She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


3. Seating chart

I wobbled awake to my alarm playing 'Enchanted' by Taylor Swift.


Its bumping through my alarm clock and it scares me every morning it goes off. I never get used to it. I groaned sitting up, and sluggishly creaking to my drawers. I needed to find an outfit for today.


"Ellie are you up?" Mom screamed from downstairs. "Yes! I'll be down in a sec!" I shouted back.


I end up going with a dark tight skinny jean, rolled up a bit at the bottoms, with a grey v neck and a bright pink tank under. I slipped on my low grey converse, and I grabbed my bag heading downstairs. I spotted my dad at the dining table, with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.


"Goodmorning dad" I placed a hand on his shoulder.


"Hey El," he replied never leaving his eyes from the sports article.


 "You work today?" I asked opening the refrigerator, obviously knowing the answer. I pretended to care anyway.


"Yup," he grunted "Damn kids and their graffiti, gotta give them a lecture with the deputy. They Never learn. After that I gotta head to the office, nother homicide." He shrugged his shoulders.


"Oh, I see.." I mumbled closing the fridge. Mom came walking in with the girls.


"Ellie, can you get a ride from dad today? The girls are late for school already." She held my youngest sister, Nicky's hand with her pink backpack in the other.


"Um yeah I guess. Dad?" I questioned as mom left the house with all the girls.


"Yeah. I'll take ya, we gotta drive the work car though." He standed up, grabbing his jacket swung over the back of the chair. It read, 'Sheriff William' in a gold print. "Great," I murmured sarcastically. I have to get driven to school in a police car. How perfect.


 Dad grabbed my book bag, and lead me outside to the car. I slipped inside the passenger seat. The ride was silent. Typical. Dad never said much. We pulled up to the cross walk when dad let me out.


"By kid." He said under his breath. I didn't reply. just stepped out, joined by Summer.


"Hey officer," she giggled standing to my left. "So not funny." I tried not to smile. Though it was funny. "So I'm sorry about yesterday, your bracelet." Her eyebrows raised. Yeah I almost forgot about it until she brought it up again.


"Don't be. Its fine, sorry for getting mad," I smiled, nudging her shoulder playfully.


 "You look cute by the way." She gave me the elevator look. Examining my outfit.


 "Thanks! You too" I brushed my hand on her top, lacey bright pink, almost the color of my tank top. Her jeans dark with a few holes. Her hair was in a high pony, with strands loose beside her ears. She always looked flawless, unblemished, the constant lack of imperfection. That's why all the boys like her at this school. I admit, I do hold a grain of envy. Oh well right? We walked through the crowded halls before first period, talking about the usual. And by usual I mean Summer's boy issues. We stopped by the water fountain, that was inconveniently out of order due to some bubble gum stuck in the drain.


 "Hey can I use your phone real quick?" She asked pointing the my mobile in my front pocket. I nodded yes and slipped it out holding it in my left hand. I clicked the unlock button on the top, and typed my password without even having to look. All my passwords for just about everything have been coincidently the name to my favorite novel, 'dark.' Its a love story. Like I said , I don't do much. So I'm into romance novels. So exciting.


 After unlocking it and the device made the little 'click' noise, my heart dropped. I never exited out of Louis Tomlinson's profiles. I looked up at Summer peaking at my mental freakout. My fingers fumbled across the logout link but she stopped me.


"Who's that?!" She shouted excitedly.


"Um no one." I stammered when she attempted to grab the cell.


 "Let me see!"

"No Summer! Stop!" I pleaded but failed. She gripped it from my hand looking at his pictures.


"Damn Ellie who's this?" Her voice became louder.


"Give me!" I grabbed her wrist but she slapped me away. "Oooh Louis Tomlinson! He's cute Ellie! You like him don't you?" Now she's holding my phone high in the air shouting.


Everyone started to stare. Then because my luck is super fantastic, Louis walked by smirking at me. He heard everything. My cheeks were obviously scalding. I stood on my tip toes, snatched my phone from her hand and began to run away when she said,


"God it was a joke. You don't have to be such a crybaby."

 "Leave me alone." I managed through the irritating lump forming in my throat. I sounded so much like a child. Like my sisters. It's physically all I could've said at the moment. But now that I think back, I had a few other choice of words for her. I fast threw my thoughts to the back of my head, and swallowed my tears. The only reason I'd ever been bestfriends with summer was because of the fact that we stood up for each other, when Mindy Cummings made fun of us for our conveniently matching polka dot sports bras in the locker room in sixth grade. That's how we became friends. We stick by each other. That never stayed long. I love summer don't get me wrong, even though we just fought and sometimes she's just a... mean bitch.


The day passed slowly, and to purposely ignore summer in any way I headed home for lunch. Though no one was home, I sat there at the table by myself. Staring at the bubbling soda in front of me. I thought I'd better get back to school soon. There was only one class to go thank god. I stood up reaching for my bookbag when I remembered. Louis Tomlinson is in that class with me. Damnit. I groaned a loud, annoyed noise before stepping into the class. Everyone was circled at a white slip on the wall that read,


'Seating chart.'


As the circle slowly faded, and students endured their assigned seats, I peaked up to the wall scanning names. Apparently I'm at table three. Spinning around I took a seat at the table with a girl named Jessica, a boy, Shawn, and Toothless. yay. He grinned his gums at me, raising his eyebrows in a 'trying to flirt' way. I scuffed and turned the other direction. I examined the other tables placed around the room, that's odd. In all the remaining tables had five students to a seat. Ours only claimed four. An empty chair to the left beside me. When I thought about it for a brief moment, miss Gilmore, our drama teacher's voice sounded through the room. Someone walked into the door about five minutes late so she excused him and motioned toward the empty seat at my table.


"Oh yes, Louis. You're at table three. Next to Ellie. Take a seat."


Wait huh? What the holy actual hell.

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