She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


1. That cute senior boy

I swung my legs over the balcony swiftly, planting down to sit for a short second escaping from this god for saken heat wave. My legs dangling about 32 feet above students heads below passing by. My best friend, summer, crossed neatly on the stone, going on and on about cute boys and other nonsense.

 We sat there together, soaking in the new feeling of growing up. Well sort of. Today we officially became fresh meat. Or freshies, or freshbate or whatever offensive nicknames the older peers threw at us. I didn't mind though, the taunting mainly applied to those who think they're all badass just because they are in a higher league. I just keep to myself, not very outspoken but extremely shy. Its one of the annoying traits I carry, and I always thought I'd grow out of it. But unfortunately it stuck with with me. Like my annoying shadow peeking behind my heels whenever I'm vulnerable, and I might break my shell it overcomes me unwillingly.

"El, I was talking to you." Summer's long fingers snapped distraught in my face. I left my train of thought instantly making my attention fully to hers. Brushing her dark curls off her shoulders she continued, pursing her lips.


"Sorry. Repeat?"


"What class do you have next?" Her agitation chilled a bit, knowing she could never stay angry with me for more than a millisecond.

"Oh uh, I have drama. I heard there's a bunch of seniors in there." I lifted my eyebrows, watching her face light up with joy.


"Yeah which are totally hot!" Her hands threw up in the dry air implying her excitement for me.


"They're going to eat me alive, Summer. We're freshbate remember?" I reminded her of the galling burden we are on the seniors.


 "The boys are still cute." She shrugged her shoulders in disagreement, and stood up fanning herself with her spray tanned hands that had a glow of orange. A little too much if you ask me. She was always changing her appearance for others, desperately trying to fit in. I never understood it. I ignored her, pulling my wrist up, examining the fading silver bracelet that has lay there since I was small.


 Dangling charms from it a small pair of ballet slippers, and a key to who holds my heart. (Which apparently nobody holds yet). Its something that's always been apart of me. I felt the hot stone beneath me begin to burn the back of my thighs. Due to the incredibly small jean shorts I wore today. Something I usually don't usually pursue in wearing but with the high temperatures, I was left with really no choice. I stood up joining Summer, but being as clumsy as I am I tripped over summer's bag and almost went flying over the ledge.


 She caught me in an instant grabbing my right wrist to hold me up. My charm bracelet slipped off and went flying in the air, over the stone rail. I placed my hands on the stone looking over at the bracelet fly down and on top of a boys head.


 "Hey! Hey up here that's my charm!" I screamed cupping my hands over my mouth attempting to amplify my voice. Unfortunately I failed miserably. The boy didn't hear me. Instead he examined the piece of jewelry, and stuffed it in his pocket. Jerk.


 "Ellie?" Summer's voice sounded soft, feeling of sympathy.


"Don't. Its fine." I felt bad for snapping at her, but I had a right to be mad. I stomped away down the hall searching for my next class. I heard summer apologetically call after me but I ignored. I was mentally cursing up a storm when I found the drama room. I stood there, aimlessly attempting to push the heavy door open. My hands sweating and my feet sliding against the tiled flooring.


 "Y'know it says pull. Not push." A voice behind me chuckled amusingly. I turned on my heel, facing the voice. A boy, rather cute. Ocean blue eyes, chocolate hair, and a striped shirt that resembled a sailor. A smirk placed across his lips. My cheeks felt as hot as volcanic rock as I spoke.


"Um. I was just.. testing it." God why did I say that? Stupid idiotic me.


"Okay, niner." Of course. No boy that handsome could be a freshman. I huffed and pulled my way into the class. I sat at a random table in the far corner, feeling awkward eyes on me. It was probably because I was one of the only three freshmans in this class. The other two happen to be boys. I observed my surroundings, a tall lanky blonde boy sat across from me. He smiled creepily showing he had no front teeth. Weird. I put my head down on the table, letting my brown silk of hair fall past my elbows covering my face. The teacher coughed in a assuring manner gesturing everybody to pull our attention to her.


"Dont get comfortable class, we'll have seating arrangements up tomorrow. Today will be a free period, feel free to get to know each other." She spoke while twirling the ends of her incredibly long hair that fell to her ancles. She reminded me of a pirate, in a way. I guess it's an obvious comparison cosnsidering she was wearing fish nets and a long anchored skirt. While the class mingled, I sat there frantically tapping my fingers on the desk waiting for school to be over with already. Like I said, I'm not the talkative type so I sat by myself desperately trying to ignore toothless next to me. God he was such a weird kid. I looked behind me, and the cute senior boy stood leaning on the table laughing with some friends. I oddly hate to admit it. Summer was right. The senior boys are hot. Well, at least he was. But its my little secret right?


I guess I got lost in eaves dropping on everyone's conversations and gossip that it gave me a fright when the bell rang. I stood up trying to beat the crowd of the class, but they all rushed like a mob. I stood back patiently waiting for it to pass. Eventually the classroom was deserted except for a few kids lingering around. I made my way to the door, but was interrupted from my attempt by the striped boy from earlier.


 "Here, I wouldn't want you to misread the sign again" he chuckled deeply opening the way for me to get by.


 "Oh um, thank you.." I mumbled lowly making my way out.

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