She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


9. Was that real life?

Louis held the door open for the two of us, not recognizing who I was. I slid in after Daisy, as he made his way back behind the wheel.


"Thanks for the ride Lou, by the way this is my friend Ellie." Daisy smiled whilst buckling up. I watched him from the mirror, his eyes were fixated on the road until my name was spoken. His pupils moved up, and met mine. I turned away instantly.


"Ellie, I have you in Drama right?" Louis fiddled with the radio, trying to find the local station that wasn't drowned out by fuzziness.


"Um... yeah." I said quietly. It was sort of stupid for him to ask, no duh I have drama with you. I only sit next to you everyday. Speaking of that,


"Where were you yesterday?" My heart dropped. He noticed?


"Oh I was just.." hiding away from you in the library because I think you're the hottest boy on earth. But I lied, "I didn't feel like going to class. Its boring."


"You ditched?" He gasped.


"Y-yeah?" I wasn't aware if it would make me sound like a loser.


"Well.. we missed you in class. You should tell me next time you decide to ditch. Ha." He chuckled. Wait a second. He said he missed me in class? And I should ditch with him? Is this real life?


"Uh puke Louis, don't flirt with my friend" Daisy faked a purging gag. My cheeks felt blotchy, and rosa. He laughed a little, and it only added to my embarrassment. I showed them directions to my house, and thankfully we arrived shortly.


"Thanks for ride home.." I murmured stepping out.


"Text me Ellie!" Daisy hollered.


"See you Monday." Louis called out the window. I waved goodbye, and marched into the house. Holding onto the door handle, I felt myself smiling at the thought of Louis being nice to me and possibly 'flirting' with me. I was ripped from my fantasy in an instant.


"Who was that?" Mom snapped carrying a brown paper bag filled with produce.


"I was with friends mom." I said hopeful. Maybe she'd be happy that I was with another human for once. Boy was I completely wrong.


"Who was the boy?"


"Louis, he's just a friend mom aren't you a little happy that I'm with other people?" My grip left the door handle, sweeping my hair from my face.


"Did I not say 'no boys until you're at least sixteen'? This isn't acceptable Ellie." She shook her head at me, and gave me a stern annoyed look because I'm such a horrible daughter.


"Mom it was nothing! He just gave me a ride home!" I stomped my foot down, and ran upstairs. I heard her mumble, "fine let you're father deal with you."


Good let him deal with me. Slamming my door extra loud just to piss her off I stormed into my bedroom. I tossed my phone on the dresser while changing into some more comfortable shorts, they were incredibly high. Only covering the parts that truly needed it. I sported them though as my favorite article of clothing, since my room had the highest temperature in the house. And my fan broke last June.


Beep beep


My phone went off twice. Praying it wasn't Summer, I gripped my rattling mobile from the dresser. Two new messages. One from Daisy, and one from an unfamiliar number. I opened Daisy's, it read


'Hey El, thanks for sticking with me. And sorry my brother's such a flirt with you haha :p xx'


My stomach did an unfamiliar flip. I opened the other message.


'Ellie it's Lou, text me sometime k? I got your number from Daisy haha. Oh & I almost forgot, did you leave something in my car? x'


Before I could reply, and before I could fully register that my biggest crush just texted me, and before my belly could be completely invaded by butterflies: I heard a faint knock on my front door.


Downstairs I listened to mom on the phone to someone, and she yelled for me to get it. I ran down to the living area, totally unaware as to who was at my house. They knocked again, and I swung the door open. There it was. My stomach was officially invaded.


"Uh, h-hi Louis. What are you doing here?" I stuttered playing nervously with the ends of my hair.


He smiled, and gave me the familiar elevator look I'd received from Summer a numerous of times. Louis' eyes traveled from my toes, to my gaze, As it seemed how guys checked girls out in films. But there was no way he'd check me- wait. I was still wearing those god forsaken 'booty' shorts. Crap.


"Louis." I had repeated his name, snapping his trance out of it.


"Sorry. I just. Oh yeah um you forgot your bag in the car." He tripped over his words, and handed me my purse I forgot about.


"Oh thank you.." I spoke lowly, taking it from him. Our fingers brushed bit.


"I'll see you?" He asked before turning back to his car.


"Yeah.." starting to close the door he said,


"Oh and Ellie?" "Yes?" My voice squeaked a little, and I coughed to play it off.


"N-nevermind." His voice lowered almost as of he was embarrassed.


"Goodbye Louis." I smiled, watching him leave.


Was that a dream?

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