She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


8. The mall

I bolted awake to Enchanted once again. The girls were gone, most likely on a grocery trip with mom. It was only six thirty in the morning, and Saturday. So I thought I'd fall back asleep for a few minutes or so. Ha, I thought. I closed my eyes sheepishly, and slung the duvet over my head.


In a matter of two seconds it was ripped from my body by some cold hands occupied by a cold person. Or girl, I should say.


"Nope! Get up, bitch." Summer said sternly.


"No leave me alone! And how'd you get in here?" I hid my face in the pillows, causing my voice to sound almost inaudible.


"For a sheriff's house its not really hard to break in. Now get up!"


This time she successfully pulled the sheets from my body. "Get out! I don't like you!" I yelled still face down on my bed.


Summer took a long sigh and gripped my ankle with one hand. "Get up or I'll pull you out of bed."


"You wouldn't."


"Yes. I would. Get up!"






That very cold hand gripped harder on my limb and yanked me straight out of bed before I could even plead for my life. My elbows slammed hard into the wood floor causing me to yell out in pain.


"Get dressed lets go! You can't ignore me and hide in the library forever." She rummaged through my closet, scanning my blouses and t shirts. Summer was right, after geometry yesterday I fled to the literature and fictional aisles in the "morgue" as she would call it. In her case reading is for dead people. So during lunch and drama I hid in the library for voluntary work with the librarian. She excused me for class thank god. But I know, I can't hide for forever. Monday I have to face Louis and Summer during those periods. Unfortunately.


"Why are you here?" I scooted to a sitting position, rubbing my sore elbows.


"We're going to the mall, duh." Summer tossed a white off the shoulder blouse on my head, now searching for jeans in my dresser. As if she's my mother.


"I don't want to!" And as if I'm the child.


Summer literally dragged me outside by my ear after I unwillingly got ready, and There was a black Subaru in my driveway. One that I wasn't familiar with.


"Who's driving us?" I stopped, and summer dragged me on my heels towards the vehicle.


"My sister is! Daisy's coming with us too so don't throw a hissy fit El." She opened the door and we hopped in the back next to Daisy.


"Helloooo Ellie." Summer's sister, Autumn wiggled her fingers on the steering wheel. I know, summer, autumn. What the hell right? It was a coincidental plan for them two's names to be called after mother natures wonders. Cheesey and corny just like Summer.


"Hey Autumn, Daisy." I smiled weakly, and shot Summer the death glare.


"Don't be like that Ellie." Summer rolled her eyes and smirked in a jester way. We pulled out of the driveway and the wheels screeched as we turned the corner. Though Autumn graduated last year, I'm almost 100 percent I could drive better than her and I'm only fourteen. Pretty much our lives were at risk right now, but I was too angry with Summer to think twice about it.


After a long three hours of shopping in Forever 21, trying on this, trying on that, searcing for sells, and buying out racks. It finally came to a cease. I had only purchased like four items compared to the other three girl's thirty three bags filled. The whole thing at been quite frustrating, considering I still wasn't too happy with Summer. I sat outside another botique, silently until I heard squealing and exciting noises coming from Autumn and Summer's high pitched voices.

"OMG it's Bobby! Hey Bobby!" Autumn jumped up and down trotting around with a boy. Summer had a boy as well latched to her arms screaming his name that appeared to be Andrew. Their boyfriends maybe? Yes. Why didn't she tell me they had boyfriends?


"So like, let's get out of here yeah boys?" Summer twirled on her heel, pulling Andrew along with her index finger. Autumn and Bobby followed behind. The four were obviously oblivious to the fact that Daisy and I were still in the botique. I hardly knew Daisy, we had only met like three times. She was pretty gawked that the girls just left us. Wait, how the hell were we suppose to get home? They drove us here. Oh my goooood.


"Dais?" I asked.


"How are we getting home?"

"I don't know."


I sucked in a breath, attempting to control my anger. We walked to the parking lot, waiting by the entrance of the mall. Daisy called someone, and after she had hung up she said,

"Actually my brother can get us, he's just around the corner." She smiled, and pointed to the blue Cruiser that circled the block. Great I had to drive home with a complete stranger. But then the car pulled up, and out stepped a boy. Wearing a striped shirt. The same one I had seen on the first day of school. It wasn't a stranger. It was him. Louis is Daisy's brother?

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