She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


40. Relate

He was over for an hour, and we just laid in bed together. Whispering to each other, though nobody was there to catch us. We were so used to it, being afraid to get heard. My head was on his chest, and his arm was around my waist tightly, as if he didn't want me to go anywhere.


"I wish you could stay.." I mumbled, kissing Louis goodbye after the quiet sixty minutes passed.


"I know, but you need sleep for tomorrow. And besides, I'll see you at school and afterwards for rehearsal okay?" He pulled me into a hug. I groaned at the last part, still not wanting to participate in this stupid play.


"Hey," he lifted my chin. "I'm coming over saturday, okay? And I'll stay the whole night if you want me to."


My stomach dropped a bit, "the whole night?" I asked, a little flushed.


He chuckled, "yes, all night. I have something special planned for you."


"Louis you don't have to buy me anything fir my birthday." I exclaimed.


"Who said I was buying you anything?" He smiled and kissed me again, opening the traps of butterflies in my stomach that trespassed like so often.



 I didn't know what he meant. 'Something special for me.' And he was staying the whole night. This would surely be interesting. Hopefully for the best. Rolling out of bed in the morning, I knew I was in for a world war later on. I mean its only obvious, dinner, with Chelle? No. No. No. There was no way in heaven or hell that would go good. And she didnt even know I was the 'bitch daughter' of the man who ruined her life. But that didn't mean I was going to tell her.

"Hey Chelle. How's the split lip? Well listen, I will see you tonight at dinner, with your broken and nonfunctional family that you think is completely my fault okay?"

No. It would give her the chance to torment and kill me right then and there. I would rather her find out when I arrived at her home. So her mother, and the sheriff -my dad- could stop her if she tried any funny business. Sadly though, the destination didn't matter. Either way I was dead. Hopefully she didn't mean as literal as it seemed. I walked to school extra early to get there on time, from the lack of parents to drive me, and the caution to stay as far awag from seniors as possible. Awkardly taking my seat in geometry, I felt unfamiliar eyes on me. Spinning around in my desk, I met the person's gaze.


"What are you staring at?" I snapped at the boy.


"You." He smirked.


"I don't even know you." I mumbled, turning back around to solve the equation on the marker board before us.


"I know you." He whispered.


"Just. Leave me alone, okay? I'm not in the mood." I shot at him.


"Oh what are you going to do? Push me? Punch me? Slap me?" He laughed, completely mocking me. I ignored him. Still trying to solve 'x' in a very difficult fraction. Until I felt hot, uncomfortable breath near my ear. "I'm sorry. For being a jerk." He muttered quietly.


"You should be." I jerked away from him, looking around to see if anybody had noticed us. And they hadn't. "I'm Trevor." He sat back, pretending to work his equation as well as everyone else.


"I don't care."


"I heard Chelle's going to kill you." Trevor chuckled again. I turned around sharply,


"I said leave me alone, okay? Yeah maybe Chelle will literally kill me. So I can be lucky enough to get out of this hell hole, and be as far away from all these assholes in this school who are just like you." I spat at him.


"Whoa." He backed up acting as if he were scared or shocked I snapped like that. What was up with everyone actually believing the death threat? Chelle wasn't even smart enough to kill someone. I mean at the most, she'd pull my hair or something right? But then Louis' conversation with me last night clicked back into my head. I have something she can't. Chelle's a psycho. Blah blah blah. It scared me then. But now I was just worried about the stupid dinner tonight after rehearsal. I was really looking forward to it. In my dreams. When lunch finally came, I sat with Louis on the ledge, with my head down not really wanting to socialize after my little mishap with Trevor earlier. Surprisingly I wasn't in too bad of a mood when I arrived at school, but that stupid boy just set it off.


"Are you okay?" Lou asked lowly. I nodded, and tucked my hair behind my ear clearly not okay.


"Ellie don't lie to me I kn-" Louis began, but I interrupted almost immediately. "I'm fine."


And the rest of that period, I sat there playing with the ends of my hair, silently wondering still what Louis meant when he said he had something special planned for me. I was never really big on birthday's and surprises. Not completely my thing. I'd usually just blow out candles, and go to sleep after a long day of nothing. The only real birthday that made me smile was when I was small, and my mother gave me my charm bracelet after a ballet recital that hadn't gone in my favour. It was one of those times where my mom actually showed she loved me. But that was ages ago. And now all she did was stuff a cell phone in my hands and be on her way. Sad. While walking to drama, louis held his hand softly on the small of my back. A teacher walked by, and smiled at the couple who were holding hands and happened to be both juniors. She nodded in their direction of approval. But when she seen where Louis' hand was on my lower back, she raised her eyebrows and Lou dropped his grip instantly. I sighed and walked ahead to the classroom with him a few steps behind. He didn't say anything. It was okay, he knew when I was upset that I didn't really talk to anybody. But if he knew the reason to behind why I was sad, he'd definitely try and make things better.


"Ah Romeo and Juliet. Just the two I need today!" Gilmore shouted making her way to us. Louis looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.


"I need you two, and the rest of the class to fully understand Romeo and Juliet's love. Because I'm not sure everyone is following yet okay?" She explained as her and the rest of the classmates placed in our assigned seats. There was a really long lecture on shakespeare that was too frequent to be heard again. I was staring off into space not paying much attention at all. I think Gilmore got a bit irritated with my lack of listening to her lesson so she asked me,


"Ellie. Explain to me Romeo and Juliet's relationship hmm?" I looked around at everyone smirking at me, taking a deep breath and sitting up straight to respond. And when I answered, it wasn't really toward Romeo and Juliet's love. It was mine.


"Well it's a tragic love story. But that's only stating the obvious. Their love is like, brutally inseparable. Not letting Capulets or Montagues interrupt their relationship for any reason. To them their love is everything but it is, it's bright and dark. But they'd still die for each other. And to me, it feel as in the end after what everyone says, it does not matter. Because they treasure each other so..."


Miss Gilmore smiled, and spoke, "Wonderful. It seems as though in a more twenty first century feel, you yourself can relate to Juliet and her love."


But she didn't know, that's exactly how I relate.

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