She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


2. Pictures

I walked to the parking lot, where basically the whole school were fleeing into the buses or parents cars to leave. My mother's red Kia caught my eye so I made my way to it. I opened the door and hopped in sinking into the passenger seat.


"How was your first day sweetie?" My mom's voice sounded soft, suggesting she was in a good mood today.


"It was fine" I replied simply.


 "Just fine? Make any new friends?" She was always pretending to be worried about me making friends. But when it came to it, I know she never actually cared.


 I sighed, "no mom, I didn't." She didn't say anything after that. I told you she didn't care. I placed my forehead against the cold glass window as the car sat still, waiting for the others in front of us to go. I was watching as the rest of the students made their way out of the school yard, but someone caught my eye.


 Approximately 5'9, fair skin that seemed to have a natural tan or glow, hair that looked as if it were combed neatly this morning, but fell to be a bit messy that was quite cute. He looked up to wave to some friends and the sun caught a hold of his blue eyes causing them to look like blue pools of water. But then I noticed the striped shirt. It was that senior boy from earlier. I guess I just didn't realize how dashing his looks actually are until now.


 I didn't know it was noticeable that I was just checking a boy out, let alone one that was quite older than me. My mom saw what I was doing.


"Uh uh. No boys till your sixteen, you know the rules Ellie." Her tone changed to stern. The one I was always so use to.


"Mom. I know." I threw an attitude when I said the last part. I didn't mean for it to come off that way. Well.. actually yes I did. She shook her head in the -you are so grounded- way and it made me frustrated. I was always in trouble at my house, being that my mother and I didn't get along for the most part. I honestly dont think I'm a bad kid, I dont drink, I don't do drugs, I have one friend so I'd never leave my house, and I hardly even talk back.


 But that didn't affect her whatsoever. It was always the familiar -put your phone on the fireplace, you'll get it back when you be a better daughter. Go to your room for two weeks I hate you- sounds fun right? Yeah, loads of it. So, anyways, the car ride was silent. We soon arrived at my house which took a good half an hour. I stepped into the living area to my three little sisters running around skittery and jumpy from their first days at school. They were tugging at the length of my blouse being irksome and asking all types of questions about high school and being a 'growed up'. They're only four, five, and seven years old. So the two youngest are still having speech difficulty that can be quite cute at times, but as of right now a serious agitation.


 "Whats a biggerer a kid like ellie?"

"Is high school a gazillion times bigger than pwe school?"

 "Did you bwing my candy you pwomised?"


They were all blabbering on sounding like baby versions of Summer with her boy talk. Pointless and irritating. I let out a long breath and headed up to my room. Or my sanctuary as I call it. I flew onto my bed, reaching for my geography book to study. I know. Studying on the first day of school? Well, what else can I do?


 After a long hour, reading of Canada, its economy and best commercial fishing establishments, I gave up. Throwing my book back into my collection of novels, and school reads. I decided to check downstairs. Maybe it calmed down a tad in the last sixty minutes. I peeked into the living room knowing that my sisters were helping my mom with dinner. And that'd usually be my cue to join them. Since I'm the one who mainly cooks the meals around here. Mom stands back with the girls, while dad is at work all day everyday. Mom is fully aware that he doesn't actually stay that late to do business at the station, but to have 'private meetings' with his co worker. We've known about this for a while.


 Mom just never wanted to admit. Since dads the sheriff at the police station he thinks he can get away with it. They don't even look at each other. Which has always made me never want to have a relationship. If it's like that? Count me out. And that's what brought me to always hating the subject of cute boys in summer's case. She's dating someone new like every week. And then her heart gets broken. And Im the one who would dry her tears. She would date whoever is cute or on the pop squad, and they would want to pressure her into doing things like third base, or taking it home run. Though she's said she has done it all before, I know she's too afraid. That's why she gets her heart crushed. Or else she would do it. Because no matter how much she despises the thought, she's too much of a goodie, and she respects herself too much to just give it away. And I fully agree. But I know it'd be nice to have a boyfriend for once. Just to hold hands or love someone. Since I've never even so much has made eye contact with a guy that would like me, im just rambling on. I have seriously no clue.


After mincing vegetables and cleaning up my sisters messy faces, I headed up to my room for the rest of the night. Snuggling under the duvet, I reach for my phone on the nightstand beside me. I scrolled through tumblr, Twitter, and instagram but found myself searching for that senior boy's profile, ah there it is. Hmm, he's single. Eighteen. (Way too old for me) he's called Louis Tomlinson. Nice name. I flipped through his pictures, gosh he's cute. I did this for about an hour or so, unaware of the passing time I fell asleep with my phone still in pictures of this really cute boy.

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