasn’t finding anything funny at all. I sent him a smile and he smiled back at me.

“Yeah I’m a clumsy one aren’t I?” I said.

“Well your fingers seem to be healing fine from last time but the burns need to be redressed every six to seven hours. Use this cream and then bandage over it and they should be healed in a few weeks, love. Niall you need to make sure she applies the bandages correctly, not too tight.”Thomas said.

“Alright, thank you Tom. Laramie time to go.” Niall said.

“Wait Niall, I was wondering if maybe you two would like to stay for dinner.” He said, handing me the cream.

“I’m sorry but we already have plans with Laramie’s cousin and I promised I’d have her there in the next hour. It’s about a thirty minute drive and I would like for Laramie to get some rest, it’s been a long day.” Niall said.

“But thank you for the offer, Thomas. Maybe another time?” I said.

“Yeah maybe. Goodbye you two, drive safe.” He smiled.

“We will. By Thomas.” Niall said grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.

“Slow down there speedy. We don’t really have to be back yet, right?” I said once we were outside.

“No it’s four and we have to be back at yours by seven thirty; I was serious about you getting some rest. We’ll go back to mine and you can take a shower and then you can lie down for a while before we head off for dinner, does that sound okay?” He asked.

“Yeah a nap with you sounds like heaven right about now.” I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Okay get in the car before you fall asleep right here.” He said.

“Fine. But you might have to be a gentleman and carry me.” I said.

“You are going to milk the heck out of the gentleman and chivalry thing aren’t you?” He joked, picking me up. 
“Yes I am.” I muttered.

** ** **

“Yes I am.” She muttered right before falling asleep.

I laughed and opened her door setting her inside the car, reclining the seat back so she could sleep. Once she was buckled in and her head wasn’t rolling all over the place I shut the door and got in my side, buckling up and turning down the radio. I put in an old Frank Sinatra cd and made sure the volume wasn’t too loud as I pulled out of my parent’s driveway.

The drive was really only about fifteen to twenty minutes but I lied to my father so I could get out of there as fast as I could. I hated him for what he’s had been doing, for how he treated my mum and this family. The worst part of it all was how he could look at everyone and put on this smile like everything was completely okay. I sang along under my breath hoping to stop thinking about him and the things he’s done.

I came to a stop sign and looked over at Laramie. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping, not that she wasn’t always beautiful, but something about the innocence of her while she was off in another world was so unbelievably beautiful. The sound of a horn blaring behind me made me snap out of my state and I pressed my foot on the gas taking off again.

About fifteen minutes later I pulled up to my new house and Laramie stirred in her seat, “You have a great voice, blondie.” She said, stretching her arms up.

“Thanks cuddles.” I replied, opening my door and getting out before walking around and opening her door.

I undid her buckle and slid my arms under her body, lifting her from her seat. Once we were in the house I shut the door behind me and walked her up the stairs to my bedroom.

“Laramie babe, wake up so you can take a shower.” I said, setting her on my bed and taking off her shoes.

“I don’t want to take a shower.” She said.

“What if I persuade you to take a shower with me, will that get you in there?” I asked.

“Maybe.” She said. 
“I thought so, come on.” I grabbed her hands and pulled her off the bed kissing her cheek.

** ** *

Laramie’s pov:

Niall and I showered together though it was more of us just messing around with the water and the occasional three minute kiss. After the hot water ran out and we finally decided that pruning was not attractive we made our way into Niall’s new bedroom to take a nap.

“Here you go, love you can wear some of my clothes for now.” He said as he tossed me a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt. “Also I can wash your clothes for you if you want.” He said.

“That would be nice, thank you. And thank you for these as well.” I said, sitting on his bed.

“It’s no problem, babe. Just let me throw these in the wash and you can go ahead and get in bed.” He said, winking.

“For sure. Love you, Niall.” I said laying on his bed and closing my eyes.

“I love you too.” I heard him say before the door shut softly.

I tossed and turned but nothing was comfortable so I settled with laying there and staring at the ceiling until Niall got back. After a few moments the door softly shut and I heard him walk towards the bed.

“Niall, I can’t sleep. Get your ass into bed right now.” I teased and I heard him chuckle.

“Okay just a second, can’t go to sleep without some good music.” He said. I laughed at the song that came on and he hushed me, getting into the bed and kissing my forehead.  

“Everyone needs a little bit of Beiber on their ipod, babe.” He said.

“Sure that’s your excuse huh? I think it’s cute, you have a man crush on the Beibs?” I asked.

“No. Now be quiet and close your eyes.” He said.

