The Boy Who Loved

A girl named Madison is at school when she sees a cute blonde boy staring at her. She's a little creeped out at first but then again does she have feelings for him at the end? Hope you like it ENJOY!!(:


3. Going To The Horan's


                               Chapter 3.

           Madison's P.O.V.

I woke up with a strange feeling about Niall I just couldn't put my finger on it. It was a weekend and me and my older sister Mariah and me mom and dad were going to our friends house I couldn't wait they say they have a boy my age that's in Mrs.Clarks class  and he is really nice the last time you saw him was when you were a baby.

                        So when we got there a beautiful house with a big backyard full of flowers with a hottub and a pool which the house wasn't a two story though but that's ok.Hello nice to see you again said his Mom And Dad they show me outside where he was and BAM!!!! Guess who it was!

                       Hello Niall. Hello Old Friend said Niall nice to see you again (rude tone)

why are you being so rude to me i thought I was your friend Niall. You are it's just I'm starving.Oh me too what did your mum cook??my mum cooked bread and Chicken noodle soup. Ohh I Love her cooking. How would you know said Niall.

i remembered the scent of her baked Alaska.

                                          When we got done eating  we waited awhile and then got in the pool we played tag,scuba divers,sharks,and finally Marco Polo and got out and went straight to the hottub it was so warm and soothing then Niall splashed me and I splashed back while our kitty fight was going on our older siblings were In the pool with Harry Niall's BFF he had the curliest brownish hair . So I guess the weird feeling inside was me not knowing Niall and I were BFF when we were babies .

                      Ok so we got out and dried up and ate some more before it was time to leave we hugged and said ggoodbyes loved his house it was so comforting and cozy I loved it the expierince was amazing his parents were great and everything 

i couldn't wait till we got married of course were only in the fifth grade here and I haven't met all the boys in the world but for now he is mine.

           It Was time to go back to school I put a smile on my face when I heard something tragic on the news Niall's mother is in the hospital I told them I'm not going to school unless I see her! My eyes filled with tears and started to drop on my face one afte r one but when we got to the hospital it wasn't one after one it was gushing as I sat near her bed with Niall crying to by my side

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