She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


33. Making things better and sealing it off


A/N hi guys. sorry i haven't updated, i've been living that grounded life. but i'm the good child now so yay! anywho, there is a quote near the end of this chapter that is in italic. it's a quote from my faveee song that is a duet. I posted the video in the media for trailors somewhere over here >>>>


 It's sooo cute! listen to it :)



I wasn't technically running away again. I just simply had enough, I was done. And it didn't necessarily mean Louis and I broke up, but there is a brake we needed to stand at. Haven't we gotten into this big mess, for what, for love? Love is hiding someone in the suply closet to kiss them once? The risk of getting hit in the face because we're together? Sneaking out late and becoming dead to the world if they knew anything? Because we'd risk anything and anybody to see each other? Yes, sadly that is exactly what love is. But was I ready for all that? For all the fuss, and hurt, and tears. Caring about Louis was painful and hard and it made me love the thought of being with him even more. Earlier today just shouldn't have happened at all. It made me wonder though... was, Chelle honestly still in love with him? Or was she trying to hurt me, like everyone else in the universe?


I want to be with him. And I want to love him. But it seems so foreign, and so many lightyears away to be in that place I want so bad. It's like wishing, craving for something so deep, and you know you cannot have it. Outside had completely turned oppressive, forlorn, and cold. Setting the cherry on top of my broken hearted, emotional, cry fest sundae. But if only it were that sweet. It had begun to rain as I walked home, and it was only to my luck that I didn't bring a coat today. I was soaked, rain drenching me from head to toe. Much like those - lonely walk alone in the rain cry to - romance novels I'd usually read on a saturday night. That now had gradually been turned into my personal copy of 'the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.' It was a go to study for upcoming roles. Which I was still due to audition for the head character as well with Louis. I don't know how well that was going work out after today.


Stepping out of my drenched converse, and leaving them on the welcome mat, I walked into the house feeling another person near the kitchen. But what would she be doing here at this hour? No more working until midnight?


"Mom?" I called out.


"Why are you home?" She sniffled as I walked into the dining area, soaking the wood flooring and leaving a trail of my rainwater behind me.


"Do I really need to say?" I pouted, "Are you crying?"


She whiped the tear from her eye in a saddened way before answering. "It's just hard, Ellie." Her tone sounded calm than it has been, more sympathy and not so angry like she usually is. She coughed and straightened herself out, walking into the dining room where I was. "You're all wet!" She gasped.


"I know mom, it's raining." I pointed to the window, shrugging my shoulders.


"You've been crying." She said quietly placing down on a chair across from me. It was odd, she was being rather.. caring to me in a strange way. And she noticed my sadness, and tears even though I was dripping still from the rain.


"It was just a hard day.." I whispered.


"He kissed another girl." She stated.


"What?" How did she know? No one knew, because only I saw.


"You have that look.. when I found out your father was having an affair, I had that same look." She frowned, and sniffled some more. I understood what she was saying. Like she'd been heartbroken before. And she knew what I was going through. But the thing was, I wasn't completely broken. I was just hurt. Before I could say anything she asked,


"Did you break up with him?"


"Mom no.."


She sighed, "why not Ellie?"


"Why didn't you leave dad?" I snapped not fully meaning to.


"I thought he'd change. We were highschool sweethearts." Mom whispered.


"And so are we. Can't you just leave it be?"


"I just don't want you to end up like me El."


"I won't."


The rest of the day was awkward, the girls were quiet, as well as mom. Dad never came home, it wouldn't surprise me if he had moved in with one of his 'lovers'. It sickened me. I was still upset about my mom's conversation with me earlier. Dad deliberately kissed another woman, and had an affair. On purpose. It just so happened that when Louis Kissed Chelle, he wasn't entirely at fault. She kissed him, and he didn't know who it was. What made me more upset than angry, was if he still had feelings for her. It killed me. Things were all suppose to start getting better, not worse. Because that's what it seemed, everything was still falling apart.


Night eventually came, and I couldn't sleep in my own bed as the moon fully crept out underneath the storm clouds. I didn't feel comfortable in my own bedroom which was dark and the only illuminating light was the faint stars through my window. I crawled out of bed, and tiptoed down the hall to my sister's room. They were all soundly asleep. But like everyone in the house, there faces weren't the usual dimpled smile as they slept. Even whilst being in their slumber it wasn't hard to tell they were sad. I felt horrible for them.


"Ellie?" A little voice whispered lowly, almost inaudible as I'd sounded before.


"Yes, Nicole?" I whispered back, kneeling beside her.


"Why are you sad?" She cried. I moved a strand of hair behind her ear, and kissed her forehead.


"I'm okay, Nicky..."


"Can you sleep with me in my bed?" She asked, patting beside her teddy bears on the other side of the tiny space.


"Of course I can." I smiled. As I lay in Nicky's small bed, curled up close to her, she giggled as I squeezed next to her under the duvet. This was the first step, to making things better. I needed to be alright with everybody. Make everything okay again. And I hoped I wouldn't hurt any longer. After about an hour, Nicky ran her tiny fingertips across my cheeks whispering not to cry.


"I love you sissy.." she mumbled before drifting to sleep. "I love you too." I told her back. I too drifted to sleep with my little sister in my arms comfortably, and safely. It wasn't that full rest I hoped for, because when I closed my eyes things still wandered through my awake mind. Was this what it felt like? Getting butterflies, jelousy, lust, sparks, keeping awake at night. For that one. When things are crashing down, you keep your mind open, wondering if he feels the same. Even though he hurt you, you couldn't give up.


When I knew Nicole was fully asleep, I peaked my eyes open and tiptoed out of her bedroom and back into my own. Gripping my ipod firmly in my hand, I messaged him.


'louis.. are u awake?'


And he replied almost instantly.


'i'm awake..'


'i need to tell you something lou...'


'me too, can i come over?'


'yeah, meet my down by my window.'


After slipping on the closest article of clothing near my window, a small pair of white shorts, along with my jet black long sleeve, it was good enough. Considering I was only in my usual big t shirt minutes ago. Sliding down the grape vine, I almost perfected it. Doing it now so often, I hardly ever fell anymore. I was kind of sad about it. It was another excuse to be in his arms. My toes wiggled in the wet grass before me as Louis slowly walked up to me. I smiled snugly at him, but in a shy way.


"Before you say anything, I'm sorry Ellie. I don't have feelings for Chelle anymore. It was a long time ago and now she's just mean and rude and I care about you more than anything. I was stupid earlier and I don't want to lose you. Please just d-" it was then my turn to cut him off. I pressed my lips into his softly, and it definitely shut him up.


"Was that all you wanted to tell me?" I whispered, looking into his eyes.

They were bright even in the night sky. Making the stars look liken understatements compared to his orbs. I wanted to tell him, "there's too many stars in the sky, but they can't shine like you can shine. And I hope that you'll never leave." But I held back, prepared to say something more realistic.


"I still have one thing." He mumbled.


"Me too..." I bit my lip.


"Let's say it, together. On three." Louis grabbed my hand and smiled counting down.

"One, two three." We took a breath, and I could tell my cheeks were red, and our hearts were thumping out of our chests. Because what we said sealed it off, our feelings, our cares, we now knew what we really felt. In unison the two of us whispered,


"I think I've fallen in love with you."

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