She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


31. Punishment, betrayal


"Why would you hit her like that, you broke her nose!" Chelle cried grabbing Summer.


The crowded circle of students enlarged, making me feel sweaty and nervous. Maybe as much as I wanted to punch Summer in the nose, it wasn't the right time or place. I should have waited, and savoured the moment. God I was in so much trouble, I already knew I would get an ear full from the principal, and worse of all, my mother. Right then utter complete fear hit me as I did know what was coming for me. Don't I mess everything up? I hate myself. I mean, I hated the fact that I was the mean girl now. One of them. A bully. Who breaks someone's nose? For a few harsh words. It just happened, I was furious, but I shouldn't have let them get to me. Because one, it caused a huge scene, two, I was in trouble, three, I broke her goddamn nose, and four, Chelle was deffinatly going to plant major revenge on me now. Perfect. Just wonderful.


"Summer I'm sorry," I cried reaching a hand for her. I examined her nose, the blood pouring through the creases of her fingers, one of her hands covering the wound as if it's going to heal it like some miracle. The sight was horrid.


"Shut up!" She screamed.


Wait. Why was I apologizing anyways? They are mean. They are horrible. They should hate themselves. The way they treat people, it's awful. It causes scenes like so, those two caused this, not me. Chelle and Summer are horrible girls. Who acts like that to someone for no apparent reason? I'd never purposely hurt them, apart from now. Always being the shy girl, what would ever give me the reason to hit someone in the school hallway? Before today, I'd never done harm to these girls. That push on the bus, was an obvious accident and Chelle knew it. The words and rumours, lies and gossip, it all got to me. They made like this. It was their fault, not mine.


"You know what? I'm not sorry. Don't talk to me the way you guys do or it will happen again. Bitches."


I spat, turning on my heal. Half the crowd all cheered for me, but another half cursed and said hateful things. Obviously team Sumchelle. Stupid.


Running to the bathroom to cool off, I was interupted by my course.


"You're coming with me." Mrs Nackle, the none other than principal of the school grabbed my wrist and stormed me into her office. She sat me in a wooden chair before her desk as she shut the door and made her way to sit down as well. Clearly heated, her face looked like a tomato. It was odd, being 'that kid' in the principal's office. So rebel like. I din't feel like a rebel, I felt scared for my punishment. How can kids do this everyday? Sit in front of Mrs Nackle being scolded and referaled constantly, and not having a problem with it. So not me.


"Mrs Nackle it wasn't what it looked like." I practically begged for my life. It was exactly what it looked like.


"You faught her?" She asked obviously still angry, but shocked at my previous actions.


"I didn't fight her.. I hit her. In the nose. With my fist." Putting my head in my hands feeling ashamed she asked,


"Why Ellie? You have a clean record in school. Why would you hit her like that?" Her voice lowered almost seeming with sympathy, weird.


"They pick on me. And they are so mean, I got fed up.." Tears rolled down my cheeks and I spoke honestly.


"I've heard about the taunting Ellie it's no secret." Nackle tapped on the desk, making me look up at her with my teared crying eyes. It was fantastic, even the faculty knew about my hideous rumoured life.


"You know? None of it's true." I sobbed.


"You're dating Louis Tomlinson, yes?" See, this was how calm my mother should act. She made Mrs Nackle look like angel.


"I care about him. Everyone hates it."


"He's much older than you." Seriously I didn't expect her to be so worried like, considering how red her face was seconds ago. Maybe I was off the hook from my emotional state?


"I'm turning fifteen next month! But It's different with him, Mrs Nackle.. no one sees how happy I've been. And no one cares."

She sighed and thought about her next words for a minute, making me worry even more.


"I won't expell you. I won't give you a referal, and I won't notify the school police. But you have you're homecoming dance suspended. You're parent's won't be notified as well, because it was 'self defense' but if they do find out then you are in trouble with them, not the school. It's your first time on a full clean record so for the say and situation of yours, you are off the hook this time. This time only." Nackle wrote my dance suspention down on a pink slip and handed it to me.


I shouted thank you probably eight million times and apologized eight million more.


"You're welcome Ellie, get to lunch now." She shooed me away and I gladly left feeling complete relief. Leaving the office and walking out now more enlighened in my mood than about tweny five minutes prior to right now. I pulled out my iPod touch, that I'd been using in replacement of my drowned cell phone, and realized I had a new message.

'babe meet me by my locker - louis xx'


I smiled to myself, and walked around the hall, passing a load of lockers, searching for Lou's row. Turning the corner leisurely, my feet stopped when I seen the worse thing in the whole world. As if my life wasn't already great enough.


Louis stood there, placing books in his locker smiling to himself as I just did a minute ago at the thought of him. But then came trotting silently a mean, horrible, ugly, girl. Before I could say anything to stop it, it happed like a split second. Lou was oblivious to the fact I was peaking around the corner at him, and unaware of the intruder approaching him. He shut his locker and before turning around, Chelle wrapped her hands over his eyes.


"Boo!" She squeeled, mimicking my actions with Louis the day we got caught kissing at my house. How did she even know about that?


"Who's this?" He smiled.


"Keep your eyes closed, guess." Whispering seductively in his ear, he turned aroun with eyes closed tightly leaning down to press his lips to hers slowly and passionatly.


My heart ached and broke and shattered like fragil betrayed glass. Why?

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