She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


39. Protect me

"I'll hopefully see you tonight, okay?" Louis pecked my cheek after school was out. I nodded lightly out of frustration, as we parted seperate ways to the parking lot. It was cold, and the leaves were falling from trees surrounding the school. So everyone was all dressed in their pea coats, kicking and jumping in the foliage as if they'd never seen mother nature before. It made me irritated, they were all happy and giggling with their boyfriend and girlfriends. They didn't have to be hidden. They didn't need to hide in closets to kiss, or keep 'invisible' so their parent's or crazy ex girlfriends would kill them. Thats what I wanted, to be able to jump in the leaves with Louis. And laugh with him without caring what people thought. I wanted to be excited about being his Juliet. But I couldn't. And it made me feel horrible. I struggled to hold back crying so my mom didn't ask when I hopped into the car. But she did anyways.


"What's wrong?"


I sniffled and wiped my eye, "nothing mom." And when I said it, I didn't even throw the slightest attitude. I was just sad. All anger left me and was replaced by a lower spirit. How exciting.


"Are you sure? I'm worried about you. You're not cutting are you?" She panniced, and her eyes widened examining my sleeve covered wrists.


"I'm not cutting myself nor will I ever okay? You don't have to pretend to care anyhow.." I sighed pressing my forehead against the window that was fogging up from humitidy. Mom didn't dare to say anything else. I hoped she got the hint that I just did not want to talk. About anything. Especially with her.




"Then have my lips the sin that they have took..." I whispered, reading off my script I received for my role earlier. I was snuggled under my duvet, with earphones in playing slow piano solos to soothe me whilst taking my interpretation on Juliet's feelings for Romeo. For once I had gotten my studying and housework done early, so I was left with no other choice but to read over act one and two for the night. I was interrupted by my peace when mom walked in. I pulled an earphone out of one ear, as she walked in slowly all dressed up for some occasion.


"Hey." I mumbled as she sat at the end of my bed.


"What are you listening to?" She asked. I sat up, and shrugged my shoulders handing her one of the ear buds. She placed it in her ear closing her eyes and smiling. It was weird. She wasn't yelling at me for once.


"You use to dance to this song." She murmured.


"I know, I remember."


"The piano was perfect for that recital. I don't know why you ever quit ballet. Even after I put those slippers on your charm, you still stopped later on." She took the bud out of her ear and looked at me. My mom had no even clue that charm bracelet was missing in action, and she would definitely kill me if she found out. It was a valuable piece of jewelry. Price wise, and personal wise.


"I just stopped, I don't know.." I whispered.


"I know you hate me, Ellie. But I'm just worried." Mom grabbed my hand.


"I don't hate you. And there's nothing to be worried about, I'm okay." I smiled weakly.


"Well anyways, I have an early gift for you. I'm not sure if I'll be back in time for your birthday." She handed me a box from behind her.


I frowned, "where are you going?" "I have an important business trip to attend. Your sisters are coming with me to stay at the hotel so you don't have to worry." She smiled.


"Well why can't I come?" I asked, upset.


"Because you have dinner with your father tomorrow, and I want you home for your birthday saturday."


"I guess.. so I'll be home alone?" I held the box in my hand shaking it a bit, wondering what it was.


She nodded, "and please don't have any boys over. Please Ellie."


"Mom." I snapped.


"I'm not kidding Ellie. I have to go, its a long flight so I'll see you when I can okay?" She kissed my cheek and left with the girls. I sighed and layed back into the pillows. Why didn't she tell me she was leaving before? Now I was going to be alone for my birthday. How wonderful. Reaching for the box my mom gave me, I opened it slowly not really expecting it to be something that great. Considering our terms lately. Peeling the lid off, I lifted out a small note that read

'happy birthday el, love mom xx p.s its the same number, just please don't let it end in the toilet again.'

I grinned to myself pulling the iphone out. Mentally praising my mother for the gift. Maybe her and I were okay now. There was still things left unsaid though.. Immediately texted louis,


'Lou can you come over? :)'

'on my way babe ;) x' After texting him I flew off my bed to change into something more presentable, since I was only in a pair of yoga pants with a sweatshirt. So not cute to be seen with. While slipping on some dark tight jeans, and a white v neck, I let my braid loose having it fall into waves down my back. Within ten minutes I heard his car pull up outside, so I went downstairs to meet him.


"I thought your phone was in the toilet?" He chuckled, as we walked upstairs to my bedroom.


"It was a birthday gift, from my mom." I smiled, sitting down on the bed holding a pillow in my hands.


"Where is everybody?" Louis asked while picking up the polaroid from my desk.


"My sisters and mom went for a business trip somewhere. They won't be back until like monday or tuesday." I shrugged my shoulders and tucked my hair behind my ear.


Lou's eyes widened, "You'll be here? Alone? What about your birthday?"


"I'm spending it alone too I guess. And then tomorrow I have that stupid dinner with my dad and Chelle's family." I sighed annoyingly.


"Oh yeah. I forgot about that.." he set the camera down and sat beside me giving me a worry-some look.


"What?" I asked scooting closer to him.


"Remember what I said about being careful, okay?" Lou gripped my hand, bringing it up to plant a kiss softly on the back.


"What do you mean?" I muttered. He rubbed his thumb over the skin near my palm before answering,


"Chelle... she can be very mean."


"I already know, Louis." Mumbling, I still watched his eyebrows lift up, in concern.


"Ellie listen to me. Chelle is crazy. Like, not right in the head. You don't want to get on her bad side. If she says she is going to plant revenge or whatever creepy retribution she tells you, then she is damn well going to do it. And she won't let you off easy. She's been known in the past to do stuff like this, Ellie. I just want you to know and be aware." His grip on my hand tightened.


"What did I even do so wrong, Louis? I mean everything I did to Chelle was an accident. And everyone knows it." I articulated.


"Yeah well she's not as mad about you pushing or slamming her with the door. Chelle always gets what she wants, and, you have something she cannot have." He explained.


"Oh, thats ridiculous. Chelle gets anything can everything she wants. What could I possibly have, that she doesn't?" I asked clearly getting irritated.


"You have me, Ellie." Louis snapped.


"Oh my god." I whispered, realizing he was completely right.


"You see? That's why I'm worried." I laid back into the bed, sighing of again sadness. Louis scooted up with me and held my waist keeping me close to him. "Now you have me all scared." I mumbled. He turned over, and kissed my lips in an ever so gentle way whispering, "I didn't tell you to get you frightened. So don't be scared. I love you, Ellie. And I'm going to everything in my power, to protect you."

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