“I can’t close them. I need you, Niall.” I whispered.

“I’m right here, Laramie. Just close your eyes and go to sleep.” He said.

I huffed and closed my eyes, resting my head on the pillow as Niall wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I lay there for a few minutes and I could hear Niall softly breathing in my ear. His breath was warm as it stretched from my ear down my neck. I shivered with delight and he pulled me closer, his front warm against my back.

“Niall.” I said.

“Yes?” He said.

I took a deep breath and launched right in, “Make love to me.” I said.

“What?!?” He said, shooting up from beside me.

“I want you to make love to me, right now.” I said, sitting up and leaning on my elbows.

“Why now?” He asked.

“Well why not? I mean we have a few hours with the house to ourselves and we’ve been waiting for a really long time. I know that I’m younger than you and you may think I’m not ready but it’s my body and I say that I am. So please, touch me Niall. Kiss me and touch me, make love to me like it’s our last day on earth.” I said.

“I love you Laramie Styles, I really do. But I want you to be positive, not a single trace of doubt because once it’s gone you can’t get it back.” He said.

“I am three thousand percent sure that I am ready for this Niall and I want you to be the one to do it, no one else.”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, looking at me with a smile. “If it’s what you want.” He said.

“It is.” I nodded; I lay back on my back and smiled.

“Alright then.” He said, letting out a nervous laugh and hovering over me.

“Don’t make it awkward, Niall. Start out like you would with anyone else.” I said.

“But you aren’t any one else, Laramie. You’re the love of my life and I don’t want this to be like every other girl I’ve just fucked and left. I want it to be special, to mean something to both of us.” He said.

“I understand what you mean and I think that this is special now. Just kiss me like you always do, kiss me like you love me. Because I love you and you love me and that is enough for now.” I leaned up to meet his lips and I moved my hand to the sides of his face pulling him down with me as my head met the pillow.

His lips moved against mine with the same passion that they always did but this time there was tenderness to it and he was much more gentle and firm. My hands moved from the side of his face and to his shoulders. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so that was one less article of clothing that needed to be removed. His lips travelled to my neck and he sucked on the skin gently before moving to my ear and kissing the skin behind it.

“Absolutely perfect.” He whispered. 
I worked my lips down his jaw as he put his hands on my hips, grazing at my skin as his T-shirt rose up on me slightly with our movements. He let out a groan of frustration and pulled away from me making me pout, as he tore his shirt of my body.

“Christ I forgot you weren’t wearing a bra.” He said, shaking his head.

I laughed at him and he smiled back at me, suddenly all the nerves vanishing into thin air. His hands brushed back some strands kissing my lips once more, this time adding in his tongue as his hands roamed my body. I gasped into his mouth when his fingers snapped the band on his boxers and he chuckled into my mouth. 
“You do look lovely in these; maybe we should keep them on a bit longer.” He said moving his lips back to mine.

As we were kissing I felt his hands move beneath the band of his boxers and move a little bit further down ward. His fingers teased all around me but never quite touching me in the one spot I needed him causing me to let out a whine into his mouth.

“Niall please.” I whispered.

“Impatient are we, Laramie.” He teased.

“Don’t be a jerk, just get in me.” I said.

He laughed and stripped himself of his boxers before stripping me of mine, kissing my skin as came back up from the bottom of the bed.

“Are we using protection?” He asked.

I sat up and looked at him my eyes wide with shock and my jaw dropped. I shook my head as if to clear the thought and looked back at him.

“Of course we are! Why would we not?” I snapped.

“Well I wasn’t sure if you were on the pill or not and they say that it feels nicer without a condom so I just wanted to know what you preferred.” He said, nervous. “Did you just snap at me?” He asked, eyebrows raised.

“You shocked me a little I’m sorry. We don’t have to use a condom I’m on the pill, yes. But tomorrow I expect you to show up to school with the morning after pill just to be safe.” I said, rubbing my forehead.

“You haven’t talked to me like that in a while. It’s kind of hot.” He said.

Suddenly he was on top of me again and his knee was moving my legs further apart and his hands were massaging my hips as he lined himself up with me. He gave me a look as if to ask if this was okay and I nodded, gulping and nervous. He started to push himself in and I winced.

“Sorry sorry.” He said, kissing my forehead and moving in a bit more.

He was barely inside me but I felt like I couldn’t possibly stretch out anymore and I let out a small whimper as he pushed further in. I felt a few tears escape and Niall stopped moving in, already filling me as much as he could. He moved back some and then back in slowly working me and I instantly regretted the lack of foreplay.

“Niall easier, just I need you to slow it down a little.” I gasped out.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked, starting to pull out. I put my hands on his lower back and held him.

“No stay where you are, it’s just you’re a lot bigger than your fingers and I need a second to adjust.” I said.

“Okay, sorry. Just let me know when you want me to start moving.” He said, kissing my nose.

“Can you kiss me some more? Touch me, too? Just distract me.” I said.

“Sure.” His lips moved to mine and he kissed me softly for a bit before licking my lip, asking for entrance.

His hands moved down from my hips and his fingers found my clit, moving around it in soft circles to make me more comfortable. I moaned into his mouth and bucked my hips up, causing him to move further into me. I winced at first but moved my hips up again and this time liking the feeling a bit more.

“You can move now.” I said into his mouth and then capturing his bottom lip in between my teeth, tugging and sucking gently. He moved back a bit inside me and the pushed forward again. After the first few thrust it started to feel more and more comfortable. It still wasn’t the best feeling in the world to me but it felt nice.

“You’re really tight, Laramie.” He groaned.

“I thought that was a- ugh oh god- a good thing?” I gasped out.

“Oh it is, it really is.” He said.

He lay his forehead on my shoulder and kissed the skin there softly before moving his lips back up to meet mine.

“Christ Laramie, how are you doing?” He sputtered. 
“I feel good really good. Maybe you could move faster though, yeah.” I suggested and moved my hands to his biceps, gripping softly.

He picked up his pace a bit and moved more firmly, hitting what I’m assuming was my g-spot. I let out a moan of approval and he got the message hitting the spot over and over again. After a while he finally came inside me and I came at the sight of it, my body shattering and quaking beneath him.

“Fuck, that was so good.” He said, his body falling on top of mine.

“Agreed. I thought most women didn’t orgasm on their first time though.” I said, pushing his shoulder so he would roll off.

“Well I’m just that good.” He smirked rolling over.

I glanced at the clock and groaned. “We have to leave in an hour. I think that maybe we should probably take another shower though, don’t want to come to dinner smelling like sex.” I joked.

“Sure we can shower again, but first things first. How was your first time?” He asked.

“It was a little uncomfortable at first but I think once my body got into it, I liked it a lot more.” I admitted, standing from his bed and stretching. “How was it for you?” I asked.

“Well I can honestly say you were the best I’ve ever had in my entire life. I literally have never finished first and never that intensely either. You did a great job cuddles.” He smiled, standing and walking to the bathroom.

He turned a knob and water was suddenly falling, but it didn’t sound like the shower. He walked back out and I blushed at the fact he was stark naked and standing there in front of me. But then the thought hit me that he was mine, I just gave him the last piece of me I had to offer. I was completely his.

“I love you.” I whispered, walking around the bed and throwing my arms around his shoulders.

“I love you too. Now let’s go take a bath.” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting my feet up before walking me into the bathroom.

** ** *

It turns out ‘let’s take a bath’ means ‘let’s have sex in my tub’ to Niall. When were finally done in the bathroom and he had handed me a towel I asked him about my clothes.

“Actually I have a surprise for you.” He said moving behind me and putting his hands over my eyes.

“What are you doing?” I giggled.

“Well your surprise is in my room, so let’s go in there.” He said.

He carefully guided me into his room and his hands left my eyes for a moment, trusting me not to peak, as he slid something open.

“Okay grab my hand and walk in here.” He said, taking my hand and walking me into a small room.

“Open your eyes now.” He said in my ear.

I opened my eyes to see that we were standing in his walk in closet and facing the back wall. 
“Niall why are we in your closet?” I asked.

“Because this is your rack right here.” He said, pointing to a rack of clothes in the middle row of his closet.

“I have my own rack?” I squealed.

“Yes you do.” He smiled.

“But whose clothes are these?” I asked.

“They are all yours, tailored to fit you perfectly. Now when you sleep over you have clothes to wear the next day. Also there’s another surprise.” He said, grabbing my hand.

“This drawer is for all of your delicates and there is another drawer in the bathroom filled with all of your products.” He smiled.

I smiled at him and covered my mouth with my hand, tears forming in my eyes. Niall stopped smiling and hugged me, pulling me close.

“I’m sorry is it too much?” He asked. “Do you hate it?” His voice faltering a bit.

I laughed and wiped my eyes pulling back, “No, it’s perfect. I just love you so much and this is kind of a big step. I’m happy though, that you thought of me.” I said.

“I always think of you.” He said.

“Thank you, I love you.” I said.

“I love you too and you’re welcome. Now let’s get dressed for that dinner, yeah?” He said, kissing my forehead. 

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